Flowers have always been regarded as special even by the ancient world and before there are hallmark cards, the follower giving is already a tradition, showing deep emotions without even saying a word.

Mostly, flowers are seen as a token or symbol of love and you can see how much it means just by looking at the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and seeing the Hanging Garden of Babylon as part of it.

The Hanging Garden was supposedly built by the Syrian King Nebuchadnezzar II for his wife because she misses the green hills of her home. Romantic, right? However, the flowers are rich in meanings and are not only limited in their symbolism of love.

So, when giving flowers, try to know the message behind it which makes for a great letter for Valentine’s Day.



Rose meanings differ depending on its color. However, roses are generally a symbol of love and passion, which is obvious since it is the most well-recognized flower and have been a regular part of a relationship. However, it also conveys revitalization, courage, and intelligence, but it is mostly a complex layer after layer of meanings since it has a complex appearance as well, but the love meaning is what is generally known.

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies)


Also known as the Peruvian lilies are the symbol of friendship and devotion and this flower are long-lasting than the others, maintaining its bloom for more than a week of little water and the petals would catch anyone’s attention. Alstroemeria flowers are native in South America where they feature several flowering blooms for each stem. However, they are now easily seen in the markets as the flowers have gained popularity.



Everyone would be able to recognize this flower at just one look because they have big yellow heads that sway and move to meet the sun and if that is not enough to get your attention, then what is, right? It is therefore associated with spiritual achievement, flexibility, and opportunity. Furthermore, they are also a symbol of good luck, wealth, and dreams so give it to someone who is working to achieve a goal!



If you know someone who has managed to get through something difficult or just life being mean, then the amaryllis flower is the best because it symbolizes success after winning a hard-fought war or a challenge. These flowers are also often given to people as a recognition of a “job well done” especially in academics, literature, and even for the arts.



Carnations symbolize captivation, peculiarity, and love and similar to many flowers, it has varying message depending on the color of the flower. For example, light-colored carnation flowers mean that you admire a person while dark-colored carnations mean deeper sentiments of love and desire women by great passion. Meanwhile, the white ones are expressing purity and fortune while the pink carnations are given a token of gratitude.


One of the most popular flowers, Daffodil is a symbol of devotion, righteousness, truth, mercy, and candidness. It is one of the first flowers to bloom during each spring and their return is even considered before as the indication that winter is finally over and so its beauty and bloom is a reminder of how even the harshest winter is nothing with faith and the conviction for truth and candor. You may give this to a person of conviction and honesty and also express forgiveness.

Apple Blossom


This flower possesses ethereal beauty and has been a great favorite for the past decade, apple blossoms are also a symbol of love, peace, mostly female sensuality, and lastly, fertility. This is usually given during the wedding or engagement party. The trees of the apple blossoms had been an important part of the ancient Celt’s religion and culture and consider it a fortune for women who are about to marry.



Similar to its name, this flower is a delicate one with soft and circular petals that has gentle curves and thus, become a symbol of passion, desire, and sophistication. Camellia flowers are also indicative of great longing and desire for the people that you love, so it is best given for someone truly important to you and one you hold close to your heart.



An incredibly beautiful flower, Dahlia Flowers are spicy ones and have varying meanings such as standing as a symbol of caution, or a symbol of change, travel, and even serves as a warning against betrayal. This is called a wild card by many due to its message contradictions and so you may give this to a person according to where you are standing at right now, relationship-speaking, and also for a person of thundering emotions to compliment his or her eclectic-ness and compliment his or her wildness.

Gerbera Daisies


Daisies are famous for implying beauty, innocence, and purity so you may give this to a person that can carry herself or himself with grace and sophistication. It is easily recognized also due to its flowering head and marketed with peppy hues, which adds a symbol of cheerfulness. This is called the happy buds so give it to someone who is always bubbly.



One of the most well-known flowers, lilies are considered part of many religions and cultures. It is a talisman of sorts for first-time mothers as the flowers symbolizes fertility and nurturing and also a flower used during weddings as they also express unions, lasting relationships, and adoration.



Also a well-known flower, the rare orchid blossoms are a symbol of love, beauty, and strength. In addition, it can send a message of wild seduction as it is mostly used in the harems during the ancient Middle East era and so giving orchids has a “wilder” connotations than roses.



Give this flower to a person that you would never forget or as a message to someone who you want to remember you forever as it symbolizes remembrance. This is why this flower is often used during memorial services or a flower of choice when visiting the cemetery in order to convey that the dead loved ones are not forgotten even as the living goes on in life.



Another sun-seeking flower, tulips are also like the sunflowers and sways their long heads in order to get the best angles for the sunlight. It is then a symbol of opportunity, adjustment, advancement, and aspiration and is commonly given to a person who is strong in their convictions of achieving goals and is determined to get to where they wanted.