It may not sound right when you see plain or ordinary objects and items inside a nerd’s home.  As we know, nerds and geeks are one of a kind for they have a high level of intelligence than most of us.  Their kitchen is not an exemption to their choices, even their kitchen bowls are nerdy and geeky in nature.  And because of this, we have handpicked the top geeky food bowls for your highly esteemed friend on the list.  Check them out below for your perusal.

Forest Ceramic Bear Mixing Bowl

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Nerds have a lot of things to talk about and this mid-19th century inspired mixing bowl is the best gift idea for the nerdy kitchen. This mixing bowl is made of ceramic with intricately designed forest scene that is patterned and inspired by folk tales of the mid-19th century. This mixing bowl is certainly and added aesthetic design in the kitchen with a story to tell. It is made of highly durable materials that is made to last for years.

Computer Circuit Bowl

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Who would have thought that you can use a computer circuit board to create a mixing bowl? Well, geeky as it may sound but this geeky mixing bowl is made using a computer circuit board as a paddle to create and impress the soft clay. Any nerd or geek would certainly be delighted to have this in their very own kitchen.

"Early American" Mixing Bowl

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When it comes to vintage look and design, any nerdy fellow would certainly go gaga over a piece of art that would remind them of such ancient history. This mixing bowl is a special one for it is embossed with early American legacy as a design. As a nerd by heart, you would be delighted to have this in your kitchen as it showcases the beauty of ancient America. This would be a great conversation starter when you have hosted a party or dinner for all your geeky and nerdy friends.

Shark Attack Bowl

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Don’t let your kitchen be a haven of white sharks, well if would house your nibblers then that’s a different story! This shark attack bowl would make your shark parties more fun and let your geeky friends enjoy some goldfish crackers served on the wide mouth of this shark. You need not to run for your lives when you get to see a big mouthed shark on the loose, especially when you see it in your geeky kitchen!

Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl

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This Elodie unicorn ramen bowl is a mythical gift that can cater your tasty ramen. Any geeky dude who is a great fan of unicorns would be delighted and feel loved when they get to receive this as a present. This unicorn ramen bowl is also great for sharing! This one of a kind unicorn bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe too.

Star Wars R2-D2 Bowls

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Mix ingredients, serve nibblers or eat on these beep beep bowls inspired by Star Wars’ R2 D2. These bowls may not beep but these would certainly beep and budge in any Star Wars’ fanatic. This would certainly be a show stopper when you get to serve your geeky friends some goodies as you watch your favorite Star Wars fleek altogether!

Zombie Bowl

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Zombies are known to eat some brains but have you ever thought of eating their brain as well? Funny as it may sound but this zombie bowl is sort of giving you the impression of eating a zombie’s brain. Any nerdy fellow would find it amusing and entertaining to make believe that you are empowered and eating this zombie’s brain! This zombie bowl is made to let you have your revenge and take charge of those zombies!

Octopus Sculpted Ceramic Bowl

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Get kraken and let this cephalopod serve you and your geeky family some nibblers and edible goodies for your feast! This one of a kind ceramic bowl showcases the kraken as it hugs the bowl that you are feasting on.

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