Girls grow up so fast, don’t they? Last year, they were entering their first year as a teenager and now they’re finally turning fourteen soon! The teenage years of any girl are such important years for her. They’re the years she develops friends for life. They’re the years she learns more about herself and the people around her.

She’s probably going to be thinking about high school and all the amazing moments waiting for her. One thing is for sure: your princess is a little lady! She’s going to be thinking about boys, about prom, about growing up – and she’ll discover things about these all on her own too. Seems only yesterday she was asking you to teach her how to ride a bike!

If you’ve got a girl turning fourteen, you ought to get her gifts that will help her get through her last year in middle school. Whether it’s birthdays, Christmas, or graduation, these gifts will surely have a special place in your soon-to-be fourteen-year-old’s heart!

Here is our collection of gift ideas for 14 year old girls.

A New Laptop Computer

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This makes a great gift for teens in this day and age. A laptop can be used for such practical and fun things for your teenage girl. She’ll be thinking about high school soon, and what better tool to give her than a laptop that will be her best buddy when she’s conquering all that school work? Plus, a laptop will give her all these cool apps to help her discover new things all on her own!

Coloring Book for Adults

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Who said coloring books had to be for tiny tots? Your teen can still enjoy all these adult coloring books. She’ll want to express her creativity and de-stress a little after school. Art is one of the best gifts to give a budding young girl. If she brings this gift to school, she’ll surely be a trendsetter among her peers!

MP3 Player

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Teenage girls love their music! That’s why an MP3 will definitely make it to the list of things fourteen-year-old girls will carry everywhere they go. Your teen is discovering more about their tastes, and music helps them discover more about themselves in the process. Why not give them a place to play all their favorite music from? They’ll surely thank you for this great gadget!

Cute Flash Drive

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A flash drive is one of the most useful things a student can have. But why stop there? Get a cute character flash drive for your little girl to keep her in touch with her childhood! While teen girls always seem like they’re growing up too fast, she still has that inner six-year-old toddler in her. Mix practicality with nostalgia with this amazing gift!

Cute Luggage for Traveling

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Gift your little girl with some stylish luggage for your next trip! These are things she can bring with her to camp, since they’ll be begging you to go to one by this age. Might as well give her luggage that puts her in the limelight, right? Plus, it never hurts to get anything cute!

Just Dance 4

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If you’ve got a Wii or PlayStation, your teen will definitely love this game. Girls love to dance, and who knows? She might discover she’s the next dancing queen! At this age, most teen girls are getting into new hobbies, and dancing might just be one of them. Help her discover her likes and dislikes by giving a fun way to relax with friends and family!

Washi Tape Colection

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At this age, your teen is discovering more about herself. Sometimes they look for things that will let people know her identity. Washi tapes are one of them! They come in all sorts of styles – from classy to cute to rustic – that bring out any and every personality style of teen girls out there. Get your girl started on what could be a great future collection!

Crochet / Knitting Set

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Your girl might be aching to try out some new creative things. Knitting is definitely one of those unique things that’ll set her apart from all her friends! She’ll also want gift ideas for her friends’ birthdays or Christmas presents. Let her know she can make all sorts of cool knitted stuff for her friends and family while learning a cool new skill while she’s at it!

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