Dad is a funny man and he is known for blurting some jokes once in a while.  He is just a jolly man and for some they think he doesn’t take life seriously but who should right?  Nobody gets out of it alive anyway.  Making dad laugh is rewarding also for us and his laugh is also contagious that when he laughs out loud, you would do the same too.  If you are planning to give some non-offensive gag gifts for dad but is totally clueless on what to pick then you better stick around and check out our great finds below. For sure you would enjoy these non-traditional gifts for dad with a hilarious twist!

Chill Pills

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Dad maybe hot headed sometimes especially when he caught in a heavy traffic jam or if the internet is running so slowly. This non-offensive gaga gift for dad is a memorable gift for him to remind him to chill when caught up in a stressful situation. This gag gift comes in a cute container with a lengthy and funny precaution label when to take it.

Don’t Be a Butt Head Hat

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Smoking is one of dad’s guilty pleasures in life. Although we hate how he puffs each cigarette, we just understand his predicament and remind him that it’s bad for his health. This non-offensive gag gift for dad is a way to tell him not to be a butt head literally. This costume hat comes in an over-sized cigarette butt head hat. This would remind him to not be a butt head all the time which he could wear on Halloween or just when he feels like being goofy. There is also this meat head hat for the meat lover or grill loving dads.

Best Farter Ever Shirt

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Do you have a dad who can easily pass out gas especially when he is laughing really hard? Then this non-offensive gag gift for dad would be the best father’s day gift for him. This shirt has the caption: “best farter slashed father ever”. For sure, dad would pass out some gas again when he chuckles as he sees this surprise from you.

Don't Bug Me Cap

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Dad is too busy that he often says: “don’t bug me”. This non-offensive gag gift for dad says his favorite quotation for everyone to see. This “don’t bug me” cap would keep all the lay men and time wasters from bugging dad in the future.

Giant Microbes

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An OC dad hates germs, no wonder he always reminds you to wash your hands as often as you can. Surprise your clean freak dad with these non-offensive gag gifts for dad such as these cute and cuddly giant plush microbes and these infectious disease balls. The giant plush microbes are dad’s worst enemies but he would of course love these because they are so cute and cuddly.

Infectious Disease Balls

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Another gag gift for the OC dad. The infectious disease balls are an innocent looking stress ball but when squeezed, the infectious disease microbes would be seen. It’s like spreading the germs to his hands on each stress squeeze.

Slang Flashcards

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Dad gets frustrated when we talk to him, he is often caught saying: “what are you kids talking about?” Help dad to be updated with the cool kids’ lingo through this non-offensive gag gift for dad on Father’s day. The slang flashcards would speed up dad’s vocabulary with the latest kids’ lingo. In no time, dad will be keeping it real for sure!

Pot n Putt Bathroom Golf

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The Pot n Putt bathroom golf is a non-offensive gag gift for dad is who fond of taking his time in the bathroom. Mom is always caught up telling him, if he is playing golf or something as he literally stays there for a long time. This would also be a great gag gift for the often constipated dad so he can entertain himself while doing his business inside the bathroom.

What’s Your Poo Telling You?

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Dad maybe wondering oftentimes when he sees his poo looking different every day, he is sometimes freaking out if the color looks weird too. Help dad to loosen up a bit and give his worries be put to rest through this non-offensive gag gift that is a hilarious medical book entitled: what’s your poo telling you? It comes with illustrations and medical descriptions from doctors. Advices are also written so dad would not freak out every time his “business” does not look ordinary to him.

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