Easter is for the kids. This is true. The toddlers get to play Easter games on Sunday and get goodies too. Do you want to make it even more fun for the kids? Get them Easter presents.

Got a toddler boy? Here is a list of great Easter gifts for toddler boys, ages two to four years old.

Easter Bunny Shirt

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First of all, shirts. The kids always get dirty playing Easter egg hunt, so it will be a great idea that you hold on to your Easter gifts for toddlers if they are shirts. This Easter Bunny shirt is perfect for the older toddlers, around three to four. This is comfy and will fit most boys of that age.

Easter Chicken Shirt

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For added variety, you can also get your toddler boy this colorful Easter Chicken shirt. This one is long-sleeved and is perfect after playing and will still be a great wear even after the Easter holidays are over!

Llama Llama Easter Egg Book

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For the younger toddler boy, you can get him this Easter book called, Llama Llama Easter Egg. This book contains small, easy to read text, around two to six words on each page. This makes it very easy to read which prepares your toddler to read full, longer stories. This is the perfect companion reading book for two to three year old boys.

Looking for More Easter Books for Toddler Boys?

More Book Easter Gifts for Toddler Boys

Here some more Easter books you can give as a present for toddler boys on Easter.

Happy Easter, Mouse!Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?Ollie's Easter Eggs

Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

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Duck and Goose is another Easter book, but this time, this is perfect for the older toddlers, around three and up. The pages now have longer text, around one to two whole sentences and will be great to developing a toddler's reading skills without making it too hard. Plus, the story is too cute.

Dinosaur Easter Eggs

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These dinosaur eggs will hatch into Dinosaurs when you put them in water. This will really amaze your toddler boy and might spark interest in dinosaurs, too. Try to buy a few of these eggs them hold another mini Easter egg hunt in the house! When you are finished playing the game, tell him they hatch and help him plop these in the water.

Don't Like Dinosaurs? You Can Also Choose Other Animals

Egg Gifts for Toddler Boys

If you do not want to give him dinosaurs, you can also choose from marine, safari and rain forest animals!

Hatch-in-Water Marine Animals Easter EggsHatch-in-Water Safari Animals Easter EggsHatch-in-Water Rain Forest Animals Easter Eggs

Sea Creatures Easter Eggs

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This set of sea creatures Easter eggs are Easter eggs that have foam decorations that make them look like octopus, squids, seahorse and turtles and more. This is great when hosting a marine themed Easter egg hunt, don't you think?

Lego Easter Bunny

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Lastly, for the older toddler boys, this Easter Bunny Lego is a great gift that will help develop spatial and creative thinking. Forming the Easter Rabbit will be tough, so helping (but do not for it yourself!) your toddler boy in creating the bunny helps. This is a real hit for Easter.

Looking for More Easter Gifts for Toddler Boys?

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