Having a gift registry ready for a special occasion makes it easy for you to give your guests some ideas of the things that you are aspiring to have been it a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or any special occasion that calls for gift giving.  Although, you are the host of the party it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can wish all the stars in the universe since it’s your special day to celebrate.  There are rules and etiquette to follow also when it comes to gift registries.  Check out our top tips in making your gift registry below for your reference.

Do Not Register Only the Expensive Items

You have to know your guests.  Do not register highly-priced gift items that you would never buy for someone else.  Be reasonable, have a variety of price ranges so that your guests can have the power to choose which ones that they can afford willingly.

Allow Options

Give your guests plenty of options to choose from to meet your desired gifts.  Do not register items that are only available from one store alone.

Register Items That Matches Your Personality

You can list your gifts wish list on your registry but you have to keep in mind that these should not be over the top nor too shy as if you are asking your guests not to bring you anything.  Be true to yourself and give your guests a guide on the gift items that you wish to have while bearing in mind the usage of such items too.  Some hosts do put items on their registry for the sake of showcasing their certain taste in things although it is quite quirky and gives their guests some ire.

Make Time to Make Your Gift Registry

Some party hosts do create events on short notice and some don’t even mind making a gift registry but because of this, you might end up having two or more items of the same kind.  This is the reason why gift registries are made.  You need to make time for it so that you can give your guests a list of the items that you wish to have without them duplicating each other’s gift items.

Your Gift Registry Should Be Reasonable

Be it a wedding or a birthday party, it feels weird to tell your guests to buy the gift items for you through a gift registry.  Gift registries are suggested guides for your guests and it should not be an end-all and be-all list.  Make a realistic and achievable gift registry for everyone’s benefit.

Extra: After Receiving Gifts…

Don’t Forget To Send Out You Thank You Notes

After your heartfelt celebration filled with the presence and presents of the people you love and cared for, you may tend to forget to send out your thank-you notes to these people. Being grateful is such a kind gesture and it is like an unwritten rule that everyone should follow and are expected to reciprocate.  You may use the traditional thank you cards or send out virtual thank you notes through email, the last one is the popular option nowadays due to its efficiency in delivery and the convenience it gives.