Boys who turned thirteen are in between teenage and tween. He is a bit confused on what is starting to happen in his body, since puberty starts to kick in as this age for most boys. He is a bit torn between his boyhood toys and girls. He is also very moody, as the chemistry of his body is changing. If a boy just turned thirteen, then worry not! Here are some gift ideas for 13 year old teen boys that I have compiled as your guide to satisfy this angry stage of a boy’s life.

Nice Smelling Cologne To Boost His Confidence

Cool Gift for 13 Year Olds

Boys at this age are starting to like and show off with the girls, but at the same time are feeling a bit conscious about themselves. Help your budding teenager by boosting his confidence (which will help him later in life). How about a nice cologne? This will give him a bit of confidence boost to say hi to that girl he likes.

I like when Cool Water I was younger because it did smell great but without being too overpowering or being overly musky and manly (which I smelled from dad and older brother).

Science Toys for 13 Year Old Boys

These will make awesome Christmas gift ideas for tween boys

Science-oriented toys are a huge hit for many intelligent teenage guys. If your growing man is on the smart side who is fascinated with science, then you might want to get him one of my cool selections below:

Crystal Growing KitMagnet ScienceSolar Robots Kit


RC Toys Make Awesome Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

Remote controlled toys are quite popular with young teenagers (and even some adult males) too so you can get him one of the more powerful RC toys that he can play with his best buddies. Here are some of my suggestions:

RC Helicopter with GyroRC Battle TanksRC Truck


How About a Quadcopter?

What a cool gadget gift for a teen guy!

Teenage boys are drooling about owning a quadcopter. Get him one. I found that UDI U818A is the best quadcopter for beginners so you might want to start him at that! It can even capture an HD video that helps in getting those precious videos he can brag with his friends on Facebook!

Tech Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

Teenage boys just love tech gadgets! You can get him a new tablet or phone holder (for usage in his bedroom), a new techy speaker set (for music geeks) or a new smartwatch (he will be the envy of his pals). Boys at this age start to drool over tech, so he will be ecstatic when he opens his gift box to find one of these.

Phone or Tablet Holder for BedroomsLight Up Dancing Fountain SpeakersSweatproof Smartwatch


13 Year Old Teen Guys Like Music!

Music Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys!

Teenage guys adore music! Music is an way for young men’s bonding and a way to woo girls he like. You got a music lover? You can get him a pair of Beats Headphones, an iPod shuffle or an iTunes gift card.

Beats Studio Wireless Gold and Pill 2.0iPod ShuffleiTunes Gift Card


Some Stuff for a 13 Year Old Guy’s Bedroom

Your boy is not a child anymore! He is starting to ditch the kiddie bedroom stuff that he has in his bedroom and starting to sway into the more teenage-like decorations. Most guys like decors that have a reference to music, movies or video games.

For video games, I have created a list of video gaming bedroom gift ideas, so you might want to check that out.

Here are some music and movies bedroom stuff:

Guitars Bedroom DecalMusic MirrorsMusic Hook RackJames Bond Vinyl ClockTransformers Canvass ArtPredator Wall Art


Huge Lego Sets Will Make Him the Envy of His Friends

While they are not kids anymore, they will never outgrow their fixation to their Legos. Why not get him a huge Lego set that creates iconic structures? Something like this Lego set that creates a Death Star (from Start Wars).

This is super awesome and badass. Building this is also a nice mental and focus exercise for him. Building this also helps pass the time.

Humorous Statement Shirts Are Awesome!

You can show your thirteen year old boy that you also have a sense of humor! Give him some statement shirts that have a funny message. He will love wearing these comfy, funny shirts!

Keep Calm and Play Video GamesDear Math, I am not a therapistBe Yourself, Rhino


Nerf Guns are Very Cool!

You can also buy him a Nerf Gun! Your boy will love you for it as this toy will let him terrorize his best buddies from afar. If they have Nerf Guns on their own, they can play pretend war!

Fashion Accessories for a 13 Year Old Boy

You can get him some accessories that he can use everyday like a wristwatch (get a nice sports watch like this awesome yellow watch), a cool, manly pendant necklace or a newsboy cap.

Yellow Sports WatchPendant Necklace for Teen BoysNewsboy Cap

Looking for More Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys?

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