He is now growing up, old enough to know what he wants to wear, and as a teen boy, he is expected to become a quite finicky when it comes to choosing outfits! Honestly, if you think that you would not have any fashion problems with your teen boy, because teen girls are known to be more self-conscious, then you are up for a surprise, because as his body changes, so will his perception towards himself. He is going to want to impress the girls at his school, so he would definitely develop his own sense of style, and this can challenging for someone whose preferences keeps changing.

There are a lot of fashion influences around him, including his friends, so the pressure is high for him to become more fashion-forward, however the unrealistically high standards shown by the media can have a negative effect towards his self-confidence. So, in order to stop him from developing an insecurity, which is common for teen boys, then help direct his tastes and what actually looks good on him.

Scroll away below to some fashion gifts for teen boys and he is sure going to be glad that someone is insightful enough to help him with his work-in-progress fashion style.

Statement Shirts

“If You Blink, You Want Me” Shirt“Keep Calm and Love Penguins” Shirt“I remember Real Hiphop” Shirt

Teen boys are going through complicated changes and adolescence can take a toll on your teen boy, so adding the everyday problem of choosing his outfit can add up to his stress, and for adults, fashion-decisions are sometimes no longer categorized as a “major” decision, but for teen boys, it is an important one because he is still finding out who he is and building up his self-esteem, and physical appearance is a huge part of this confidence-building process in his life. So in order for him to become more comfortable, especially if it is just for every day wear, then why don’t you give him a collection of statement shirts, which has the ability to complement almost anyone’s appearance. The contrasts of stylish words and colored shirt is bound to make your teen boy glow and take away his worries.

Button Down Denim Shirt

Button down is always a good choice, especially if you are already late for class, so get your teen boy a button down denim short sleeve shirt, which is both attractive and give an undertone of “edge,” so wearing it is going to make the girls line up! There are different shades of denim and there are even washed out denim, which is very fashion-forward so he can keep up to the latest trend, so choose the color that would look good on his skin tone, his hair cut, and of course, his personality. Also, button down makes anyone look put-together, thus, looking more eye-catching because no one wants those who are a mess.

Polo Shirts

Better than a button-down? A polo shirt, of course! It would make him look dashing in a boyish kind of way, which is good for his self-confidence, and is certain to make you proud. Polo shirts can complement your teen boys look because he can use it for mix and matching with his pants and shorts, not to mention that a polo shirt can be charismatic especially if your teen boy knows how to carry himself with confidence and coolness, because he can definitely just pair it up with a wristwatch and he is good to go. He is certainly going to look like a gentleman!

Comfortable Yet Stylish Shoes

Adidas SambaChampionVelcro Loafers

Admit it, boys who are into sports are probably already begging you for a pair of Nike and Adidas shoes, because it is the latest trend! Although, to be honest, Nike and Adidas are worth the price due to their innovative designs that takes rubber shoes to the next level. Teen boys has the energy of a lion so you really should give him a pair of shoes that can handle his every day activities, something sturdy, comfortable, and of course, fashionable. Aside from a good running shoes though, try giving him a pair of espadrilles for a more casual look.

Knee-high Shorts

Who says that only girls can wear shorts? Boys can also sport a summer-y look with a knee-high shorts, which screams casual and comfort, and give him a fresh and pleasant look. Just make sure to get one that does not look baggy—because no matter how much famous rappers pull off this kind of shorts, it really does not look good—but not too feminine either. Just enough length and style to reinforce a cool look, and make his complexion pop a little more.

Dark Pants

Colorful pants are in the latest trend right now, but then fashion trend changes almost every day, and so getting a red-pants would not be that practical. Besides, your teen boy would find it difficult to mix and match with his other clothing article. At the end, those colorful pants would be left behind at the bottom of your teen boy’s closet. Get him a dark-colored pants, which is not exclusive to black color, because a darker shade of navy blue and maybe even khaki can still work.

Sunglasses is a Classic

Nothing screams cooler than a sunglasses. Although, your teen boy is probably on it after seeing so many movies with this fashion accessory. Aside from protection against the bright sun, it would make his outfit look thrice more attractive and charismatic. After all, nothing can go wrong if you decided to choose the classics.

Hoodie for a Cooler Look

Glidan HoodieThe North Face Hoodie

Hoodie is totally in the trend right now and although it is advisable to choose a more practical sense of style, wearing a hoodie is definitely here to stay. He can wear a thin shirt and then a hoodie together with a dark-colored pants and he is bound to achieve a handsome look! Look at all those movies where the cool guy wears a hoodie and gets all the girls, well, your teen boy can sure try if this would work to him as well. Seriously though, hoodie can protect him against the harsh UV light and shield him from a n unexpected rain.