Geeks unite! Geeky stuff has been getting popular lately and geeky shirts, aprons, toys and bedroom decors has been making rounds in the internet. Want a geeky hat for your upcoming ski trip? Here are some geeky beanie hats you should be wearing loud and proud!

On the intro photo: Knight beanie hat, black version (1st on this list)

Knight Beanie

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No need to go to Great Britain to get blessed with Knighthood by a queen with a sword. All you have to do is buy one of these super cool geeky beanie hats and voila! Instant knighthood. It even comes with a movable visor so you can use it as a face mask. Very nerdy!

Viking Beanie

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The Viking hat is one of the most awesome I have seen hats in TV shows. Well, you can actually buy one as a winter hat with this viking beanie hat. It even comes with a matching beard. Warning: might cause wearers to prefer huge weapons and pillage villages.

Team Rocket Beanie

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Prepare for trouble! Make it double!

The Team Rocket characters in the Pokemon games beanie hats along with their ubiquitous uniform. You can grab the beanie hat from this shop at Etsy and start stealing Pokemon! Well, you can also just play your favorite Pokemon game wearing this cool geeky beanie hat.

Jake the Dog Beanie

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If you liked the randomness of Adventure Time, then you would be glad to see that you can wear Jake the Dog on your head! maybe some of that randomness will sink into your head! Note: Unlike Jake the Dog, this beanie hat is not stretchable and cannot morph into different things!

Gryffindor Winter Hat

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Potterheads will be happy to see that the House winter hats of Hogwarts are also available. You can choose to become the Gryffindor, the house of the brave, with their red and gold color scheme and emblem. You can also choose the other house hats as they are also available. Aloha Mora!

Cthulhu Beanie

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Who would have though that the character created by HP Lovecraft can be so popular. Part man, part octopus, part dragon, this horror character had inspired many characters in pop culture. You can wear Cthulhu's face using beanie. Actually, this is a whole face cover, but who cares? You can trot around looking like a squid-man thing.

Dalek Beanie

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Those who watch Dr. Who would recognize what these beanie hats are: Dalek. This white Dalek is not really a robotic alien but a super geeky fashion accessory especially created for the devoted Whovians. Red and blue versions are also available!

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Totoro Beanie

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Totoro is one of the most popular anime characters! Who would have thought this guy was created 28 years ago? Well, anyway, you can also wear Totoro on your head with this super cute knitted beanie from Etsy. Totoro is missing his leaf, though.

Princess Leia Beanie

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So subtle, yet so cool! This beanie hat is not over the top, but the buns on the side is obvious: this beanie hat refers to princess Leia! Side hair buns, check. All you need is a white robe and a gun.

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