Laughter is the best medicine. But when things are going well and you don’t need medicine, a daily dose of laughter and giggle is still effective in relieving and negative energy from someone. With these funny stocking stuffers, you can never go wrong!

From toys to personal care, to everyday use, here is a list that offers ideas for you, or someone’s stocking stuffer!

Go ahead, get one for yourself, too!

For Everyday Use

Funny Stocking Stuffers You Can Use Every Day

  1. Butt station desk organizer – Remind yourself to be neat and tidy with this desk organizer! A silly item that is very helpful especially to the students and the teachers with their stationery items. You can also give this away to office workers!
  2. Crime scene bandages – Strap yourself with this bandage that is equivalent to a restricted area sign in a crime scene.
  3. Toilet mug – This is not your ordinary mug. This toilet mug will be their favorite if they have the stomach for it.
  4. Fanny farting coin bank – A novelty coin bank to help you save your money.
  5. Pooping reindeer candy dispenser – Santa’s reindeers turned to a candy dispenser. Super cool and funny! This will be a great addition to the kitchen.
  6. Santa holiday tie – Santa’s tie might just be the thing you need especially when Christmas costumes are required for a specific event! Perfect for that festive Holiday office attire.
  7. Cupcake flavored mints – These mints will not only freshen your breath, but this will also make you think to go buy a cupcake as well! “Hey sweetie, your breath smells sweet!”
  8. Silly straws – Helpful when needed, these silly straws not only allow you to have your drink, but it amuses you as well.
  9. Hugging salt and pepper shakers – People in the kitchen might just tear up when they see two shakers hugging it out. You can definitely say that love is everywhere, even in these little shakers.
  10. Hamburger kitchen timer – When this 60-minute timer rings, it means your food is ready! This hamburger timer is not edible, though.
  11. Novelty sticky notes –  Remind yourself with these novelty sticky notes with all those things that you have to do!
  12. Nose sharpener – Nose picking went from using your fingers to using your pencils. Now picking a nose is allowed in the classroom!

Funny Stocking Stuffers For All The Bacon Lovers

Bacon Stocking Stuffers! Cool!

Bacon aficionados! This is a great chance for you to check out these mouthwatering items! From toys to everyday items, this will surely satisfy your visual craving for bacon!

  1. Bacon soap in tin – A perfect gift for those people who wants to keep the smell of bacon with them.
  2. Bacon wallet – This might remind you that your money goes to buying and eating bacon.
  3. Bendable bacon action figure – Kids and kids at heart who love bacon might just go crazy when they see this.
  4. Bacon lip balm – Keep your lips mouthwatering with this lip balm.
  5. Bacon air freshener – Retaining the smell of bacon within your area might just trigger you to go eat bacon!
  6. Bacon toilet paper – Bacon is a cleaning helpful agent too, you know?
  7. Bacon duct tape – Who said duct tape can’t be delicious and adhesive at the same time?
  8. Bacon-themed playing cards –Play with this deck of cards and the loser treats the rest with bacon!
  9. Bacon floss – Keep your teeth clean with this dental floss to avoid the dentist!
  10. Bacon body wash – Still can’t get enough of bacon? Get this body wash and douse yourself with it while taking a bath!
  11. Bacon toothpaste – Keep the flavor of bacon within your grasp while keeping those teeth clean and strong!

Just For Fun!

Gag Stocking Stuffers

Keeping a healthy environment requires that people must be happy. And what better way to keep them positive is to give them these amusing funny stocking stuffers for Christmas!

  1. Talking stress ball (doll) – Squeeze to release (internal and or external conflicts within yourself and surroundings).
  2. Wooden barrel coin box – Keep those coins rolling down the box while you’re running down the house.
  3. Brain stress toy – Squeeze a brain to relieve your brain!
  4. Always Positive pregnancy test kit – Not suitable for ages 18 and below.
  5. Fake poop pencil topper – A poop that is very helpful for writers and not disposable.
  6. Fake snakes – The traditional fake snake usually gets the job done. It has scared or startled probably anybody, especially when you least expect a snake would appear.
  7. Self-inflating whoopee cushion – Give them this self-inflating cushion and prepare for a burst of laughter!
  8. Golf ball through a cracked window – Be careful of using this though, old people might get angry because they might think that their window is broken!

Novelty? We Got It Right Here!

Another List of Novelty Stocking Stuffers!

  1. Beer sunglasses – Drink moderately.
  2. Emergency clown nose – The red nose has been attributed as a key feature of a clown. Either they have made their audience happy or made themselves frightening to some.
  3. Pringles can with secret stash – Be careful when sharing your chips, they might find out your secret hiding spot for cash!
  4. Animal butt magnets – Animal lovers might just find these magnets cute.
  5. Canned unicorn meat – A good prank for Christmas involves an invitation to friends for a dinner, while you serve them this canned unicorn meat! They might expect a turkey, so be careful when pranking someone!
  6. Facebook like/dislike stamps – A useful aid for people who validate papers. This made their work more amusing than before.
  7. Money soap – This will make people wonder while washing that they wish they are actually holding real money.
  8. “Pull my finger” farting Santa – If you want to see Santa fart, just pull his finger and he will do the rest.
  9. Severed body parts toy set – A freaky choice for a Christmas gift. But for a perfectly executed prank, this might

Looking for More Stocking Stuffers?

You can also check out our stocking stuffers for the seniors, for men, and for women. If you are looking to add some gastronomically satisfying gifts into their Christmas stockings, you can also choose from this list of food stocking stuffers!