The Fifty Shades Trilogy has been popular ever since its book launch. The story has made an undeniable connection with the readers because of its one of a kind plot. It is about a plain woman who was linked to her dominant male counterpart. The story has reached more audience and was finally turned into a movie after some time.

The number of this movie’s fans had multiplied from different parts of the world. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of fans who started creating merchandise for the movie and shared them with the others. Here are the different Fifty Shades of Grey gifts you can give for a fan of the novel and movies.

"My Favorite Color is Grey" Graphic Tee for Women

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This is a shirt made from quality cotton, specifically intended for comfort when worn with the consideration of the temperature. It is also printed with the funny phrase, “My favorite color is grey (All fifty shades.)” Tees are always a good gift idea. The Fifty Shades fan who will receive this will be able to add this shirt as a part of a collection or wear it with confidence at home or outdoors. With its funny print on the front, the person to wear this can easily stand out as a fanatic.

Tie, Mask and Handcuffs Necklace

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It is an 18-inch chain which has a barrel clasp at the ends. The accessory also comes with a few charms that represent the movie such as a pair of antique silver plated handcuffs, an antique silver plated tie and a mask charm hanging from the chain. What more could a die-hard fan ask for when this wonderful necklace is given to them? Fanatics would be able to wear their fandom everyday regardless of their outfit. The vintage theme of the chains makes the accessory as a good match for day-to-day dress up.

Grey Enterprises Mug

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This is a ten ounce, high quality mug made in ceramic and printed with the words “Grey Inc.” It is guaranteed to be dishwasher and microwave safe for efficiency, and can also fill up to eleven ounce of liquid. By giving this customized mug to fan, they will be able to feel like they are an employee of Christian Grey’s company. The line, “Mr. Grey will see you now.” will be much more appreciated after receiving this mug as a gift.

Fifty Shades of Grey Canvas Print

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This is an illustration of the lead characters’ in black and white which can be printed as a poster or in canvass print. It also has a measurement of 24 x 36. Every Fifty Shades fan would love to see Anastasia and Christian daily as their wall decoration. This art print also would be a perfect home décor because of its chic and stunning design.

Anastasia and Christian Paper Clips

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It is a one of a kind paper clip with the cartoon illustration of 50 Shades’ lead artists. In addition, it is carefully handmade through the use of various art materials such as card stock, distressed ink, glue, and clip. If you are looking for a gift item which would be useful and handy, this paper clip is the perfect option to pick. Aside from its size, the adorable illustration is also a great reminder of the hit movie idols. This can also be used as a bookmark for their Fifty Shades Trilogy or simply as a clip in their scrapbook and other reading materials.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

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This is the box set of the best-selling series Fifty Shades. It comes with the three books along with the specially made box cover for the novel alone. This series is a gift which will be most appreciated by a fan. Although the stories have been slowly being available to theaters, there are a lot of scenes which are eliminated from the original story. By giving this to someone, they can easily fill in themselves of all the story trivia they need to know. Also, the protective box cover is a good addition to prolong the condition of each book.

Fifty Shades Of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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It is a CD album which contains all the soundtrack for the first installment of Fifty Shades entitled: Fifty Shades of Grey. If you are looking for something that they would love, this is the best one among your choices. Through this collection of songs, they will be able to play them all whenever she’s re-reading the story or whenever she wants to listen to a relaxing music.

Fifty Shades of Grey - Unrated Edition

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This is the BluRay and high definition copy of the first movie installment of the best selling series. It also comes with special scenes and interviews, teasers, behind the scene footages and tons of music video from the official movie soundtracks. By giving them a copy of this movie, they will be able to relieve their love for Fifty Shades anytime they want to. Plus, it can be a good addition to their fandom collection if they intend to prolong the condition of the glass.

"Obey Mr. Grey" Wine Glass

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It is a specially made wine glass for Fifty Shades fanatics, made from glass, vinyl decal, glitter, paintbrushes and modpodge. Also, it is printed with the phrase, “Keep still and obey Mr. Grey.” If you have a friend or relative who is looking for fandom merchandise, this is the gift you should not turn your back on. The person who will receive this will be genuinely excited to use it from the moment you hand this over.

Handcuffs Necklace

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This is a miniature handcuff necklace made with sterling silver. This charm will make a perfect gift for the reason that this is the symbol that greatly represents the whole trilogy. They will be reminded of how Anastasia had fully submitted herself to Grey.

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So, that’s how our list ends! Based on your judgment, what will be the perfect gift for someone who loves Fifty Shades and why do you think they’ll love it?