Easter Sunday is a day of celebration and fun and games for the family and friends. A sumptuous lunch or dinner and games for the older kids. The babies should not be left out on the fun, though. You can give the babies Easter gifts that they will enjoy.

Here is a list of great Easter Gifts for baby girls, ages 5 months to 2 years old. If you are looking for gifts for baby boys you should take a look here.

Praying Bunny Plush

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A talking Easter bunny! Cute soft bunny plush toys like this make great Easter gifts for baby girls! Too cute!
This cuddly cute bunny will recite the "As I Lay Me Down to Sleep" prayer in a sweet child's voice whenever it is squeezed. This soft white bunny will be your little girl's favorite toy until she grows up!

Easter Bunny Tutu

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Do you want your little girl to look so cute on the Easter Sunday get0together with your friends? Get her this super cute deep pink Easter bunny tutu. This set comes complete with a pair of matching shoes and beaded necklaces, so you do not have to buy more from the stores. Surely, you little girl will look like a little Easter fairy wearing this!

Easter Bunny Onesie

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If a tutu is not your style, you can get your little princes this onesie. This onesie says "shake your bunny tail" and is very shiny and girly and dainty looking. It even comes with a fabulously shiny shorts to pair the onesie. But really, even without wearing the shorts, it is cute as it is.

My First Easter Onesie

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Conversely, you can get your little girl this super nice onesie that says "My First Easter". It even has a flowery ribbon accent that will make any girl look like a rock star. It also comes with a matching pair of tube socks to complete the outfit. You can dress her as is or add a pair of cute slippers if you want.

Bunny Blanky

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A blanky is a little girl's sleepy time best friend! Why not get her an Easter bunny blanky? This cute little rabbit will keep your little princess warm through the night and entertained when she is awake! Soft and allergen free, this is perfect for any baby girl!

Plush Toys in Easter Eggs

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Now let's look at some Easter toys for baby girls. These jumbo Easter eggs hold a secret: they can be opened and your baby girl can get little plush animals inside! Each order contains a pack of three eggs containing different sized plush toys for your little girl! How cute!

My First Easter Basket

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Plush baskets like this "My First Easter Basket" make great Easter gifts for baby girls, too. This toy set includes a plush basket, a plush bunny rabbit that rattle, a plush chick that chirps and a Easter egg that crinkles. This toy set will stimulate your baby's mind and imagination. This toy set is perfect for the older baby girls, around six months to two.

Pink Bunny Nose Pacifier

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How about a pacifier that will make her look funny? When your baby girl puts this pacifier on, she will look like she has the nose and mouth of that a pink bunny. Cute and funny! This will make your friends and family take a double look at your baby!

Looking for More Easter Gifts for Baby Girls?

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