Easter marks the end of the Lenten Season and most Christians celebrate Easter Sunday by giving each other gifts, holding a lunch or dinner with friends and family and holding games for the children.

Since babies do not get to celebrate Easter as much, it is only well and good that we get them an Easter Sunday gift, right? Here are some beautiful Easter gifts for baby boys.

Quick note: If you are looking for Easter gifts for girls, they are in this page.


My First Easter Basket

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The My First Easter basket is a soft plush basket that your little boy can play with. It also includes three baby toys: a bunny that rattles, a baby duck that chirps and an Easter egg that crinkles. This also makes a great Easter gift for moms who just had a new baby.

Hide N Squeak Eggs

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Hide N Squeek are a set of eggs that chirp and squeek when they are pressed on. They also have this case where each egg had a specific slot. This toy is perfect for the older babies, around 10 months to 2 years old because it can develop a baby's ability to figure out space and shape. Educational playthings like these make great Easter gifts for baby boys.

Easter Bunny Costume

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Do you want your baby boy to be the center of attention this coming Easter lunch party? Dress him up in this Easter bunny costume! I bet people will pass him around and hug him like a puppy because he will be THAT cute in a bunny costume.

Easter Suspender Onesie

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Another cute baby clothing you can buy as Easter gifts for baby boys is this set of Easter onesie. He will look too cute in this onesie, complete with a necktie with Easter colors and a suspender to clip onto any matching pants! The great thing about this is that your little baby boy can wear this again even after Easter because of its pretty neutral, preppy look.

First Easter Shirt

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If onesies are not your thing, you can get your little boy a "1st Easter" shirt. This adorable shirt features a little bunny that just hatched from an Easter egg, together with the announcement that this is his first Easter. Clothes like these also make great gifts for parents of babies that are celebrating their very first Easter. This cute little shirt is gender neutral, so it also fits little girls, not just boys.

Baby Duckie Sleepsuit

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How cute! This little Easter duck sleep suit will make your baby boy look good even while sleeping! What's even better is that this sleep suit is made of flannel cotton, making this super soft and comfy, all while keeping baby warm and adorable. You can have your baby wear this as a costume and as a pajama!

Bunny Rabbit Pacifier

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Just wait for him to use this pacifier and he will look funny! This pacifier has a smiling bunny lips printed in front, creating the illusion that your little boy has a happy rabbit mouth. He will definitely going to be the center of attention on your next Easter party.

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