Fourteen year olds are starting to get used to puberty. While they are still angsty and self-conscious, these feeling are starting to get less and less as they are ushered outside puberty and into adulthood.

Your fourteen year old boy is no different. He may start to approach girls and create bands of his best mates. They also want to be liked and would want to fit in. This does not mean he is over his toys though. You will still find that some toys still pique his interests.

If you have a fourteen year old guy, then take a look at this list. This list of gift ideas for 14 year old boys will be great for his birthday, Christmas or as a treat for a great job.

A New iPod Nano

Young teenage guys love music, even to the obsessive levels! If you can get him a new music player will make him jump for joy!

If you can get him an iPod Nano then that will be great! iPods are the gold of MP3 players and he will definitely be the envy of his friends when you get him one for his music.

Get Him a Nintendo 3DS XL

Video Game Gifts for 14 Year Old Teen Boys

Many teen guys love video games! However, they are always on the go, too. What do you do then? You can get him a Nintendo 3DS XL so he can play his video games whenever he is on his bus ride to school or when he is having a lunch break.

Who knows, he might have been dreaming of owning a 3DS, he just is too shy to ask you!

Get Him Creative With Build-a-Robot Kits

Building robots are getting popular because boys get busy and find these fascinating all while getting his creative juices flowing and having him interested in science. After building his bot, he can then play with the thing with his friends, creating bonding moments with his best buddies.

Here are some cool build-a-robot kit that we like:

DIY Arm RobotMakeblock Robot4-in-1 Solar Robot


When it Comes to Robots, Cubelets Modular Robotics Kit are the Best!


If you want to make his robot even more special with lots and lots of possibilities to make and take apart his robot, then you should get him Cubelets. Cubelets Modular Robotics Kit is a robot that is divided into different modules that can connect to each other. Since it is modular, the possibilities of what he can do with it are endless. Think of it as a robot Lego set. that’s how awesome Cubelets is.

Crafts and DIY Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

Stimulating your teen boy’s thinking can be done with crafts and DIY kits. There are craft kits that are specially designed for young teens, which are not too tough but not too easy either. Here are some useful and fun crafts kit and guides for your teen guy:

Backyard Ballistics (Book)Build Your Own Boat In A Bottle Model Kit Herb LED Indoor Gaden Kit


RC Helicopters

Remote Controlled Toys Make Great Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

Young men are very fascinated with gadgets. Specially the electronic toy gadgets. Young men’s toys are usually RC helicopters which they can fly and control with a pecial controller or even an iPhone. Here are some of the best:

Syma HelicopterGT Extra Large RC HelicopterAir Hogs Fury Jump Jet RC Helicopter


A Quadcopter is Also Quite Popular for Young Teen Boys

Quadcopters with video recording are also quite popular nowadays. While I do not recommend getting a very expensive and complicated drone or quad for your boy, you should still get him an inexpensive, beginner friendly quadcopter. Something like the U818A-HD quad, which does not have all the features of hobbyist quads, but still looks pretty cool and takes impressive videos and pictures.

How About a Cool Theft-Proof Backpack?

With all the gadget he is carrying plus all his school stuff, you should ensure the safety of his things. You should get him a theft-proof backpack, so you can breathe easy thinking your child is safe.

Skateboards are Also a Great Gift Idea

A lot of young teenage guys like to ride skateboards because these look cool and are very efficient in traveling small distances in very short periods of time. Get him this cool looking skateboard and he won’t have to walk to school!

Fingerboards are Also Nice

A skateboarding enthusiast will also find that finger boarding is very similar, only you use your fingers in making those stunts. Get him a fingerboard so he can do those tricks if it is raining outside. This is a cool alternative if you find skateboarding sports too risky.

A New Video Gaming Console Will Make Him Jump for Joy!

Since young teen guys are very obsessed with video games, you can also get him a new PS4 or an xBox One. This will be their favorite toy, I promise you!

Playstation 4Xbox One


Get Him a New Hoodie and Some Jeans

For fashion gifts, you can get your fourteen year old teen guy a nice hoodie. Hoodies are a guy’s favorite article of clothing because these look cool and these are very comfortable to wear. Throw in a comfy pair of jeans to complete the outfit.

Model Trains Will Get Him Busy!


You can also get him involved in building model trains. Something like this Bachmann Rail Chief Model Train Set. Toy trains are not for kids anymore since a model train like this takes time to build and is quite complicated. It is a work of art once it is finished, though!

Looking for More Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys?

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