Wasn’t it just yesterday when your little princess first went to kindergarten? Now she’s on her way to high school! Fifteen is such an important year for girls, especially because this is the start of their high school lives. They will surely have a lot of important growing up moments by this age.

At fifteen, your little girl is turning into a fine young lady. She’ll be thinking about hair and clothes, make up, and even boys! Prom will be just around the corner, and she’s going to be thinking about the most perfect night of her high school life.

She’s probably already accepted the changes in her body, yet she’s still finding her place in the world. She’s learning more about life, about herself, and about her friends. She’s going to want to hang on to friends who will make her high school life enjoyable, and you might notice she’s striving to be an independent young lady. With all this, what gifts could possibly be perfect for fifteen-year-old high school girls?

Here are our picks for gift ideas for 15 year old girls.

Instax Mini Camera

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The more she hangs out with her friends, goes out to school events and parties, or sees the world outside the one she’s always known, it’s great to have something by her side to capture the memories. An Instax Mini by Fuji is a girl’s best companion for its size and ease of creating instant photos she can put in her wallet or stick on her room!

Kindle Fire

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This tech-savvy generation can’t seem to live without their tablets! These gadgets are especially useful for their size and features. Your growing lady will be going off on fieldtrips or hanging out with an older crowd. A tablet is one of the best ways to equip her for easy picture-taking, app-usage, and overall techy convenience!

Photo Mobile

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Teenage girls love decorating their rooms! Why don’t you give your fifteen-year-old some extra ideas by gifting her with a photo mobile? It’s a cool room accessory that lets her display all her favorite memories in the cutest, trendiest way possible! Friends who come over to her room will want their own once they see this!

Stationery Sets

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Stationery is a girl’s best friend. Just because everything is now digital doesn’t mean we can’t go back to the classic pen and paper for writing to friends and loved ones! Your teen is going to learn that there’s nothing quite like writing letters on paper – especially for that special someone in her life. Who knows? She might just start a stationery set collection with this awesome gift!

A Classic Mystery Book Series

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Teenage girls love to read, but why don’t you give your girl something interesting and fun? Mystery book series are classic and mind-boggling, fueling her creativity and innovativeness. She’ll want new books to swap with friends or talk about with peers – and mystery series will definitely always be an in thing!


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As your girl grows up, she’s going to want to find ways to help her get to know herself. Music is one of the best ways for a teen to do just that. That’s why giving her an iPod will definitely be a treasured gift because she can store all her favorite songs inside. When she doesn’t have to share the radio or computer with her siblings, an iPod is one of the coolest things a girl can have in her possession.

USB Necklace

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High school has a lot of work! Make it easy for your teen to work on her school requirements by giving her a USB. And not just any USB – get her one in the form of a pretty necklace she can use everyday! You’re already hitting two birds with one stone in this one: trendy style and practical items!

Keepsake Box

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High school will be full of memories. That’s why you should give your girl a place to store all these memories. A cute keepsake box to go with her room decorations should do the trick! There are all sorts of trendy styles to choose from, so every personality can shine through. You can get small ones for her desk or even big ones for her to store underneath her bed. When she looks back at all the memories she’s had, she’ll surely thank you for giving her a pretty box to store them in!

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