Even though everyone goes through the somewhat-dreaded teenage years, it’s still tricky to find out what gifts to give to kids who just entered this new phase of their lives. Teens have got a whole world on their own, and for a girl, this time in her life is particularly a pivotal one.

She’ll be discovering changes in her attitude, in her body, in her likes and dislikes. She’s going to seek social acceptance from friends and peers. She’s going to want to spread her wings on her own, but she knows she still needs her parents by her side. There may be some awkward stages at this point of her life, especially dealing with a changing body, but deep down, she’s still that sweet little girl who’s in the process of discovering herself.

If you’ve got a little lady turning into a teenager soon, then you’re going to want to give her the best gifts to make her entrance into the teenage world a memorable one.

Check out these great gift ideas for 13 year old girls.

Her First Smartphone (Try The LG G Stylo)

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Now that your teen will soon be going off on her own with friends to the mall and to parties, she’ll need her own smartphone. She’s going to want to have to be at par with her friends who are calling and texting each other, using apps, and taking pictures all from their smartphones. Give her the ease of staying in touch with friends and family by giving her her very first smartphone.

For the Artist: Calligraphy Pen Set

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Your teenage girl might be the type to want to try new things to discover more talents she can share with the world. If your princess has got that natural talent for all things art, then why not gift her with a set of calligraphy pens to fill her spare time with?

For the Gadget Savvy Adventurer: Digital Camera

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Some girls will find out that they love to go around traveling and chronicling their journeys. If this sounds like something your little lady is going to love someday soon – or if you just want to give your kid a new, fascinating hobby – then a digital camera is one of the sleekest things you can get her. Watch her snap away at her favorite memories!

For the Music-Lover: Guitar

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You might just have the next Taylor Swift at your hands. Why don’t you get your young lady a guitar to let her sing her heart out? So many little girls want to get into new talents and skills, especially for those talent shows. Your teen might love music, so why not give her something she can try her hand at?

Bejeweled Earrings

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Your little princess is turning into a queen! Make her feel like one when you give her a pair of bejeweled earrings she can wear anywhere she goes. Girls at this age will already want to discover how to make themselves look pretty, and earrings will be one of the best accessories to draw attention to her blooming face.

Make Up Organizer

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You’re going to notice your teen getting into makeup. It could be powder or blush now, but soon, it’ll be mascara and eyeliner and who-knows what else. Make it easy for your girl to keep her newest collections and gifts from relatives and friends organized by getting her a make-up organizer.

Toiletry Kit

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You can never go wrong with toiletry kits for blossoming young ladies. As they leave home, they’ll be wanting to bring around items to keep them clean and fresh the entire day. Whether it’s school or band practice, a toiletry kit in the bag will be a welcome gift for your growing lady.

Nail Art Set

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Your little girl is going to want to impress her friends with some awesome nail art. These are also things she and her group of peers will get to bond over during slumber parties or study groups. Your teen is going to want to look trendy and hip with her very own nail polish that’s right on point!

Sun Dress

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As she grows into her new body, she might find her old clothes don’t fit her like they used to. She’ll need a wardrobe that really brings out her beauty. Sun dresses are some of the best items of clothing every girl at any age should have. They’re going to feel beautiful in their sun dresses, and who knows? They might just impress that special someone!

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