Having a friend or a loved one moving away? We listed the best farewell gifts you can give as a present.

Know someone who’s going away and taking a new journey away from you. If you currently have someone like that, I’m sure you’re thinking of what kind of gifts could you possibly give to them that would show your appreciation of your time together.

Worry no more as we created a list of gift ideas you can use if you’re in a pinch and confuse if what farewell gift could possibly be both useful and a reminder of beautiful memories, and encouragement for their new beginning.

Wallet with Personalized Engraving

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Give your friend a farewell gifts that will help them always remember the good old days with you by giving them this wallet with a personalized engraving of your choice. You may opt to engrave their name, an inspirational text to motivate them whenever they feel down, or a picture of you together.

This folded wallet comes in four different colors you can choose from, according to the preference your friend has, and with its numerous compartment, your friend won’t have to worry where they need to store their coins, cards, and bills.

Handwritten Signatures in a Frame

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While labeled as a frame wedding guest book, this wooden folded frame can also be doubled as an ideal farewell gifts to a friend. With the ability to house 140 wooden hearts (which are all included in the package together with the frame) this farewell gift can be signed by close friends and relatives to help someone have a piece of home with them when they go away.

Hang it on the wall or have it display on a tabletop, this wooden frame which can double as sentimental home décor will surely be appreciated.

Insulated Wine Tumbler with Straw

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Encourage your friend on facing a new chapter in their life by giving this insulated tumbler with the caption “And so the Adventure Begins”.

Packed together with a lid to secure its contents and reusable metal straw with a straw cleaner. This tumbler is sweatproof and condensation-free, making it an ideal liquid holder for any type of beverage-hot or cold.

In addition, the item is packed in beautiful cylindrical packaging making it less hassle on your side to find a suitable gifts wrapper before giving it to your friend.

Scented Candle which Reminds Them of Home

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Help them bring their home with them, by giving your friend some scented candles which can help reminds them of home. You may look on to other variants of the scented candle the Homesick brand has, or if in doubt you may also grab this Michigan scented candle which smells of tart cherries and rich chocolate (I mean who won’t want to have their place smelling like cherries and chocolate?)

Made with a hefty amount of soy wax, which can burn through sixty to eighty hours, a long long time to envelop your friend’s space in this delicious smelling candle.

Farewell Letter

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Sometimes there are so many things you want your friend to remember, especially if you’re not there to personally tell them those words; therefore, why not go for the good old fashion letters?

Write down your sincere words on the empty space inside the card, and worry less about what designs you should put into the card to make it extra special, because this card which includes an envelope to seal your letter, features a beautiful watercolor sunflower design, and a heartfelt text to make your gift stand out.

An Album of Letters and Photos

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Gather everyone together and compile the special tidbits of memories you all shared, by compiling sweet notes and photos of important events that happened over the course of your relationship. This simple yet sweet gesture of showing your appreciation is an item that anyone would gladly look back every now and then.

Compile those wonderful notes and memories together on this 59 paged memory book, featuring a quirky softcover illustration, with blank and lined pages suitable for writing notes and pasting pictures.

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