The five senses gifts concept revolves around titillating the five basic senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell) of the recipient with different gifts. These gift ideas can be trinkets or keepsakes or experience gifts, and satisfying a gift for each makes for an extremely memorable event.

Gifts for the five senses are originally crafted by lovers for lovers, so today we are going to discuss ideas on romantic five senses gifts. I will give you a few gift ideas for each of the five senses and you choose whether to give the gifts one by one for a nice whole day event (perfect for dating and wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s day) or as a gift basket (which would be appropriate for the birthdays or Christmas.)

Here are the senses and the gifts:

Sight | Touch | Hearing | Taste | Smell

Gift for the Sight

The eyes most probably are the most receptive of the five sensory organs and are the easiest to satisfy. Humans are very visual creatures and for that this could be the most memorable gift among the five. The eyes appreciate art, nature, entertainment. They will see these five senses gifts for the sight and they will be happy they have eyes!

Some Five Senses Gifts for the Sight That Are Not Found in Online Stores:

  • Create a beautiful blanket fort.
  • Photomontage of your travels. A lover would like to see something they can appreciate from time to time, so make her a photo collage frame and fill it up with your journey as lovers.
  • Trip to a museum.
  • Take them to the waterfall or lake or beach.
  • Go hiking, have a picnic in the mountains or in the woods and see the beautiful forest!
  • Scatter roses on the floor leading to the bed. Those crimson-colored gifts look so romantic.
  • Write them a love letter…
  • … Or write them a poem!
  • Create a scrapbook narrating your love story.
  • 52 Reasons Why I Love You Cards. These are custom booklet made from playing cards. Here is a tutorial.
  • Take them to a very colorful festival, like the Flower Festival in the Philippines, Electric Forest in the USA, or Carnival of Brazil.
  • Fireworks display!
  • Shadow puppet theater!
  • Go to Bellagio, watch the dancing fountains.

Here Are Some Gift Suggestions You Can Buy Online:

Hot Air Balloon Trip

Check It Out

Oh, this is going to be such a wondrous feast for the eyes. The view at the skies is so incredible and so exciting that this is going to be a glorious experience, both for you and your lover. This is a perfect gift for the sight in any way.

Whale Watching

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You can also focus on making an excursion to a museum or zoo or aquarium, or even whale watching. With whale watching, especially, seeing the majestic creature will make their heart skip a beat. Perfect if your love is a lover of nature, too.

Romantic Gondola Ride

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A scenic, beautiful and elegant gondola ride will surely be an experience they will remember! The gondola will be an awesome gift for the sight and the scenery of the surrounding building will be a beautiful image to burn in the mind.

Wine and Painting Class

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This is a true story. I wanted to take my wife on an unconventional date and took her to a painting session. At first, she was unsure if she would enjoy it, but as we started, she did. She even admitted she would want to try it again sometime. The paintings are now on display in our bedroom.

Scuba Diving, Snorkelling or Surfing

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Snorkeling or a scuba diving trip to see the beauty of the ocean will be a great gift for the sense of sight. Seeing the wondrous beauty of sea creatures will give them a refreshed appreciation of the visual artistry nature provides.

A Good Photobook (Like Shake)

Check It Out

A good photo book like Shake, which is a collection of pictures of dogs taken mid-shake. You can also take a look at other photo books, even humorous ones like Underwater Dogs

A Good Pair of Sunglasses

Check It Out

This is a very useful gift! The eyes are quite sensitive to UV and protecting them with a nice, fashionable pair of sunglasses would be a great idea for a gift to the sight!

Hire a Puppet for a Custom Message

Check It Out

You can hire Dr. Hans Von Puppet for a custom message of affection to your lover. This is a fun and unusual way of giving them a message. You can also upload it to Youtube to immortalize it!

Firefly in a Jar

Check It Out

This is a cool example of a gift for the SIGHT. Imagine around twelve of these in your backyard at night, together with a backyard candlelit dinner! So sweet! This would be a great addition to the five senses gifts for her sight.

Handmade Framed Love Poem

Check It Out

You can also make them a poem, have it framed or you can buy one of the pre-made poems on Etsy. This framed poem is gorgeous.

