The American football is one of the manliest sports there ever was. The game was probably made so men can express their pent up energy against each other in the most civilized way possible. No wonder this sport has a lot of fans. The energy is just contagious!

If you have a guy who loves to watch football, plays football or coaches for a football team, then you should get him a present! If you have no idea what to get, then take a look at this list of football gift ideas for those who are fans of the the sport.

Football Snack Dispenser

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What kind of a football watching session is it without snacks? Nuts, chocolate balls, Cheetos. Whatever the snack choice of your football lover, this football shaped snack dispenser will do the job. This will look great at the bar or at the coffee table of his man cave. Super!

Football Bead Bracelet

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Looks unisex, right? This football bead bracelet looks really nice and subtly shows the world that you are football fan! This is perfect for the younger football fans. Teenagers and kids.

Football Dad Shirt

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If dad is a football fan, then you are sure that this "Football Dad" shirt will be appreciated. This comfy shirt comes in different sizes and will fit almost any size of dad: dad bod or abs dad.

Keep Calm and THAT'S A HOLD! Wall Decor

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Football watchers are very passionate! This wall decor proves that with the classic "Keep Calm" statement with a twist: it has an expletive and is not calm at all! Very funny and very appropriate for such adrenaline filled sport. This makes a great decor to a man cave or a game den.

Football Helmet Necklace

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For the ladies who love football, here is a necklace with a football helmet as a pendant. The chain is included, so you are assured this necklace is ready to wear! This will look good on women wearing T-shirts and tank tops. Awesome when she is watching football with her dad or boyfriend!

Football Wallet

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Guys! Take a look at this! This red wallet distinctive looks like a football due to the stitching accents. Awesome! This bifold wallet will show the world that you are a rabid fan of the pigskin and the helmet. Furthermore, this looks just too cool. oh, and it holds money!

Football Coffee Mug

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A football-themed coffee mug! They say that a coffee mug is a bad gift idea... I disagree! If your football lover is also a coffee lover then this will be perfect and this will probably be his favorite coffee mug! If you have breakfast with him everyday, prepare to see this coffee mug everyday!

Football Beer Pilsner

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Ah beer, the perfect beverage when watching sports at home! Whether a man is a football fan or not he will agree to this statement as long as he likes to watch sports. Your man will like this fancy beer glass because it is shaped like a football. Beer glasses make perfect football gift ideas!

Football Helmet Night Light

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Is your little boy a football fan? You can get him this football helmet shaped nightlight to keep the bogeys away! It provides enough light to keep him calm during night plus it looks too cool.

Football 3D Puzzle

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If your football fan has a desk job, works in a cubicle or owns a business, then this football 3D puzzle will be the perfect football gift for him! He can put it on his work table and disassemble and put it together if he wants some stress-busting brain work. It also looks very nice as a decor, too!

Looking for More Football Gift Ideas?

You can check out this Amazon page for more football gifts I did not mention.