Eighteen is the pivotal year where he transitions from being a teenager to an adult. Your boy is now a man who handles his emotions and physical changes well, as well as accepts and welcomes these as well.

If you have a young man who is eighteen or who is turning eighteen, then you must take a look at this gift list. This is a list of the best gift ideas for 18 year old guys.

The Naked Roommate (Book)

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Your boy is little no more and is already at college. The Naked roommate is perfect for college guys who is living in a dormitory near his college of choice. This book is filled with a lot of information an eighteen year old teen guy should know before leaving for college. This book is written in the most engaging manner and unlike other self help books, this one is not boring.

Sweatproof Workout Shirt

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Many adult guys start taking care of their physique at eighteen years old and this is your chance to give him something that shows your support of his fitness goals. This workout shit bears the words, "Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat" which is the mantra of guys who are looking to build muscle and strength. Also perfect for athletes and gym rats.

A New Laptop (Recommended: Acer Aspire E)

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A computer is an essential tool for college, and you would want his computer to be as portable as can be. Why not make it a laptop? He can use it to take down notes during lectures, do some research on the internet and use it as a study aid. One of the most recommended laptops for college dudes is the Acer Aspire E, which is a very flexible and fast laptop, perfect for teenage boys who study hard and play hard, too. This laptop is also upgradeable if he likes to add a more "oomph" to this computer.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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Bluetooth speakers will always be great gifts for 18 year old teen guys! Teenage guys will never outgrow their love for music, so why not just let him appreciate the addictive art? Since he is always on the run, between switching classrooms, running to the library, playing with friends, even having a part time job, he will need a Bluetooth speaker that will move with him. This portable Bluetooth speaker is the best among the bunch because it has a really nice, minimalist design, he can cling it to his bag or belt loop and it can go very loud.

High Tech Remote-Controlled Plane

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While he is already an adult, the little boy really never goes away. He is inside, waiting to come out and play. What better way to tickle his inner child than a nice RC plane like this? This hobby RC plane is perfect for him because it is beginner friendly, it is ready to fly, has a lot of great features and it looks very nice too boot! He will get hooked with this and will probably kill a lot of time playing with this plane.

Suck UK Punching Bag Laundry Bag

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Guys can be messy. Especially those who live far from home and does not have anyone to look after them. Your teenage guy is no exemption, especially if he is out on college and living in a dorm. How do you encourage a clean room? Hmmm... This laundry bag also doubles as a punching bag, so it is extra cool. When full, this looks like the real thing and he will even look like a prizefighter whenever he carries this on his back while walking to the laundromat. Just awesome.

A Car Booblehead

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He might already have his first car, so you can also get him a bobblehead... something funny that bops its head whenever his car rocks a bit. I recommend getting this cute dog bobblehead. It is not as corny as a hula girl but still very amusing to watch!

Snorlax Beanbag Chair

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He grew up playing Pokemon and trading Pokemon cards with his pals! Now that he does not trade cards with them, he will appreciate being able to sit on Snorlax, one of the most iconic Pokemon ever! He can use it as a comfy seat whenever he plays video games or watches TV or just chilling in his room. It is just too cool! Note: The woman in the picture is not included.

A Sweat and Water Proof Sports Watch

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He is already doing a lot for his fitness goals, so you probably should get him something in the same vein to show your support. A sweat-proof and water-proof sports watch should come in handy if he is checking his time whenever he runs or swims or lifts weights at the gym. A sports watch like this is very flexible has a lot of features he can utilize for his everyday living, so it is very useful. Oh, and it is very fashionable, too!

A New Mountain Bike (Recommended: Diamondback)

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Another fitness gift you can give him! A new mountain bike will be his favorite new way to get his cardio in all while getting some sun and fresh air outside. This also can serve as a nice way for him to get around the neighborhood or whenever he is running errands around the college dormitory. I suggest you should invest in a quality mountain bike, like the Diamondback, which basically lasts a very very very long time. He might even still be using it even when he is thirty and has children!

Beer Making Kit

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Guys at eighteen are excited about alcohol! You can get get him booze, but where is the fun of buying alcohol as a gift? Oh, i know! Why not get him a beer making kit? He will have a nice time preparing the juice and fermenting it and drinking his first batch of booze when it is ready. It is so exciting, if you ask me!


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You do not like to get him a kit that makes alcohol? No problem! Get him Sodastream! Sodastream makes carbonated drinks from fruit juices and powdered juices, even water. This is perfect if he complains a lot on how hot it is in his dorm room or just as a hobby gift for him if he lives at home. Sorry Coke and Pepsi!

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