Gift for the Touch

The touch is the most sensual of all the five senses. For the ladies, the sense of touch can be the sexiest of the five. Here are some ideas of gifts to stimulate the touch.

Some Five Senses Gifts for the Touch You Cannot Find Online:

  • You can treat your man to a wet shaving experience.
  • For the ladies, you can schedule a trip to a hydrotherapy massage place, where you get to bathe in the pools with water jets massaging your body. That is so relaxing!
  • Buy a foot scrub and give them the most relaxing foot massage ever!
  • You both can also attend massage therapy for couples, or one of those sensual massage classes!
  • A swim in the hot springs pools…
  • Or just get away to the beach.
  • Ladies, why not treat your man to a traditional wet shave experience?
  • Guys, you can treat your woman to a manicure and pedicure.
  • Ice climbing for two! You both will feel the coldness of the ice plus the rush of adventure.
  • If ice is too cold for you both, feel the waters with surfing lessons for both of you!
  • How about feeling the ropes with a treetop adventure course?
  • Bubble bath at home (You both can have a bathtub date!)
  • Join a pottery-making class. It looks so fun shaping clay into a useful and decorative object!

Here Are Some Gift Suggestions You Can Buy Online:

Jewelry for Women: A Dainty Necklace

Check It Out

Jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give for the sense of touch. This beautiful dainty hummingbird jewelry is cute and colorful and will caress her neck and upper chest gently as she goes through the day.

Jewelry for Men: Cufflinks

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Of course, men can have their jewelry too. Cufflinks look so good on a man and the smoothness of the surface of these black cufflinks will feel sublime when touched.

A Nice Cute Beanie (Get a Couple for a Matching Pair)

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This cute knight beanie will sure be a nice Instagrammable piece when you both go to a cold place (ice fishing or skiing, perhaps?). Get two and have a matching pair. Onward, noble steed!

Cardigan or a Sweater

Check It Out

Nice-looking clothing is another useful but exciting idea for the sense of touch. A gorgeous unisex cardigan like the one I picked will be a great gift. This is super useful and they will feel your love whenever they put this cardigan on. Plus, you can borrow it when they are not watching.

A Funny Hand Sanitizer (You Probably Touched Your Genitals)

Check It Out

A bit of humor won’t hurt! Adding this funny hand sanitizer will throw them off and add a bit of laughter into the gift mix. Plus this is super useful, now that germs and viruses are a major risk at the workplace (remember, Covid?). Super useful, super funny, add this to your bag of five senses gifts.

Heating Back Massagers

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Working all day at the office and sitting all day creates tension of the back and neck, so adding a nice, heating back massager like this one is quite a useful idea. Ples, it shows you care so much, so it is quite romantic, too.

Tandem Skydiving

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Although you won’t be together with this experience as each of you will be tethered to a trained professional skydiver, this is still an exhilarating idea You will definitely feel the wind going against your face. You both will feel the adrenaline rushing, too!

Edible Massage Oils

Check It Out

Oh, this is quite sensual. You can also use the massage on your lover to give them a feast for their sense of touch!

For Her Face and Body: A Trip to Day Spa

Check It Out

Women just love their massage and spa, so give it to them! A deep tissue massage will definitely looses those muscles and give her relief!

For His Face: Art of Shaving Set

Check It Out

If your man shaves his face, then you should get him this Art of Shaving Set. This is the male equivalent of a day spa and his face will feel super refreshed and clean after he uses this set. A really super manly gift for the touch.

Gift for the Hearing

The ears are a romantic organ if you know how to excite it! Here, you can translate music and sounds into love. Check out my suggestions for gifts for the sense of hearing.

They will love to hear you say, “I love you” without actually saying it!

Here Are Some Five Senses Gifts for the Hearing that You Should Buy Offline:

  • A USB playlist of his favorite songs. (Because mixtapes are outdated… get it?)
  • Concert tickets.
  • A trip to a music festival.
  • If they play an instrument, something that they can use for his music, like a guitar pick, amp… You can also buy them a new instrument if you are keen.
  • A gondola ride. Make sure the boatman sings. The experience is quite magical.
  • Hire a quartet to serenade them.
  • Write a song, sing it to your partner. Corny but very romantic.
  • If you can play instruments or can sing, you can serenade them yourself.
  • Karaoke night for you two.
  • Here is a very nice but requires a lot of setups: Hire a writer to write a short story about them and then have someone turn that story into an audiobook. Bonus if you do not tell who the character is.
  • If your lover likes pets, a parrot. Bonus points if the parrot can already say, I love you.

