Easter is just around the corner.  Have you decided on the things to fill your Easter baskets with?  Young girls are quite easy to please but they do have different views on what type of surprise they would love to receive on Easter.  Candies, chocolates are already overrated and they do cause unwanted cavities on the teeth which are not pleasant to look at for our young girls.

It’s better to fill out the Easter basket with other great gifts that are more productive and useful.  Try these great ideas to make an Easter to remember for your young girls. We have gathered the best gift ideas on the web and grouped them according to their age group for your convenience and easier reference.

Check these Easter gift ideas for girls:

Easter Gift Ideas for Preschool Girls

Toddlers and preschool girls might be naive at this stage.  It’s better to gift these young girls on Easter some basket fillers that would boost their creativity and imagination.  Check out our creative and artsy basket gift ideas below.

Easter Gifts for Girls 1-8

  1. Crayons
  2. Washable markers
  3. Bath crayons
  4. Painting smocks
  5. Water color paint for kids
  6. Drawing Chalk
  7. Finger puppets
  8. Slinky

Easter Gifts for Girls 9-12

  1. Creativity tub
  2. Sticker books – Pinkalicious is really cute!
  3. Easter Story books – With the help of mom of course!  We know these girls can’t read yet, with mom’s help or their dad’s they could appreciate the true meaning of Easter.
  1. Stuffed Easter bunnies

Easter Gift Ideas for Kindergarten to First Grade Girls

Girls of this age group are able to understand stories and they can enjoy fun activities more.  Your Easter gift ideas for these girls should be more inclined to appeal to their senses and generate more fun for them.  Check out our gift ideas below:

Easter Gifts for Girls 13-20

  1. Easter Books
  2. Bunny Wristwatch – The bunny wristwatch is very cute to be worn by the kindergarten to first grade girls.  Although not all of them can tell the time yet, this bunny wristwatch is a great addition to their outfits.
  1. Cute bunny tee – The little girls would love to be active during Easter egg hunts and to gift them some cotton cute bunny tees would be a great idea because it is comfortable to wear and ideal for their active lifestyle.
  1. Giant plush microbes
  2. Lego storage bricks
  3. Bubble baths
  4. Crayola bath dropz
  5. Bubble bath fun blower

Easter Gifts for Girls 21-25

  1. Princess towel bath set
  2. Princess bed tent set
  3. Stamps
  4. Button Art
  5. Ready, set, cut

Easter Gift Ideas for 2nd to 3rd Grade Girls

Girls who belong to the second to third grade are already starting to know their likes and dislikes.  They can already recognize their capabilities and is starting to gain independence from adults.  Check out the Easter gift ideas that you could fill their Easter baskets with below.

Easter Gifts for Girls 26-33

  1. Board games
  2. Barbie design pack
  3. Princess sketch book set
  4. Stencil set
  5. Creative scissors
  6. Craft punch
  7. Glitter glue
  8. Adhesive back craft jewels

Easter Gifts for Girls 34-37

  1. Glitter foam stickers
  2. 3D art set
  3. Minecraft magnetic sheets
  4. Easter keepsake box

4th-5th Grade Girls Easter Baskets Gift Ideas

Easter gift ideas for 4th to 5th grade girls should indicate their transition of growing up.  They are already way pass the usual cutie patootie gifts.

Easter Gifts for Girls 38-46

  1. DIY jewelry gift set
  2. Bead bouquet
  3. Easter charm bracelet
  4. Calligraphy kit
  5. Rock painting kit
  6. Magnetic mini tile art
  7. Pin Art
  8. Pottery Studio
  9. Up and away building set

Great Easter Gifts for Middle School Girls

Middle school girls are the young ladies in the making.  They have emerging personalities at this period and they already have certain preferred styles.  Ensure that you would pick the right gifts of their preference for Easter.  Check out the Easter stocking filler of great gift ideas below.

Easter Gifts for Girls 47-51

  1. Donut speakers
  2. Emoji watch
  3. Messenger bag
  4. Backpack
  5. Atom necklace

Easter is one of the celebrated festivities we have and the ones who do love this the most are generally speaking the kids and the kids at heart.  Let your young girls enjoy their Easter and make it one of their favorite festivities to celebrate through your Easter surprise.  It does not matter the amount you spend, you can spend a couple of bucks and would still feel like it’s not appropriate or you can make your own Easter gift basket that you would think would be great for your young diva.  Before anything else, let her also be reminded the reason why we celebrate Easter and that is because of the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ!  Happy Easter everyone!

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