Easter is indeed fast approaching.  And as we know, Easter is not only for the kids because the adults also have their own version of Easter surprises.  Adults are also exchanging Easter baskets with a twist of course because their baskets are mostly comprised of items that are themed to their favorite things or their hobbies.  If you are looking for the perfect Easter gift for your girlfriend, wife or your favorite adult but is clueless on what to gift then you need to see the list of the Easter gift ideas for adult women we have below.

Easter Wardrobe for Ladies

Clothes Easter Gifts for Adult Women

On Easter, there would be plenty of items that you could purchase that are themed for this holiday.  If you would like to give a practical gift such as a shirt, undies or any item that would be re-usable but is also Easter themed, then you ought to check out the list of the Easter wardrobe here:

Easter Eggs Shirt

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This long sleeve tee is just right for spring. Since it is made of cotton, it is certainly very comfortable to wear and the colorful design which is Easter themed is perfect for the bubbly adult woman in your life. It comes in different colors to choose from too.

Easter Egg Panties

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Even undergarments can be Easter themed and with this Easter panties, your girlfriend or wife would surely be surprised!

Fingerless Easter Gloves

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Our smartphones have been part of our hands every once in a while and the cool breeze just can’t stop us from holding and using our phones. On Easter, it is a great idea to gift this fingerless Easter gloves so that your wife or your favorite adult woman would need not to remove her gloves to text or just use her smartphone. This unique gloves are handmade and carefully crafted with love and effort in every detail.

Colorful Spring Scarf

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Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection that gave us hope and we celebrate this because we are grateful for His sacrifice. Easter also marks the beginning of spring and during this season fun colors that are bright and easy to look at are trendy. For the fashionista woman in your life, it would be perfect to gift her this spring scarf. This spring scarf is colorful and trendy which can serve as a perfect accent to any outfit she may wear.

Easter Surprise for the Foodie Lady

Delicious Easter Gifts for Adult Women

For the adult woman who loves to munch and a certified foodie, an Easter surprise with sweet treats would absolutely be a surefire hit!

Easter Care Basket of Chocolates

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What more can you ask for from this Easter care basket? It has Easter chocolate bunnies and a soft bunny plush to hug too!

Hippity-Hoppity Easter Gift

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Your girlfriend maybe a huge muncher, I should say most women love to snack especially during that time of the month, probably due to the hormonal imbalance but yeah I must say reasons or excuses may not suffice. This hippity hoppity Easter gift is complete with the most favorite snacks of all such as gourmet popcorn, skittles, m&ms and more. Perfect for a movie night on Easter!

Food Tour

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What would be more exciting and a fulfilling activity for the foodie woman? I strongly suggest a food tour! This food tour is not just a gastronomical tour, it is also a culminating experience since you would also learn some history of the town as you taste the food in the six establishments. This would be a great Easter gift idea for the adult woman who is into a munching experience with a twist.

Romantic Dinner for Two

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Women just love grand gestures. I should say, if you want to gain extra brownie points on Easter then you need to surprise her big time. Your foodie wife or girlfriend would appreciate a scrumptious meal while having a romantic dinner with her on Easter.

Easter R and Rs

Rest and Relaxation Easter Gifts for Adult Women

Pampering oneself is one of the guilty pleasures of most adult women. Spas, facial centers and wellness camps have been patronized by most women because they need to recuperate. On Easter, surprise her with a gift of relaxation through the following gift ideas:

Spa Gift Set

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If she has no time to go to the spa but would love to have a spa experience at home, then this spa gift set is the perfect gift for her. The soaps and lotions are made from natural ingredients like peppermint, lavender, and rosemary and more, they are great for relaxation at the comfort of home.

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

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Bathing can be more enjoyable through these bath bombs. With different scents to choose from, her senses would surely be mesmerized and relaxed on Easter. Plus, these bath bombs look like Easter eggs!

Chocolate Soap

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Chocolate soap would be the best Easter gift idea for your adult woman giftee if she is on a diet but would love the scent of chocolates without getting tempted to eat them.

Facial With Foot Fantasy

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Surprise her on Easter with a head to toe relaxation experience that she would enjoy. A refreshing and relaxing therapy to increase circulation and to promote wellness in one session. This would be a fantastic restoration and relaxation experience to look forward to on Easter.

Looking for More Easter Gift Ideas for Adult Women?

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