March 27 is Easter Sunday and when we say Easter Sunday, what does come to mind?  If you would ask me, I would think of Easter bunnies, egg hunts and most of all Easter gift baskets.

With only few days left until Easter comes, have done your Easter gift baskets?  If you are still not yet finished picking the right things to put on your Easter baskets, better check out the Easter basket fillers that we have gathered from the web.  These gift ideas are not only hip but they are also cheap and not painful on your pockets because they only cost under $20.

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See our top picks below to help you out fill your Easter basket in no time! Your recipient will love these Easter gifts under $20.

Easter Sweet Surprises

Delicious Edible Easter Gifts Under $20

Maamoul Easter Cakes w/ Walnuts

Sweets are part of the Easter baskets, from the usual chocolate bunnies and egg candies other sweet surprises can also be mixed on your Easter basket surprise.  Check out the fine list we have in stored for you below:

  1. Easter Sweet Bunnies
  2. Hershey’S Easter Special Eggs
  3. Maamoul Easter Cakes
  4. Happy Easter, Irresistible Hazelnut Chocolate
  5. Time Cup “Easter Chicks”
  6. Brach’s Easter Hunt Marshmallow
  7. Wonka Sweetarts Chicks Ducks and Bunnies Easter Bag

    Wonka Sweetarts Chicks Ducks and Bunnies Easter Bag

  8. Pink Candy Gumballs
  9. Non Dairy Vegan Chocolate Truffle
  10. Sparko Sweets 3D Lollipops
  11. Lindt Gold Bunny
  12. Snickers Easter Minis
  13. Twix Caramel Minis
  14. Organic Freshest Fruit Drops
  15. Organic Fruit Snacks
  16. PB and J Snack Bar

    Organic Kidz Apple Sauce

  17. Chewy Gluten Free Granola Bars
  18. PB&J Strawberry Snack Bars
  19. Coconut Wraps
  20. Barnana Banana Chewies

You can mix and match the items from the sweets given above as you like.  You can also add some fresh fruits or vegetables on your Easter basket for a change.

Easter Arts And Crafts, Decorations And Memorabilia

Aside from the sweet stuff that you can put on your Easter surprise baskets, you can also add some arts and crafts materials, Easter decorations or memorabilia.  These items would be a great way for the kids and even the adults to have fun and a charming distraction during Easter.  Make them busy and entertained through the following gift ideas under $20.

    1. Play-Doh Eggs

      Play Doh Spring Eggs

    2. Lil’ Sprouts Hatching Easter Eggs
    3. Easter Egg Stampers
    4. Egglo Scripture Scrolls

      Egglo Scripture Scrolls

    5. Bright Color Crystal Cross Necklaces
    6. Religious Theme Bouncing Balls
    7. Smile Jesus Loves You Friends Bracelets
    8. Religious Bookmark
    9. Christian Faith Shape Stickers
    10. Bible Activity Pads
    11. Bible Verse Gold Coins
    12. Animal Style Finger Puppets Set
    13. Wind Up Jumping Eggs
    14. Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

Easter Peeps

  1. Easter Peeps
  2. Egg Shaped Porcupine Balls
  3. Hide N Squeak Eggs
  4. Easter Eggs Filled With Plush Inside
  5. Over-Sized 6 Inch Paintable Easter Egg Terrarium
  6. Easter Bunny Pillow
  7. Easter Block Set

The main goal of these gift ideas is to keep your giftee busy and to enhance their imagination.  With these gift items stated above, their Easter would never be boring and the essence of Easter would still be intact.

Easter Gift Ideas for the Adults

Adult Easter Gifts Under $20

Easter gift baskets are mostly designed for the kids but it does not mean to say that you cannot give Easter goodies to your adult friends.  If you are also planning to surprise someone special on Easter but is on a tight budget, then you can count on us and check out the gift ideas we have that are all under $20 only.

Religious Charms And Bracelets

Religious Charm Bracelet

We all have a friend who is religious and an avid church goer, on Easter it would be great to gift your religious friend some religious charms or bracelets such as these.  These religious charms are meaningful to the gift recipient and would surely add some spice to their outfit on Easter.

  1. St. Benedict Bracelet

  2. White Cross Photo Charm
  3. Jesus Charm
  4. Jesus Resurrection of Sin and Death Photo Charms
  5. Romans 8:28 Charm
  6. Who I Am In Christ Photo Charm

Guilt Free Easter Treats For The Adults

It has been an Easter tradition to give some sweets like chocolate eggs and bunnies that are all sugary and sweet.  Adults are mostly figure conscious and because of some health issues we do try to stay away from sugar as much as possible.  If you want to give some sweets that are sugar free on Easter, you may want to try these yummy but healthy and guilt free treats just in time for Easter. Speaking of being on a tight budget, good news with these treats on the list, all of which are only under $20 each.  Take your pick from the list below, you would surely not go wrong with any of these Easter treats.

  1. Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs! Perfect for Adults Who Are Heath Conscious!

    Dark Chocolate Eggs  – They may look like dark chocolate Easter eggs but they are sugar free for the win!  Plus the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate makes it a sure fire hit to most adults.

  1. Sweet Pete’s Gluten Free Caramel
  2. Eat Nakd Chia Bars
  3. Whole Food Nutrition Bars
  4. Healthy Granola Bars
  5. Bag of Almonds
  6. Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  7. Broccoli Chips
  8. Special K Brownie Bites
  9. Healthy And Delicious Snack Package