Do you know someone who loves to cook? Then you can get them one of these super geeky aprons. They are so nice, even non-cooks will be inspired to help around the kitchen just to wear one of these!

Wonder Woman Apron

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Do yo have a wife, girlfriend or mom who seems to do housework effortlessly all the time? Get them a Wonder Woman apron because they are like a superhero who tirelessly (and thanklessly) do stuff to make the house clean and comfortable to live in. They will love this. What a super nice geeky apron!

Batman Apron

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Oh! I did not know the caped crusader can prepare meals too! This Batman apron is a great gift idea for a buddy who always prepare the meals of the gang. This looks cool and is not girly at all! Give him this and maybe he will be inspired to make more complicated snacks. Like tacos. I friggin' love tacos. Wait, tacos are not complicated. Still, I love them.

More Geeky Superhero Aprons for the Guys

Oh look at these!

IronmanSpidermanCaptain America

Tactical Apron

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This is an awesome apron for the guys who love to host weekly barbecue with his buddies! The tactical apron not only looks like a bad-ass tactical vest, but also has quite a few pockets in tactical locations to store barbecue tools like a boss. It looks super cool, it is very functional. Something a man would love!

Sailormoon Apron

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Moon Crystal Power, Make Up! *proceeds to season chicken*

That scenario is only possible if a woman wears this Sailormoon apron. This is perfect for the anime otaku woman, who is also a kitchen otaku. She will enjoy creating sushi or ramen (with naruto of course!) in the kitchen while feeling like Osagi Tsukino, preparing meals between monster battles.

Also, I have no idea why a man is modelling this Sailormoon apron, but it is fabulous.

Supergirl Apron

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Got a geek girl who likes to cook for you? Get her this super cute and preppy Supergirl apron. It is very cute and girly with the ruffles at the bottom. She will love this and will be inspired to cook you a super meal!

Dr. Who TARDIS Apron

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Does the TARDIS even has a kitchen? Maybe not, but this TARDIS apron is such a joy to look at! The recipient can be the next souffle girl (or boy) or be a walking, cooking TARDIS. Whatever they want to pretend they are, they can cook you a nice batch of meal for you for the wonderful gift!

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Gryffindor Apron

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Want to become Harry Potter (or Hermione) of the kitchen? You can wear one of these Gryffindor-inspired aprons. The apron has red and gold color schemes, reminiscent of the Gryffindor official colors. It also bears the Gryffindor seal! Is there such a spell to make really good food? Maybe not but a Harry Potter fan will be inspired to whip you up a batch of treacle tart or a snitch-shaped cake for this wonderful gift!

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Do you not want to be amongst the brave? You can also get the aprons of the other Hogwarts houses.

Link (from Legend of Zelda) Apron

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It is dangerous to go to the kitchen! Take this. *gives apron*

This apron looks super cool! This is perfect for the geekiest of gamer guys who also are a master of the kitchen. This looks very much like Link's costume and is very nerdy cool. Might start guys into compulsively smashing pots, but that is not assured.

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