Looking for the best food stocking stuffers? Here is a list!

Food is one of the ultimate gifts: food is comforting, food nourishes, it brings back memories, can convey joy, happiness and make us laugh.

Christmas is no stranger to food gifts. If your loved one had put up a stocking on the fireplace this season, you should add food in there.

This list of food stocking stuffers has two types of edible gifts: those that are weird or funny and can be passed as gag gifts and those that are just awesome and delicious. Why not pick at least one from each category?

This list is in no particular order.

Gag Candies and Food Stocking Stuffers

Laugh at them or laugh with them with these fun stocking stuffers!

Ghost Pepper Candy

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Do you know ghost peppers? The pepper that once held the world record for being the hottest. They come in candy forms now. This will fool people with its sweet taste only to be punched in the mouth after a split second.

Scholong-Shaped Candy

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LOL! I think the guys will have a hard time eating this without laughing! I think o sane guy can eat this in front of his friends!

TV Dinner Gumballs

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Weird gumballs that are flavored like buttered corn, apple cobbler, roast beef. These are like the ones that Willy Wonka invented, only this time, the desert is not going to turn you into a giant blueberry.

Bertie Bott’s All Flavor Beans

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This is the muggle equivalent of Harry Potter candies of the same name. Each bean is flavored, from nice to ‘meh’ to gross.

Beanboozled Jelly Beans

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This is the same as the above, only they do not bear the same of wizarding candy.  These are much cheaper though, so you can just empty the box into a jar if you are trying to save money.

Gummy Boogers

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Yuck! I mean delicious! I do not know, really. I am as equally as confused by you with these gummy boogers.

“Urine Samples” Liquid Sour Candy

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These are not available in Amazon, but maybe you can get this if you searched a little online.

Pickle Candy Cane

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Sounds weird but these taste really nice, in my humble opinion. Picked candy canes look great, too. With its green stripes, it still look Christmas in a different flavor, literally. This would be a great gag gift in the office.

Obama Mints

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Yes we can…dy. Even though there is a new president now, Obama will always be iconic and so as this tin.

Edible Insects!

These will either excite or shock them! These edible insects are fun to eat. Remember, insects provide more protein than chicken or beef!

Cricket Lollipops  

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You can actually choose from different kinds of edible bugs. So far, I have seen worm, scorpion, and  cricket.  Can they eat this lollipops and get to the insecty center? This is an interesting gift to ramp up the protein intake of the recipient.

Worm Lollipops

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Worm Lollipops! Same as the thing above, only in wormy flavor. DO not worry, the mealworms were bred for human consumption!

Scorpion Lollipops

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These scorpion lollipops are not the stingery type that kills people. They are completely edible and were raised in a farm. Are you brave enough to eat scorpions?

Dried Crickets  

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Raised for human consumption! I have tasted crickets and they are not bad at all. Kinda like pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds that used to crawl and sing at night.

More Gag Food Stocking Stuffers!

Make them laugh with these weird edible stocking stuffers

Candy Toilet Plungers

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You dip the lollipop plunger into the toilet that contains powdered candy. Tastes sweet, looks gross. This is a fun gift for those who have a strong stomach, but even more fun when the person receiving has a weak heart.

Wasabi Gum Balls  

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You do not have to be Paris Hilton to say, “that’s hot”. These wasabi gum balls taste exactly like the thing you put on sushi, except this time, you chew on it!

Eat Shit Candy

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Not Available on Amazon, too, but I figure you can buy this somewhere online, too. (Actually, it is available on Amazon now.) This is a fun way to prank people.

Sin-O Mints

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These Sin-O mints are for the sinner in you! This tin of candy is a play on cinnamon and mints, which is its flavor. Tastes great, sounds better!

Foie Gras Gumballs

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Have you ever tasted foie gras? These are fatty liver from ducks, cooked to perfection. Now these gumballs taste like liver too! Minus the candle lit dinner, fine cdate clothes and expensive dinner bill.

Onion Candy

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For that extra stinky breath! Amazon does not sell these individually, but you can get this super cool prank candy collection, where the onion candy is found.

