Looking for funny office present for your co-workers, your boss for yourself? You might want to take a look at these funny office accessories. These hilarious office tools will make anyone who sees them laugh or at least give an impression of the desk owner’s humor.

Here are some ideas for funny office accessories.


Funny Office Desk Accessories

Funny Office Products for Your Work Station

Butt Station

Butt Station! What a funny office accessory!

1. Butt Station –  This all in one office organizing tool features a clay figure of man sitting on what appears to be a toilet. It can hold sticky tape, a few pens, pieces of papers and paperclips.

2. PacMan Stapler – To show off that inner retro gamer in you!

3. Dinosaur Stapler Remover – The skull of a T-Rex that has teeth sharp enough to remove those pesky staple wires!

4. My Retirement Counter – A countdown counter that counts days, hours, minutes and seconds to your retirement! This funny clock is a reminder on how long you still have to work! Other options include countdown to vacation and countdown to birthday.

Toilet Mug is a hilarious mug you can use in the office to potentially fend off candy thieves!

Toilet Mug is a hilarious mug you can use in the office to potentially fend off candy thieves!

5. Toilet Mug – A funny toilet-shaped mug… to hold coffee or.. Ooh! Your chocolates! This can potentially keep food thieves from stealing your munchies.

6. Grenade Mug – For the whining co-workers.

7. “Shhh, Almost” Mug – This clear glass mug shows your level of friendliness is inversely proportional to the amount of coffee left in your mug.

8. Murder Scene Pen Holder – This a clay figure of a dead man that you can stab put  your pen into. This can serve a a warning to obnoxious co-workers!

Pussy Magnet! The perfect office present for sleazy office co-workers or those who love cats.

9. Pussy Magnet – No, sleazy you. This is a cat-shaped magnet, good for picking up paper clips and loose staple wires.

10. Thumbs Up Pen – To show your boss a thumbs up when he signs that 10-million dollar contract!

11. “I Dreamed My Whole Desk Was Clean” Sticky Notes – These sticky notes features a retro-looking cartoon of a lady, with the funny lines, “I Dreamed My Whole Desk Was Clean” This is the perfect gift idea for the co-worker who cannot seem to maintain a clean desk. (Like me… but I am a creative soul, so that does not count!)

12. Moodycards – These cards can include a graphic and/or a message, so you do not have to speak that. A cool example is”NO!” to signify you are busy or a friendly cat to show you can welcome distractions at this time.

Moodycards: Cool office gifts!

A funny notepad that you can give as a gift to a co-worker so he can perform voodoo at that obnoxious client.

13. Paper Voodoo Notes – Does someone in your your office deal with an obnoxious boss or an irritating client on a regular basis? You can give them this voodoo notes. So they can perform a stress-reducing voodoo on that person!

14. Shuriken Push Pins – Make your cork board look like it was a ninja message board.

15. Decision Making Paperweight – Do you have a project and you do not know whether you should put it first, do it today, do it tomorrow or just let it sit in your desk? Well, here is a decision making paperweight! You can make it decide on what to do do on the most pressing issues… like Spongebob’s Conch Shell, only it is not a shell.

Funny Office Accessories: Prank Tools!

Funny Office Tools to Make Work Less Boring


Airzooka: Blow a gust of air into your co-worker’s paperworks!

16. Official BS Button – A sound when your co-working is talking nonsense again.

17. Airzooka Air Cannon – Something to blow away that neatly stack of paperworks your co-worker so hardworkingly stacked for two weeks!

18. Anti-Theft Sandwich Bags – Got food thieves in the pantry? You can wrap your delicious sammiches in these bags to make them look they are moldy.. so people will lay off your food!

19. Anti-Theft Pens – They look like giveaways from establishments anyone will be embarrassed to admit being a customer to, so you can be sure people will return their borrowed pens from you!

20. Shocking Pens – Achieves the same thing as above, only this has a little zing to it!

Funny Office Nameplates for the Boss

Presents for the Boss… or Presents for Yourself if You’re the Boss

A little obscene on the words, but a boss who can appreciate this kind of humor will laugh!

21. F*cker in Charge of the F*cking F*cks – A little obcene on the words, but this will earn a lot of fun points from a boss who gets this kind of humor

22. He Who Must Be Obeyed – For the Harry Potter loving boss. Or for that boss who looks like Voldemort!

23. Like a Boss – Like a meme!

24. Remember, I Write Your Paycheck – A funny and friendly reminder for bottom feeders!

25. Galactic Overlord – For the geek boss, from his minions.

Funny Office Signs to Put Outside Your Cube

Funny Office Signs to Warn Others Before They Approach Your Cubicle

To Avoid Injury Sign: Funny Office Sign to Hang Outside Your Cube!

To Avoid Injury Sign: Funny Office Sign to Hang Outside Your Cube!

26. “To Avoid Accidents” Sign – Warn people to not go around snooping and correcting you about how you do your work, to avoids accidents.

27. Answers Price List – A price list for people who want to disturb you when you have work to do!

28. Grenade Complaint Desk – Just a funny reminder that complaining at you is tolerated, but not welcome!

29. Danger: Stupid Kills Sign – This warning fends off stupid co-workers… or not… we will see!

Funny Office Bathroom Signs

These Hilarious Bathroom Signs Should Entertain Them While They Attend to Their Business

“We Aim to Please” funny office bathroom sign for men’s!

30. “Whichever” Gender Bathroom Sign – For unisex bathrooms!

31. “We Aim to Please” Bathroom Sign for Men’s Room – You seen men’s bathrooms that have misfired urine samples on the floor or at the toilet seat? This is a friendly reminder that the guys should aim their fire hose at the center before turning on the waterworks… and flush the evidence in case accidents happen.

32. “When You Tinkle” Bathroom Sign for Ladies’ Room – This is the counterpart of the “We Aim to Please” sign above. A friendly reminder to the ladies to flush the toilet seat if they tinkle on it!

33. “Bathroom Rules” Sign – A generic sign that reminds employees that they are paid by the hours, so stop reading novels inside the john!