Valentines Day is the time for love. And I am not just talking about your lover, but also your friends and family! If you want to make your friends (single and committed alike) laugh on V-day, I suggest giving them cards that say something beyond the cliche, “Be My Valentine”… in a funny way, of course! Here are some funny Valentines Day cards for your friends.

Valentines Day Cards for Your Friends That Date a Lot

Valentines Day Card for the Friend WIth many Admirers

We all have that one friend that seem to have dates a lot… or that promiscuous friend. Giving them a card like will make them laugh.

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Valentine’s Card for the Bootylicious Friend

Valentines Day Card for the Bootylicious Friend

Got that sexy friend who won’t admit they are a bit narcissistic, too? You can love them with all your butt! Because your butt is bigger than your heart. Also, because the butt is a bit heart shaped right?

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A Card for the Sleazy One

Valentines Day Card for the Sleazy One

That friend of yours that throws sexual innuendos everywhere? You can give them this dirty-sounding Valentines Day card. He/she will love this and make them laugh… and maybe they will take this as an inspiration for their next dirty joke!

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Another Dirty Joke Valentines Day Card

Valentines Day Card for the Sleazy One 2

Well, because Valentines Day is the perfect season to give away cards that have funny, sexy double meanings! Here is another one for you. And the joke there is that she is asking for an umbrella, you dirty minded you.

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This Card is for the Friend With a Temper

Valentines Day Card for the One WIth a Temper

Got that temperament friend who you think is always having their period? Send them this card and poke fun of their temper this V-day without provoking any hostilities! (You just gave them a card, how can you be mad at someone who just greeted you well, right?) They won’t bitch about not getting any V-day greetings from you, that’s for sure!

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A V-day Card for the Shoe-Addicted Friend

Valentines Day Card for the Shoe Addicted Friend

Everyone have that one female friend who has a million shoes but still cannot get enough. If that friend is single and  you like to inject a bit of humor into her surplus of shoes, then get this card. “If only she can find someone who looks at her the way she looks at shoes!” Perfect.

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Valentines Day Card for the Dog Lover or Crazy Cat Person

Valentines Day Card for the Pet Lover Friend

Is their Facebook feed full of pictures of their baby? And by “baby” I mean their kitty or puppy? You can get them this funny card that centers the humor on pets. It takes “heavy petting” in the most literal sense! Funny!

Wait, if you have more than three dogs, is that heavy petting?

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Valentines Greeting Card for the Smart Friend

Valentines Day Card for the Smart Friend

We also have this friend who is a genius at anything that requires brain power. You know, the friend that was always the leader in group projects in school and the one who did all the brain work. You can get them this card, which features a guy that is interested in a woman’s mind and not her body… oops!

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Looking for More V-day Gifts for Friends?

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