A lot of men are hooked into fishing. The relaxing view of a lake or ocean, the calming silence and the thrill of reeling in fish they can eat for dinner are probably the biggest factors why men love this sport.

If you have a man who loves to go out into the wild and reel in fish, you might want to give him fishing presents. These list of gifts for fishermen include only rod and fly fishing for the hobbyist, and does not include the gifts for the professional fisherman.

Here are some fishing gifts for men who love this sport.

Awesome Personalized Fishing Gifts

Okay, one thing is for sure: fishing gifts are everywhere, since this hobby is too popular! What to do to make your gift stand out? Personalize it! Here are some personalized fishing gifts for your guy:

  • A personalized lure. You can engrave you and your man’s initials on the fishing lure along with the sweet pun, “My greatest catch.”
  • How about a personalized fishing pail? You can up the recipient’s name on the pail. Something to put all those live fish, eh?
  • Another accessory for fishing you give is protection from the sun. This personalized fishing cap has a picture of a fish on the side and the name of the recipient embroidered at the back.

Personalized Fishing LurePersonalized Fishing PailPersonalized Fishing Cap


  • How about a personalized survival knife? It has many uses, like gutting the freshly caught fish, cutting stuck fishing line or digging for worms as bait.
  • A custom fishing license plate is a really nice add-on gift for a fisherman.
  • This personalized neon fishing sign is a great fishing gift idea for a fisherman’s beer room or man cave. It lets him tell the world he is an avid fisherman. It is quite a pretty decor, too!

Personalized Survival KnifePersonalized Fishing License PlatePersonalized Neon Fishing Sign


The Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Men

Fly fishing is different from the standard rod fishing because fly fishing uses artificial baits that resemble closely insects and fish that swim close to or at the surface of the water. If your man loves fly fishing so much, you should take a look at these fly fishing gifts!

  • Is he just starting to fly fish? You should get him this 1001 Fly Fishing Tips Book. A book that gives timeless advice is probably the best gift idea for a new fly fisherman.
  • A new fly fishing net. A newbie fly fisherman will have no net, while an old timer will have an already old net, probably with large holes in it. A new net as a fishing gift is a great idea.
  • This set of fly fishing lures are a great present for any fly fisherman. These look very realistic and are hand tied by long-time professionals so your fly fisherman do not ave to make his own fly lure.

1001 Fly Fishing TipsFly Fishing NetFly Fishing Lures

The Best Bass Fishing Gifts

Largemouth, smallmouth, catfish, flounder. Bass are the most popular gamefish in the USA. If your man if someone who loves fishing for bass (and acquired a taste for it) you should get them these bass-themed fishing gift ideas:

  • This largemouth fish decor is a great gift to a bass fisherman. He can hang it on his cabin door or his mancave. This is one of the few decors you can give a manly man!
  • This Bass Fishing calendar is one fishing calendar for those who love catching bass. Get him one!
  • A specialized fishing handbook that focuses on bass is an extraordinary idea for a fishing present for bass lovers. He will learn how to catch more, how to prepare them, even cook those tasty fish! This is a cool gift for the new bass fisherman.

Largemouth Bass DécorBass Fishing CalendarBass Fishing Books

The Great Outdoors Gift Ideas

Since fishermen go out to fish, they should also have some outdoors gears to use. Here are some ideas:


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Lifestraw is a personal purifier that distills water as you sip through it. Since water bottles are heavy and have a limited supply, a fisherman should always have Lifestraw so he can drink water directly from the river or stream that he fishes on. This is an amazing gadget that will go a long way!

Fishing Vest

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A man should always have a fishing vest when he is trying to catch fish. This way, new lures, water bottles, his life straw, a fly fishing net are just at hand and he does not have to fumble on his things. Those few second determine whether he will catch the fish or not!

Camping Light

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When men and his buddies fish, it usually mean camping, too. This collapsing camping light also works as a flashlight so he can use it at night. Also, this is a handy tool for fishing at night!

Leatherman Multitool

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A man should never go out without in the wilderness a multitool! You should get him this because a tools can save a man in times of emergencies.