Here Are Some Gift Suggestions You Can Buy Online:

A Nice Wristwatch

Check It Out

They would love to receive a nice watch anytime. Be sure to get the classic ticking clock so they will remember you every time they hear it tick… plus a man, especially, would love a good watch.

Vintage record player and vintage records

Check It Out

This looks great and will make a great decorative item in the living room. Bonus are vintage records so you can player this old gramaphone.

Earbuds or Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Check It Out

This will make listening to music smooth and enjoyable, plus this blocks out outside noise, so they do not have to complain about that loud video you always play!

Have a love song written for him

Check It Out

The process of making a song from scratch is easy: just send them your story and they will make a song out of it! Fiverr makes it super affordable too!

A funny love song sang by you

Check It Out

Record a love song for him and have these guys at Fiverr autotune you comically. This will make a nice funny love song that they will treasure, arguably more than perfectly tuned sing by someone else.

Musical Jewelry Box

Check It Out

This is especially nice if your lady love collects jewelry. Whenever they open this to take or put away jewelry, they will be reminded of your love!

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Check It Out

Bluetooth speakers are a nice useful gift! Whenever they are out and playing music, they will always remember when and where, and who gave it to them. Plus, this Bluetooth speaker is lifeproof and waterproof, so that means you both can bring this during one of those romantic camping nights under the stars.

Pocket Watch

Check It Out

Pocket watches are awesome. They look nice whenever a man is in formal wear and can be quite empowering for men. Plus, a good-looking pocketwatch can serve a nice jewelry too!

Cuckoo Clock

Check It Out

A cute decoration you can use! A cuckoo clock is something that will remind them of you whenever that little bird makes its cute noise.

Gift for the Taste

Here are some tasty gifts that will make them feel even more loved! They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. I agree!

Here Are Some Five Senses Gifts for the Taste that You Should Buy Offline:

  • Cook dinner!
  • Their favorite candies or chocolate… You can turn this gift idea into a cute candy message!
  • Or, if you feel so inclined, make them a pizza cake!
  • Romantic game of taste: Blindfold his eyes and let him taste different kinds of food and make him guess what he just ate.
  • This one is a classic: chocolate-covered strawberries… with some wine. Throw in a nice corker and stopper, too.
  • A fruit picking tour where he can pick the fruits and eat them on the spot!
  • Attend a food festival! An example is Smorgasburg. Open almost year-round, from April to November.
  • Go to a tree park, have a picnic under the towering trees!
  • You can also have a vineyard tour to taste the grapes and the wine!
  • Have money to spend? You can visit Shiroi Koibito Park in Japan, which is a real-life version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Minus the hazardous chocolate lake and Oompa Loompa, of course.
  • You can also buy retro candies your partner used to enjoy when they were still a child.
  • Do they drink liquor on a regular basis? How about whiskey stones? Plus a liquor dispenser! Liquor is definitely a great addition to the five senses gifts for him.
  • You can also give them a cocktail-making set. Buy some supplies too and offer to make them the first cocktail.

Here Are Some Gift Suggestions You Can Buy Online:

Morning Mug

Check It Out

A nice, goofy coffee mug, like this morning mug, pictured on the animated image, will surely be a hit with them. If this heat-transforming mug won’t make your lover less grumpy, maybe your tasty coffee will.

A Coffee Sampler Set

Check It Out

Speaking of a coffee mug, you should also get him this coffee sampler set! This contains four different kinds of coffee, which will be good enough for a long time. This is especially fun if he is a coffee addict.

Hire a professional chef

Check It Out

Hire a professional chef to cook for both of you. You can do this at home. The chef will shop and come to you! This can become the star of the night as you get to experience being extremely rich and having your own chef to cook for you.

