Is your lover or a friend environment conscious and wants only eco-chic or organic things? Then give them nothing less than that on Valentines Day. Here I have compiled Eco-chic, organic Valentines day gifts for your lover or your friends!

Organic Soap Gift Basket

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Organic soaps are very luxurious and super fragrant! This gift basket of four super nice smelling soaps is a great gift for the eco-concious wife or girlfriend. Also, if you are a woman who have quite a few girl friends, you can take the soaps and individually wrap each and leave the basket at home. The ladies will thank you for the nice fragrant soap to indulge on!

Organic Chocolate Bars

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If your lover is someone who watches their weight, then this chocolate bar is the one for them! Each bar contains only 150(!) calories, making this a very tantalizing, guilt free snack! This is all natural and organic, and is sweetened with yacon. It is also free from nuts, gluten-free, paleo and kosher -- perfect for anyone, even if your lover is a gluten-intolerant, nut-allergic Jewish who practices paleo diet.

A Potted Flower

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What can be more eco-chic that a real potted flower? A real potted flower will liven up any desk, so this is perfect if your woman or girl friends work at a desk in the office.

Give her something like this amaryllis flower in cookie tin pot. Super feminine and super nice to behold... fragrant, too. The cookie tin looks colorful and compliments the color of the bloom.

She will love watching this pretty little plant bloom and grow!

"I Love You" Bean

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It is a bean.
Looks like an ordinary bean.
But when you plant this bean,
It grows, too.
Then you will see that is it no ordinary bean,
It is a bean.
A bean that says "I Love You".

Hey, I just made that up on the fly. If your lover is someone who has a green thumb, you might want to purchase one of these beans. They will love the way it looks when it its growing!

Solar Mason Jar Lamps

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Aren't jar lamps just pretty? They make nice gift ideas for guy and girl friends and because they are solar, you harvest green energy, too. Super nice to look at, especially when many are presented at a dark place at once.

Pet Cactus

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What a really small cactus! The reason it is super small is that it is meant to travel with you. You see, this comes with a dome attachment with a string so it can be attached to keychain a cellphone, even to a necklace!

Dandelion Gem Necklace

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So pretty! When it comes to pressed flower necklaces, it is rare to see dandelion getting squished between the transparent gems. This looks super unusual, but looks very nice. This is a really nice eco-friendly gift idea for a female lover.

Fern Necklace

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This time, it is a leaf! It is amazing what you can press inside two pieces of glass, eh? This looks super nice and is the perfect eco-gift to a nature lover. Who said Valentines Day does not include mother nature?

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