The flamingo is an eye catchy creature that brings joy to the pink lovers because of its color.  The flamingo is often associated with femininity, innocence and beauty.  We often see flamingos as a group and folklore says that if we see a flamingo in our dream means that we have a sense of cooperation and we are willing to work towards achieving the goal.  The pink flamingo is the official bird of the City of Wisconsin.  We can easily see them as ornaments in lawns, casinos, hotels, restaurants or even in bars.  Since this charming creature has bedazzled many, we are absolutely sure that anyone who loves flamingo would appreciate our top picks of flamingo gifts from the list below.  Kindly see our listing of flamingo gifts below for your reference.

Flamingo Mug

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The majestic flamingo is a charming creature that loves to make her audience swoon over its beauty. Anyone could easily fall in love with its amazing qualities no wonder it has gained tons of followers everywhere. If you have a coffee lover friend who is into flamingos then this flamingo mug is the perfect gift there is! This flamingo mug can make morning shine brighter and prettier with a touch of glamour. This flamingo mug is sold as a mug alone or as a bundle of coffee mug and coaster. The flamingo mug is made of ceramic which makes it a durable mug that is safe to put in the microwave and even in the dishwasher too.

Flamingo Drinking Cup

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An erratic schedule can make anyone go nuts easily but thank God there is coffee to make mornings more bearable! For someone who is always on the go, a coffee mug is not enough since time is very important. A busy bee needs a coffee stored in a non- spill mug with lid to keep the beverage secured even while on the go. For someone who loves flamingos, we highly recommend this eye catchy flamingo tumbler. This flamingo tumbler features the beautiful creature that we love being itself while on the lawn. Add some pink charm on your everyday morning struggle as you make it bearable by having your favorite coffee or any beverage to keep you going. This flamingo tumbler keeps the beverage on its optimum temperature whether it be hot or cold. This flamingo gifts is safe to use even in the microwave or in the dishwasher too.

Flamingo Wine Stopper

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Wine nights or cocktail parties are fun because of the people we get in touch with and most especially the favorite bubbly bottle that brings everyone happiness which is no other than the wine. The wine is special on its own but you can make it look even more dazzling by opening it using this flamingo bottle stopper. This flamingo bottle stopper is a sophisticated looking wine bottle opener which features the dazzling flamingo. Any flamingo lover will easily experience bedazzlement when he or she see this one of a kind wine bottle stopper. This flamingo bottle stopper comes in a gift box when bought which makes it ready for gift giving anytime and anywhere!

Flamingo Necklace

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If you want to keep the flamingo close to your heart everyday then we highly recommend this flamingo necklace. This flamingo necklace is gold, rose gold and silver plated. The flamingo pendant features the charming bird on its famous one leg position. You can customize the flamingo necklace by adding some birthstones, hand stamped initials or Swarovski crystals. This flamingo necklace comes in an organza gift bag when bought.

Flamingo Compact Mirror

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Check on your teeth, the way you speak or just check on your face whenever there is a need arises through this flamingo compact mirror. This retro designed flamingo compact mirror is one of the important stuff that any flamingo girl needs in her make up kit. This flamingo compact mirror comes handy and can easily be slipped into your pocket, bag or even in your jeans!

Flamingo Wooden Storage Box

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A collector is always running out of storage space especially when there are tons of items to store and keep to make his or her collection more updated. If you have a collector friend who loves flamingos then this flamingo wooden box should come in handy! It will not only provide extra storage space but this would also some aesthetic points because of the charming flamingo design that makes it stand out. The flamingo wooden box is an artwork itself which is designed by freehand by using pyrography. You are assured that this flamingo wooden box has an original design that is natural and truly unique! You can also customize this flamingo wooden box by adding a name or initials as you like.

Flamingo Ornament

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You can add some posh and sophisticated look to your Christmas tree or on a gift through this flamingo ornament. This flamingo ornament is made of birch wood which is laser cut and is hand crafted which makes you assured of the quality of this product. You can customize this flamingo ornament by adding your name, date or any important information that you would like to be etched on this flamingo ornament.

