Your boy is growing up! He is nearing the end of his puberty and is starting to be less confused and angry about his bodily changes. Less angst means less conflicts with his parents, too!

Your guy might start to notice, talk and flirt with the girls. Some fifteen year old boys might already have a girlfriend! He will also have already a band of friends he likes to hand out with. One thing that is constant, though, is the need to be liked.

Do you have a man who just turned fifteen? Is his 15th birthday coming? Looking for gift ideas? Fret not. Here are some gift ideas for 15 year old boys.

Cool Sports Watches for Fashion!

Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BVGearBest I5 PlusPolar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

Guys at this age are self conscious on how they look, especially that they are already trying to impress the opposite sex. Sports watches look really nice and will always look nice with casual clothes and they will withstand a teenage guy’s active lifestyle. You cannot discount the fact that most sports watches are very functional, too!

Noise Cancelling Headsets for Full Music Experience

Young men at this stage are very obsessed with music! For a full music experience, you can get your teenage guy a pair of noise cancelling headsets. He will be astounded to hear each and every beat, riff and bass that ordinary headsets cannot offer.

Teen Guy Fashion Accessories

Gemstone NecklaceBuddist Prayer BeadsFunky Colorful Socks


Since he is trying to look good for the girls, you can also gift him some fashion accessories fit for a young man. Some ideas can be a nice manly necklace, a cool wooden bead bracelet or some funky, playful socks.

Outdoor Toys He Can Play With His Best Buddies

Portable Basketball RingNerf GunStomp Rocket

Young teen men are always outside playing with his friends! Add more outside toys so he and his best buddies will not get bored.

Some ideas could be a new basketball hoop, a Nerf gun or Stomp Rocket.

With gift ideas like these, you will be sure that your teenage guy will get enough sun and exercise outside. Very cool gift idea indeed!

How About a Cool UAV Drone?

Lots of young men think UAV drones look very cool and would like to own one. If you have the budget, I recommend Follow Me Sports Drone. It is a very high tech piece of drone, very sturdy and has a lot of bells and whistles that will keep your young man very entertained for years.

Ride-on Toys for Grown Up Boys

Ride-on toys are super popular right now and your man will be very happy to get one of these crazy karts as a gift. This is even more special if he plays Mario Kart. If his pals have karts too, they can play around the block for even more wholesome bonding.

One prime product I have in mind is the Drifter Ground Force, which looks and drives too cool not to have fun with. It runs via battery pack you can recharge at home but runs quite fast! Be sure to buy your young man some safety gears, too!

Cologne Fit for Young, Energetic Men

YardleyHalzton Z-14Lucky You

I don’t know about you but when I was a teenager, I was very self conscious on how I look and smell. It will be very embarrassing if a teenage guy approaches a girl and he stinks, no? Thank god for colognes! Pick the citrusy colognes because these smell good for young men.

Portable Handheld Gaming Gadgets to Keep Him Entertained

Nintendo 3DSPXPXD RK3288


Is he a video gaming enthusiast? You should get him a portable gaming device, then! A young guy cannot get enough gaming especially boring moments like a long trip, a wait in the train station or Math class (just kidding!).

Harmless Prank Toys

Nail Through FingerSnakes in Mixed Nuts CanAlien Chestburster Plush

Guys at this age love to run around and play jokes on his friends. As long as jokes and pranks are harmless and does not hurt (emotional or physically), endanger or put another person in embarrassing or inconvenient situations, these should be good, clean, wholesome fun.

Cool, Gimmicky Speakers for His Computers

His computer is his companion when it comes to playing, researching or music, so get him a nice computer accessory. How about a computer speaker that has bells and whistles that will impress anyone who enters his room?

Any bachelor has a lava lamp in his room, so get him one…. That also doubles as a speaker set! This lava lamp speakers also run via Bluetooth, so it is as portable as it is cool. Retro and useful and cool.

Looking for More Gift Ideas for 15 Year Old Boys?

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