Awesome Edibles

Just want them to enjoy eating? Here are some recommendations:

Astronaut Ice Cream

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This candy company claim that these are the candies astronauts eat in space. Delicious and this ice cream does not have to be frozen!  They taste like ice-cream flavored chalk.

Miracle Fruit Tablets  

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Derived from the real miracle berry plant fruit, this candy makes any sour food taste sweet, too. I tested these and lemons taste like sweet lemonade! It is indeed a miracle! This will be a hit with children who love science…. Or just those who just love food.

KitKat Green Tea  

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Sounds weird, eh? but these are really really good! I’d finish a whole bag in a day.

Popin’ Cookin’ Happy Sushi House 

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Make your own sushi candy! This looks nice and even an adult will enjoy putting these together!  this is a make-your-own sushi in candy form. They look rather nice and even adult will have a really good time putting the tasty treats together! tastes like fruity bubblegum candy.

Pocky Green Tea  

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Another delicious green tea snack! Pocky is known to be chocolate or strawverry flavored long biscuits, but green tea has such a unique flavor that adults will love on Pocky. Try this, you will not regret it.

Dried Mangoes

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I am from the Philippines and whenever we get these from the province, these do not even last the whole day. Delicious, sweet, dried fruit. Just look at the reviews in Amazon. This is a great gift for vegans and vegetarians because these are made from all plant materials.

Red Vines Candy

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Licorice sticks are long and tasty and they fit easily inside Christmas stockings because of their shape. Red Vines taste the best of all the licorice sticks in the market.

Morinaga Fizzy Candy

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Have you ever tasted Ramune? These are a popular Japanese fizzy drinks that Japanophiles love! This is the Japanese lemonade in candied form! Morinaga Fizzy Candy tastes authentic!

Milk Straws  

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I swear milk straws are like magic! They make even water taste like milk. Now try it with chocolate…. Hmmmmm heaven!


Delicious dried meat that will satisfy any meat lover.

Beef Jerky

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This is a great gift for manly men! The carnivores will surely be happy to find a beef jerky in their Christmas stockings!

Turkey Jerky

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Same idea about the beef jerky, except this is made from a huge bird. Turkey jerky tastes differently too, so it is a great idea to combine beef and turkey jerkies in one gift.

Dried Squid  

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Delicious! It is like seafood jerky. Dried squid  has this unique umami flavor that meat does not have, so it is a really fin, different experience!

Singapore Bak Kwa

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My sister bought me one of these from Singapore and I horked everything down in one sitting! Just roll this stocking stuffer idea if you want to put this in the Christmas stocking!

More Amazing Delicious Food Stocking Stuffers

The edible food stocking stuffers that do not have any tricks!

Lion “Noisy” Candy

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These are tasty little candies that fizz like a small can of soda in your mouth. These come in different flavors. But my favorite among the rest is the Lamune flavor, which tastes like bubblegum crossed with pineapple.

Can of Shelled Walnuts

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This is a great gift for those who love walnuts but are just too lazy to shell them.

Puchitto Kudamono Grape Candy

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These candies are interesting! They are grape flavored, but also come in bunches like a real cluster of grapes. You also eat them like one too! Super fun candy!

Banana Chips

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Another delicious fruit snack! Banana chips are sweet and crunchy. They are also vegan, paleo and kosher, which makes it a great gift for your vegan Jewish friend who is into grain-free diet. Or just about any friend who love snacks.


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A mix of bacon and mayonnaise. Delicious as sandwich spread or just as its own. You can also add it as a dressing to fried meats. The sky is the limit with Baconnaise!

Backpacker’s Pantry Bacon Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

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Backpacker’s Pantry is like instant dinner, just add water! Hot water, that is. This is very fun! This is a complete meal in dehydrated form… just add hot water and it is supper time!

Candied Bacon  

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Another delicious meat snack I tried. These taste super nice and I did not expect bacon that is covered in sugar to be delicious!

Onion and Bacon Jam

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Sounds weird right? But these taste amazing. Onion and bacon jam taste so delicious on fried meats, burgers or on mashed potatoes. Tasty!

Liqueur-Filled Chocolates

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These are absolutely delicious! If you love chocolate and liqueur, mixing them both together is so interesting! Kahlua-filled chocolates taste grea, but vodka-filled chocolates are my favorites!