A your boy approaches adulthood, he is now getting some control of his emotions and is getting calmer than he was a few years back. However, teen guys of this age are still inexperienced in dealing with difficult situations or people.

Guys at 17 years old also have a much stable band of friends and usually, the friends he has at this age will be his friends when he enters adulthood and when he gets old.

If you have a boy who is going to celebrate his 17th birthday or you just have a 17 year old who you want to surprise, then take a look at this list of gift ideas for 17 year old boys.

Racing Drones He Can Play With His Buddies

Guys of this age have a huge interest in tech toys. Your young man is no different! You can get his a nice racing drone, which he can use to play with his best buds around town.

One racing drone I like is the Eachine Racer, which looks very cool and is very sturdy to boot! I have tested this and dropped it several times and is still working super well.

Toys like these will make him jump for joy!

Subscription to Men’s Health

Many teenage boys of this age are very health conscious. You can get him a year’s worth of subscription to Men’s Health which not only discusses physical health, but also mental, sexual and it also teaches life skills which your young man should learn.

Comfortable Hoodies are a Must

Rocky Zip HoodieChampion Men’s Full-zip Eco Fleece Hoodie

With all school, play and work, a wardrobe full of comfortable clothes is a must have! Get him a comfy hoodie to keep him warm when outside. Try to get the hoodies that look plain or have a nice mature design, as he already outgrew the colorful anime characters and tribal signs.

A Nice Pair of Pants Will Be Great!

You can also get him a nice pair of pants that will go with that hoodie you brought! Jeans are forever, but he probably has a lot of those already. Why not get him a nice pair of casual cargo pants? He will enjoy the loose and comfy fit of “six-pocket” pants.

A Pair of New Loafers

He has got his sneakers, his basketball shoes and his running shoes. Those are fine and dandy, but a young man needs more style than sport-oriented shoes. Get him a nice pair of loafers so he can mix and match his clothes better (for the ladies!).

Get Him a Nice, Classic Silver Watch

In tune with giving him adult clothes, you should also give him more mature fashion accessories. Add a bit of class into his wardrobe with a classic silver watch, which will go with almost any casual clothes. This will work well in conjunction to the loafers above. Both are dressy and casual at the same time.

This chronograph silver wristwatch from Voeons will look very nice on young men such as your teenage guy. It has that leather strap that makes it look not too dressy but still looks classically good at the same time.

A New High-End Laptop for Study and Play

A Nice Birthday Gift Idea for 17 Year Old Boy

A good computer (and an internet connection) is a necessity to get some school work done nowadays. You can surprise him a new computer that he can use for both work and video gaming! Make it a laptop because a laptop is very portable and he goes out of the house a lot. A laptop is also very useful for his upcoming college years!

I use the ASUS Zenbook right now and I am very satisfied with it’s performance. It can run most of the latest software and games plus, it is very suitable for mutitasking jobs.

Edible Gifts are Also Appreciated!

Makes Great Christmas Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys

Young men are always hungry! You can also gift him with some edible gifts that will bewilder his taste buds and satisfy his tummy! You can check out this list of edible stocking stuffers for some ideas on what to get him.

This Techy and Theft Proof Backpack Will Prove Useful in the Upcoming Years

Travelon-Anti-Theft-Urban-BackpackA guy always bring a lot of stuff to school, like books, notes, lunch and his trusty gadgets.

Unfortunately though, theft is one of the biggest causes of loss of gadgets.

This Travelon anti-theft backpack makes a great ideas for 17 year old teen boys because it will protect his hard-earned gadgets from thieves. It also looks very stylish and easy to carry, making this ideal for everyday use at school or even at his part-time job.

How About a New Mountain Bike?

Guys of his age are always looking to get fit while having fun. A high-quality mountain bike will get him to stay fit without having to work out in a gym! What’s better is that a mountain bike till help him get to work or school without having to take the bus. He will save more money and get fit, too.

I own one aluminum alloy mountain bike and I tell you, it is very light but very sturdy. The mountain bike I have right now is a Merax Mountain Bike and it is the best bike I have ever had. Now, I have not used it in rural and mountainous areas yet, but going around town with this bike is very easy and fun.

He Has Always Been Dreaming of Owning a GoPro!


Your teenage guy have seen and probably used a GoPro Hero from his friends and would like to record a lot of things in his life (from his dog, to how the backside of the bike to underwater caves). Why not finally get him a GoPro?

Earbuds for His Music

Music Gifts for Teens

Teenagers just love music! Unlike younger teens, though, your young man will not want headphones that cover his whole head. Get him some nice-looking earbuds that does not disrupt his field of view, is not bulk and very easy to install.

My favorite earbuds would be noise-cancelling earbuds by Senwow. These also look very nice with its modern, red color!

A Brand Spankin’ New Gaming Chair

A Nice Gaming Gift for Teen Guys

Lastly, he is a very avid gamer, so get him a new gaming chair so he can experience the best gaming sessions of his like. He can also invite his friends over to try out his new gaming chair! Try the X-Rocker gaming chair series. You will not be disappointed!

Looking for More Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys?

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