Flamingo Pool Float

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Pool parties call for good food, great friends and pool floats! For the flamingo lover, this flamingo pool float is the best gift ever! This flamingo pool float will make your pool look posh, extra pretty because of its pink color and would aid a toddler or baby to get by the pool easily! This flamingo pool float is three feet in size with a seat on the middle. The double valve floatation devices on the sides of this flamingo float makes it a sturdy and safe float for your little ones.

Flamingo Makeup Pouch

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Keep your make up and other beauty tools intact in this beautiful flamingo makeup pouch. This make up pouch has a charming design of flamingos which adds some glamour and style. This is the perfect gift for the makeup lover who is a big fan of flamingos too! This flamingo makeup pouch is a multi-functional pouch that has multiple pockets inside that keep your things intact and organized.

Flamingo Fuzzy Slippers

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The flamingo is a beautiful bird that anyone can easily fall in love with. Even kids love them mostly the little girls because of its pink color. If you have a little girl on your gift list who loves flamingos then we highly recommend this adorable pair of flamingo fuzzy slippers. This pair of flamingo slippers is a charming and ultra-comfortable footwear that any kid would love! This pair of flamingo slippers also comes in adult sizes too and can be worn by both sexes for up to size nine.

Flamingo Lover Graphic Tee

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Most girls love pink, maybe it’s because of the color which brings femininity to its peak. Since the flamingo is a natural pink creature, most women love this animal and chooses them to be their animal symbol. If you know someone who loves the flamingo and you would like to give a practical gift that your recipient can use then we strongly recommend this flamingo lover graphic tee. This flamingo lover graphic tee is made of cotton, with sizes from small up to double extra-large. The charming flamingo is printed using block print ink which makes this shirt safe to wash either hand or machine wash.

More Flamingo Gifts!

Flamingo Lightweight Scarf

If you want something to accentuate the usual boring wardrobe then we recommend this stunning flamingo lightweight scarf.  This flamingo scarf is so charming because of the multiple flamingos printed all over it!  This flamingo scarf is very pleasing to wear because it is lightweight.  This flamingo lightweight scarf comes in forty inches wide and seventy inches in length.  You can wear it in different ways possible such as a scarf, shawl or as head turban.  You can beautifully wear this on any special occasion or even on a daily basis.  This is the perfect gift for your family and friends which can be gifted at any occasion or season there is!

Flamingo Quilted Backpack

Flamingo Gifts for the Kids

Kids love their bags more than any of their other school stuff.  No wonder parents turn to the prettier looking bags so that their children would be delighted more to keep their things tidy or even go to school.  If you know a kid who loves flamingos then this flamingo quilted backpack would be a charming gift idea!  This flamingo quilted backpack is a colorful bag with a beautiful flamingo as the main design.  This flamingo backpack is made of one hundred percent cotton that can be washed on the machine without destroying its quality and design.  This flamingo backpack is very durable and can also be used as a diaper bag too.  This flamingo bag has a magnetic snap as enclosure with an additional draw string closure.  The colorful and attractive designs on this flamingo bag will make this bag more attractive for the youngsters for sure!

Flamingo Umbrella

Cool Flamingo Gifts for the Rainy Days

Nothing can stop you whether it be rain or the blazing sun especially if you have this flamingo umbrella with you!  This flamingo umbrella is a beautiful umbrella which features a flamingo standing still elegantly.  This flamingo umbrella is made of one hundred percent polyester pongee which is a waterproof fabric.  What makes this umbrella especial is that it has a charming flamingo as the main design with a gripped plastic handle for that sturdy hold.  This umbrella folds small that can easily fit a medium bag but with a big open to secure you from the raindrops ahead!

Flamingo Velvet Hat

Flamingo Present for Funny People

If you love the flamingo then you can start to feel like one through this one of a kind flamingo velvet hat.  This flamingo hat features the whole flamingo sitting on top of your head literally.  This hat measures eight inches high and twelve inches wide with the whole flamingo being soft like a plush since it is made of one hundred percent polyester.  This flamingo hat provides a comfortable fit for the wearer which makes it the perfect gag gift for the flamingo lover!  This flamingo hat can be worn on your cosplay, trick or treat, costume parties or in anytime that you would like to feel like a beautiful flamingo for once!