Easter is only few days away, are you ready with your Easter gift baskets?  We would love to make the kids and the kids at heart happy on Easter but if you are on a tight budget, stretching the dollars that you have might be a tedious thing to do.  To be honest, you need not to splurge on your Easter gift baskets.

You can arrange your own gift baskets and get some cute yet gift worthy items just in time for Easter.  To save you up some time and effort on researching, we came to your rescue and have narrowed down the top gift ideas that you could fill your Easter baskets with.

Check out our Easter gifts under $10 on the list below. They make great Easter basket fillers!

Healthy Snacks

Sun Dried White Mulberries

Easter gift baskets for kids or even for adults are usually filled with sugary treats like chocolates which are related to Easter like the huge chocolate bunnies, egg candies and more.  Remember, you do have a choice and opting to give healthier snacks that are equally tasty are more preferable and advisable.  See our top picks for this category that would surely bring a different glow on your Easter basket this year.  These are Easter gifts under $10, light on the wallet and no need to worry on your tight budget.

  1. Sun Dried White Mulberries
  2. Rocky Road Protein Bar
  3. Organic Corn Thins
  4. Larabar Fruit & Nut Food Bar
  5. Nature Valley Chocolate Pretzel Nut
  6. Cashew Cookies

Homemade CookiesYou can also put some fresh fruits or homemade goodies that you have baked yourself.  You can add some colorful wraps and put some names to make them more customized.  The more you make your gifts personalized, the more it would appear that you have put much attention and time to your Easter surprise.

Imaginative Materials

Crafty Easter Gifts Under $10

Water Color Make Great Easter Gift Basket Fillers (Under 10$)

Boosting the creativity of the young ones would be a great idea on Easter.  Instead of feeding them with sweet treats and fill their teeth with cavities, why not gift the kiddos some art materials on Easter.

  1. Paint Brushes
  2. Watercolor Paint Set
  3. Fabric Fine Markers
  4. Washable Kids’ Paint
  5. Butterfly Removable Mural Wall Stickers
  6. Puffy Sticker Activity Book
  7. Peel & Press Stained Glass
  8. Reusable Sticker Tote
  9. Paint-it-yourself Easter Cross

    Easter Cross To Paint

  10. Coloring Books For Easter
  11. Recycled Chip Bags Trinket Bag
  12. Hand Kite
  13. Personalized Notes
  14. Curious George Magnetic Tin Play Set
  15. Bunny Crayon Holder

Books Related to Easter

God Gave Us Easter

Easter is fun for the kids because there is Easter egg hunt, parties and gift giving but the main essence is the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  For a younger age, they might not absorb it fully yet but you can let them enjoy and learn the spirit of Easter through the following books, moreover they are all under $10 which suits your budget too!

  1. The Easter Story
  2. God Gave Us Easter
  3. An Easter Gift For Me
  4. The Berenstain Bears And The Easter Story
  5. Happy Easter, Little Critter

Easter Touch and Feel make a great present for babies who cannot understand much yet. This is also under ten dollars, so it is very friendly to the wallet.

For the toddlers and smaller kids who can’t really comprehend much yet.  Fun story books under $10 that are related to Easter would be the best items to gift them.  You could never go wrong with our top handpicked items such as these:

  1. Happy Easter, Mouse!
  2. Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!
  3. Bright Baby Touch and Feel Easter
  4. Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?
  5. Llama Llama Easter Egg
  6. Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

For the older kids and adults, you can also fill their Easter baskets with some books but it would be more of a Sudoku book, word search, crossword puzzles and the like. See our top choices which are all under $10.

  1. Sudoku Puzzle Book
  2. Mind Melting Sudoku
  3. The Huge Book of Hard Sudoku
  4. The Must Have 2016 Sudoku Puzzle Book
  5. Super Colossal Book of Word Search
  6. Word Search Puzzles: A Book for Adults
  7. Word Search Collection
  8. Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book
  9. USA Today Crosswords


Easter Gifts for Girls and Boys, Under 10$

Easter Bunny Headband!

Making an Easter gift basket for girls would certainly look more beautiful if you would add accessories that are colorful and eye catchy.  For the boys, they do like to keep it simple because they are not much of a fan of these though.  Check out our top picks under this category in which you could stretch your 10$ with.

  1. Knitted Hat
  2. Easter Bunny Headband
  3. Bunny Coin Purse
  4. Cute Easter Bbunny Hair Clips
  5. Bunny Badge
  6. Easter Tote Bag
  7. Easter Bunny Tin
  8. Monogram Can Cooler
  9. Fabric Wristlet Key Chain

Gift giving on Easter is such a fun activity.  It usually brings cheers especially to the younger ones.  You can still proceed with your Easter surprise even while on a tight budget by utilizing all your skills, ready materials and by checking out our Easter basket fillers under $10 on the list we have provided with you earlier.

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