The eight wedding anniversary celebrates the strength of marriage so far. Bronze is the traditional gift idea for eight anniversaries because it is the combination of two weaker metals, tin and copper, to create a really strong alloy. Much like the union of a man and woman, creating a partnership that acts as one.

The other traditional gift for eight years of marriage is pottery, because what was once a small lump of clay has turned into a wonderful piece of art. It is like the couple who shapes the marriage into a beautiful thing through eight years. If you are looking fro more in depth ideas for bronze gifts, you can look at these bronze wedding anniversary gifts for him and for her.

Modern themes include linen and laces. This gives you a fall back if you do not like bronze or pottery. Also, you are free to give non-themed gifts.

We have some eighth wedding anniversary gifts. Check these out!


Bronze Necklace

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A bronze necklace with a gender-neutral design is a great gift idea for either the husband or the wife, or both, if you are trying to look for a present for a couple. This geometrical bronze necklace from Kenneth Cole looks super nice but not expensive at all. This item is handmade and you will really see the awesome craftsmanship in this piece of jewellery.

Bronze Vitruvian Man Statue

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If you are looking for a decorative gift idea for your spouse, you can gift a copy of popular pieces of works or art. Something like this Bronze Vitruvian Man Statue. If your spouse is some kind of an art geek, he will appreciate this statue of Da Vinci's sketch. You can also gift sculptures from other famous works of arts like The Thinker or Atlas Holding the Heavens.

Bronze Rose

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If you search our previous anniversary gift ideas, you will see that we always recommend themed roses. This year, the wife will be receiving a bronze rose. This bronze themed decorative rose is a silk potted rose with a bronze wool in the center. It is around seven inches tall and can stand on its pot, making this a good decoration on a desk table. Your wife will love this!


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If your spouse is a Zelda geek, they will immediately notice that this is an ocarina, which is an earthen instrument similar to a flute. Since this is made of clay, it therefore fills in the pottery theme, right? Anyway, your darling will have lots of fun playing the Ocarina of Time theme from Legend of Zelda, as a playing instructions manual also comes with the instrument.

Earthen Vase Lamp

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This rustic looking pottery lamp is a great gift idea for a couple celebrating their eight year of marriage. This looks quite indigenous, but has modern 3-way switch controls and a nice ambient light. Although it has a pottery finish, this is made of resin, so I guess you can call this a pseudo pottery themed gift.

Tabletop Pottery Wheel

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This pottery wheel will let you and your spouse create your own works of arts! Since DIY gifts are all in the rage right now, you both can create pots and vases for each other. Treat the time spent creating jars and pots the time well spent to bond.

Pottery Classes

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If youa re looking for an experience gift, why not take your partner to a pottery class? You both can learn together while having fun getting taught by potters with years of experience. This is a really unique date for both of you, and you both can apply the knowledge at home, by getting the pottery wheel from the previous idea.

Lace Chemise

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Husbands: I know you want your wives to feel and look sexy on your wedding anniversary night. A lace chemise is a great gift idea that will flatter your wife. Tell her that you always find her sexy and you want her to wear this chemise to cap your eight anniversary date night. This will make her feel beautiful.

DIY Gift for 8th Anniversary: Geode Ring

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These look great! If you want to craft a little something for your better half, you can make one of these cute looking rings. These are faily easy to create and the instructions are in Swellmayde's website.