Want to make your sofa or your bed look absolutely delish? Your should get some of these super cute food-shaped pillows! Word of caution though: do not eat!

Cute and Huggable Donut Pillows!

Food-Shaped Pillows for the Sweet Tooth

Ooh! A huge donut on your bed! This donut pillow looks too good to eat! It looks like a cream and sprinkles donut (some even sport a nice bite on the side). Who would have thought you can hug a piece of Krispy Kreme, hmmm? This can also decorate a sofa, giving a nice, playful accent to an otherwise boring seat.

Strawberry Cream Donut PillowChocolate Donut with SprinklesVanilla Donut with Bite

Cake and Cupcake Pillows

It does not have to be your birthday to buy and give cake! You can get one of this super cute looking cake and cupcake pillows. You will realize that hugging a cake does not look as sticky as it sounds!

Chocolate Cupcake PillowVanilla Cupcake PillowCake Slice Pillow


Watermelon Pillow

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You know, in the past, I never thought that food-shaped pillows are a good idea. Then I saw this watermelon pillow and thought that "fruity" could work.

This watermelon slice pillow will look so nice in a girl's bedroom. It looks like it will be a really nice gift idea for a woman, don't you think?

Annnd... I have also found other super nice fruity pillows! You can buy many of these fruit pillows and throw them into your bed or sofa to make a impromptu, "fruit pillow salad". Caution, a fruit pillow salad can potentially start a pillow fight!


Cookie Pillow

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Chocolate chip cookie pillow anyone? This pillow is a really nice gift idea for cookie lovers and bakers. This cookie pillow looks lifelike and will fool anyone who is far away. Lying down with your head on a cookie never sounded so relaxing... until now! This will also look nice on a pile of beanbags for hugging while watching TV, playing video games or just chatting. This is a great addition to a geek's gaming den, don't you think?

Pizza Slice Pillow

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Got someone who is obsessed with pizza? Then get them this pizza slice pillow! This photo-realistic pizza pillow looks too good to eat! it is also thick enough to be a seat cushion when you get tired of sitting on the chair and would want to sit on the floor.

Whole Pizza Pillow

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You do not want a pizza slice? Then get the whole pizza! This pizza pillow looks like the real thing, too! It even comes with an very cool delivery box to complete the look! This kooky piece of pillow will make any pizza junkie cry! Heck, it makes me cry! *tear*

Frech Fries Pillow

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Fast food, anyone? If you are looking for a pillow version of the things you can buy at McDonalds, then you should be looking at this french fries pillow! They look so yummy and cute. Perfect for french fries lover (just like my wife) and to those who own or manage a fast food restaurant! Or just those who want a food-shaped pillow.

Other Junk Food Pillows!

Oh looky! I have found more fast food shaped pillow! I love how they make these silly pillows!

TacoFried ChickenPotato Chips

Cheeseburger Pillow

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I can has cheezburger? Yes you can!

This cheeseburger pillow looks so realistic! Yell, until you see that it is a jumbo sized cheeseburger! This is a cool pillow to sit on the floor while laying your most favorite video games! Perfect gift idea for guys who love to eat and those who have a playful personality. He will sit at this super cool food-themed pillow while playing Fallout 4!

Kawaii Food Pillows!

Too cute! These kawaii food-shaped pillows are the perfect gift idea for a girly girl. Here are some notable kawaii food pillows:

Kawaii SushiKawaii Bread LoafKawaii Toast