Your little princess isn’t so little anymore. Look at her growing up all by herself. Suddenly, she’s not that tiny tot who fell off her bike when you took away the training wheels for the first time. She’s now almost eleven years old, and eleven is such a pivotal year for little girls at that age.

This is the year these little girls are almost young adults, yet they’re still incredibly tied to their childhood selves. They’re learning that their bodies might be changing or that their friends are starting to like different things. They find themselves wanting to act older yet keep in touch with their younger fun-loving selves.

If you’re having a tough time deciding what to get them, worry not. We understand. That’s why if you have a little girl in the family who’s turning eleven years old soon, you might want to check through this list to see all the great gift ideas for 11 year old tween girls that you can give on birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion year-round!

Onesie Pajamas

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Your little girl is going to want to look awesome with her friends when they go on slumber parties. What better gift to give than some cute onesie pajamas for the next time she stays over at a friend’s house? She’ll surely be the apple of everyone’s eye!

Gummy Candy Maker

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By eleven years old, your princess will be a little too big for her usual toys, but who says you can’t give her a fun activity for her and her friends? A gummy candy maker will give her something fun to do – with some sweet surprises at the end of it all.

Hair Style Book

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Your little girl is growing up. Soon, she’s going to want to learn all these different hair styling tips that she can do without Mommy or Daddy’s help. Why not get her a book on hairstyling? That’ll surely be a fun pastime she can share with her friends!

Nail Styling Kit

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This gift idea is another cool thing little girls can do either by themselves, with family, or with friends! Free time gets a little more colorful when you put nail polish kits in the mix. Let your little girl express herself while letting her look fabulous!

Cute Pillows for Slumber Parties

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As she gets older, your princess is going to want to invite her friends over to her room for some slumber parties. Why don’t you prepare for the occasion by giving her some ultra-cute pillows to complete the mood for her next slumber party? Pillows are practical – why stop there? Get one of the cutest ones you find!

Trendy Shoe Laces

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Your little girl is going to discover her own style soon. Why don’t you help her out by giving her some trendy glow-in-the-dark shoe laces for her next camping trip or dance class? She’ll surely be the kid with the coolest kicks with laces like these!

Make-A-Bracelet Set

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DIY bracelets never go out of style for little girls! This is a fun way to bond with that special growing girl in your life while giving her the moment to be the most creative she can be. She’s going to want to make things for her friends – why not encourage her to start with some super cute bracelets she made herself?

Monster High Playset

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Your little princess isn’t too old for toys if they’re toys that get her thinking about high school in a couple years. Cherish her final years as a teeny tot by rewarding her with one last amazing toy to remind her of a great childhood: a Monster High playset! She’ll surely look back and remember how awesome her tween years were.

Brainbox Board Game for Slumber Parties

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Who says slumber parties have to be all about braids and bracelets? They can be extra fun when you put a super interesting board game into the mix. Bonus: this can be a game for the whole family! At this age, your little girl will want all the attention she can get from both friends and family. Board games are one of the best activities to foster that need of hers.

Doodle Journal

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When she reaches this age, journaling becomes almost a necessity. Make things more interesting and fun for her by giving your princess a doodle journal where she’s free to draw, to sketch, to write and to do basically anything while recording her most precious memories. She’ll also surely be a trendsetter with this cool new gift!

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