Ghost in the Shell is one of the most iconic Japanese manga which has had a lot of versions and adaptations ever since it was first released. The latest adaptation of the manga is set to be shown on the big screen this 2017. According to the creators, it will be having a new flavors for the reason that new scenes are storylines were added for it to be seen in a different perspective this time.

The story is set on a futuristic timeline, which has advanced technology. In the movie, everyone’s brain is interconnected with the internet, which explains why others are able to hack someone’s memories. Once a brain Is hacked, a person can easily delete, change or create a new memory. An organization called Section 9 is created to prevent the ghost-hacking from happening.

If you are looking for Ghost in the Shell gifts, here is the compilation of the items which will help you make up your mind.

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Artwork

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This is an art print showing Scarlett Johansson as the female lead of the Ghost in the Shell movie adaptation. The artwork is printed using original LUCIA EX inks to ensure the rich color and perfect quality of the image. It was also printed on a Luster 290 g/m² premium photo paper. This will be a perfect gift to a fan who loves fanart. Your recipient will surely appreciate the thought and the effort you exerted to look for such a wonderful gift.

Ghost in the Shell Anime Shirt

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It is a shirt made from hundred percent ringspun cotton material and printed with the logo of the new 2017 movie adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. This shirt is available both on black and white only. If you are looking for something that your recipient can wear on the day of the movie’s showing on theaters, this is the perfect clothing wear to get for them. Since this has the design of their most loved movie, they will surely appreciate your gesture. Also, this will be their newest favorite shirt!

Major's Thermoptic Pistol Replica

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This is an exact replica pistol of Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell movie. It is made from PLA plastic and 3D printed at 20% infill. It comes in 8.5 inches for its size and its color may vary from Black, White and silver. If your recipient is a little bit on the evil side of the movie, this is the perfect gift that you can give to them. Using this, pistol replica, they will be able to imagine that they are a part of Major Kusanagi’s army.

Ghost in the Shell DVD

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It is a special edition DVD copy of Ghost in the Shell anime live action in Japanese language. This DVD copy will be an ideal gift for a fanatic who is collecting all sorts of items related to the movie. Aside from this will be a wonderful addition for their collection, they will also be able to relive some of the best versions this special edition has.

Laughing Man Badge

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This is a special wall decoration made from Birch wood and painted in black. It has the Laughing Man logo, engraved using laser. If you are looking for a wall decoration that your special someone will be glad to hang in their room, this is the answer to your prayers. The chic design of this wood decoration is ideal enough and assured to last for a long period of time, if well taken care of.

Hand Painted Destiny Crimson Days

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It is collector’s item made from PLA, PET and T. Glase. To add it up, it is handmade and includes an LED powdered light inside. Your recipient is not a true fanatic if he/she doesn’t have their own Destiny Ghost to be displayed in their desks. If your special someone doesn’t own this just yet, you can make the initiative and surprise them with this creative fanart. They will surely love this ghost model, and you, of course.

Ghost in the Shell Manga

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This is the first edition of the Ghost in the Shell manga comics which was released last 2009. It is available in paperback. The best collector’s item for a Ghost fan to have is nothing else but the manga. Considering that this is a first edition, this is extra special and much more valuable to fans.

Laughing Man Key RIng

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It is a key ring made from leather which is engraved with the design of the Laughing Man logo, and comes with nickel fittings. If you are searching for a gift which they will be able to make use of in their day to day lives, this one will surely suit their taste.

Motoko Kusanagi ArtFX J Statue

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This is the action figure of Motoko Kusanagi which is approximately 6.5 inches and weighs in about a pound. It is perfect for display and has intricate sculpted detail. Action figures are one of the best gifts a fanatic will ever receive. By giving them one of these, they will be able to enjoy their fandom even more because of this new addition to their collection.

Laughing Man Belt

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It is a belt made from metal and canvas, measuring approximately fifty two inches and comes in black and blue color with the print of the laughing man logo in the middle. If you are looking for a stylish accessory especially for men that are still related to their fandom, this is the perfect gift idea aside from key chains and other accessories. The laughing man logo in the middle of their belt will be a design that will make them stand out from the rest.

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