The birth of the USB flash drive is the beginning of data portability. The days of carrying multiple floppy disks just to carry around your school research is gone and carrying gigabytes of data in your pocket started. Most USB flash drives are boring. Well, not these food-shaped USB flash drives. Who would have thought that USBs can come in food shapes? Here are some cute examples.

On the image: Strawberry USB Flash Drive (#4 on this list)


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Who would have thought a a yummy fast food can contain all your important legal files? This burger flash drive also comes with a necklace, so you do not lose it. This makes a great gift idea for friends who work at a restaurant or those who pain love burgers.


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Did you now that Oreo was launched in 1912? Meaning Oreo is older than any one of us! Anywho, you can have a USB that looks like a piece of Oreo cookie. Just do not twist, lick and dunk it... it is not edible and you will ruin your precious data (and ruin your tummy in the process).


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Biscuit: sweeter than a cracker, less sweet than the cookie. How about a USB biscuit? Is it sweet too? Probably not, but it does make a really cute piece of computer accessory. If you go to the office, be sure to buy one of these biscuit flash drives -- they are a nice convo piece so you can finally talk with that accounting hottie!


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Ok, enough about those fattening treats... how about fruits? This strawberry is full of antioxi... hey this is a USB drive too! This strawberry is so lifelike, it will fool anybody who does not see the hub plug. Who said you cannot use a strawberry on an Apple? (See what I did there?)


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You can also have a USB on the shape of a watermelon wedge. It looks so yummy, then you realize it is storing your homework. The pointy part of the watermelon can be taken off to reveal the plug.


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Banana lovers unite! You can have a USB flash drive that looks like a banana. Hmm. Maybe this is the official USB of Despicable Me's Minons?

Ice Cream

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It looks like Magnum! No, not the gun kind, the ice cream kind. This ice cream shaped USB flash drive might now make celebrities seek their pleasures, but this can help students pass their subjects. (By storing their research copied from Wikipedia, of course!)


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Hmmm. Donuts! Let your inner Homer Simpson have fun while doing some work with this donut USB flash drive. What flavor is it? Electronic Jelly Donuts! Want a free byte?

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