Mystery Murder Dinner

Check It Out

You can also schedule a fancy mystery murder dinner for the both of you, where you can wine and dine then play detective and solve who killed the dinner guest! This can be a fun activity for you and you both know each other is not the killer!

Wine or Beer Tasting Tour

Check It Out

If both of you like your liquor, then you can both go on a beer and wine tasting tour, sampling the different kinds of products the place can offer. This can also be a great way to bond with your lover!

Cotton Candy Baker

Check It Out

You can also give your lover a nice cotton candy maker. This gift for the taste will bring back childhood memories! This cotton candy maker’s retro design will surely be a convo starter in your kitchen, too!

Sushi Making Classes

Check It Out

How about a sushi-making workshop? You both can learn how to make delicious Japanese food and eat your fruits of labor! This is for an online class, so you both can enjoy it at the comfort of your own home.

Monster Sized Nerds Candy

Check It Out

A large version of candy. I have seen monster-sized Nerds, gummy bears, gummy worms, chocolate bars. I recommend this monstrous box of Nerds, a personal favorite of mine!

Gift for the Smell

With the smell part of the five senses gifts, you can get a bit goofy if you want. You can get creatively funny with this. Many novelty items with unconventional smells are all around the internet, waiting to be discovered. Make your lover laugh!

Here Are Some Five Senses Gifts for the Smell that You Should Buy Offline:

  • A bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers. Try getting a bouquet of wildflowers or my wife’s favorite: a nice bouquet of stargazers, because they smell so darn good, they last a long time on the vase, too. Good thing she is not Japanese.
  • You can also schedule a tour to a flower farm, see how flowers are grown and harvested.
  • Or, go to a flower field park, maybe have a picnic among the colorful and fresh-smelling flowers. The Flower Field in California is one place to visit.
  • If you have the money, you can both go to Japan to see and smell the cherry blossoms, it will be the best smell gift in this bunch! You can also buy cherry blossom-flavored drinks and snacks there, which also smell the mild scent of the flower.
  • Aromatherapy session. Aromatherapy oils. And add an oil burner or a reed diffuser!
  • Fragrance gift basket. Body cream. Body butter. Grooming supplies like hair gel, hair wax, or styling mousse. Scented lip balm.
  • Perfumery tour. You guys will learn how scents are made on the bulk.

Here Are Some Gift Suggestions You Can Buy Online:

Bacon Soap

Check It Out

This is funny and unique! This novelty gift soap SMELLS like bacon!  There are also some weird (but pleasant!) smelling soaps like beer or hair of the dog. Yes, these do exist.

Scented Bear Oil

Check It Out

More and more men are beginning to embrace the lumbersexual look. If your man is one of them, this will help him maintain that beautiful facial hair that you love. These also smell clean and fresh too! Win-win!

Minty foot scrub

Check It Out

You can also buy your love a minty food scrub. It is so soothing and it feels so great to be massaged on the feet. Then you can also throw in a foot spa machine and service his feet!

Oil Diffuser for the Car

Check It Out

You can also give them an air freshener for their car. This will make your date nights better and even more enjoyable as you go from location to location in a fresh scented car

Fun Scented Candles (Warm Buttered Bread)

Check It Out

Scented candles are amazing. First, they make the room smell super nice. Then scented candles are so beautiful in a dimmed room, it sets up a romantic ambience for your and your lover. Pick scents that are extraordinary, like this

Incense Burner (Waterfall Style)

Check It Out

You can also try using a nice smelling incense, which gives the same effect as a scented candle… Add an incense burner too! This incense burner looks oh-so zen-like. So relaxing! So romantic!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Check It Out

Another item that can radiate a dim light that creates that amazingly romantic ambience is a salt lamp. This looks cool and it diffuses a fresh smell throughout the room. Warning, do not lick.

Artisan Soap Bars

Check It Out

These look decorative, almost too beautiful to use! You should those soap bars with real fruits or flowers or grains in them. These additions are supposed to smell really really nice, relax and rejuvenate the bather. Again, too beautiful, both for the nose and the eyes.

A Nice Smelling Perfume for Women (Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker)

Check It Out

Women love good-smelling perfume. Try Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. This smells nice and is a best seller, too!

More Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

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