You can be anyone that you want to be as the saying goes but only few people get to have this achievement. If you want to be a doctor or lawyer, you need to study hard for a long period of time and your parents need to spend an enormous amount. Each and every kind of profession need rigid trainings and nothing comes easy. You can be anyone you want to be if you are also good in acting. You can be any profession you have dreamt of and play their roles on stage.

Actors give life to a brilliant work of art which only originated on the writer’s head. Acting is a gift honed by workshops and all but the dedication of an actor is what makes him shine more. If you want to gift an actor friend whom you greatly adore, you came across the right page!

Check out the one of a kind gift ideas for actors and actresses that we have in store for you.

Acting the Truth Book

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A newbie would always look for ways to enhance one’s craft but even professionals and well experienced actors still do some research and find ways to hone the God given talents more. Acting the truth is some sort of a handbook for actors, directors and instructors for theaters because it has the detailed acting principles of Constantin Stanislavski which he personally used in his career. The book contains some of the exercises employed by Stanislavski himself in his widely known Moscow Art Theatre. Any actor would learn a thing or two from this 340 pages of syllabus and exercises which is especially formulated for actors.

iampro Membership Gift Card

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Actors and actresses tend to be less materialistic. They give more emphasis on the intangible things in life. You can also give a an iampro membership to hone their skills, and expose them to different people in the industry.

iampro offers live and on-demand training from professionals. This is perfect for aspiring actors and actresses. The courses are diverse, so artists of every age and genre can enjoy their workshops.

iampro is spearheaded by Charlie Brooks (Janine Butcher from EastEnders) so you know this is awesome.

Improv Classes

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Sometimes our best is not good enough even for actors. If you have a dear actor whom you think needs a little help to improve his skills in acting then this would be the perfect gift idea! Improv classes has been in the market for 24 years and was able to hone actors since then. They have three levels of courses which are formulated to suit the level and competency of an actor. Not everyone is the same in classification but they have the course just for any actor whether newbie or professional who needs some refresher course.

Actor's Prayer

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The beginning of the act is the most crucial part of all. It should be explosive to get the audience wanting for more and this is also the most difficult part for the actors because this is when the stage fright kicks in. A little boost of moral could alleviate the fear or anxiety of an actor and this next gift idea would be a pacifier of the tension. The actor’s prayer is a simple prayer printed on a poster which measures 22.67 by 34.5 inches as a customized size. There are sizes of the poster to choose from too. This can placed in an actor’s room or even at the dressing room where it could be very useful. A sincere prayer is like an invisible pat in the back that could lighten up the actor’s load off his shoulders.

Personalized Actor and Actress Pillows

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Exhaustion and sleep deprivation is part of an actor’s life. He is already used to exhausting rehearsals that last up to wee hours at night. He may have forty winks in the set and if you want to give a comfortable pillow for your actor friend to snooze on then this personalized actor’s pillow would be a charming gift to present. This pillow measures 16 inches by 16 and is so soft as it is made from simplex knit fabric which is made from 100% polyester. This is machine washable so maintenance is a breeze.

Theatre Excuse Tee Shirt

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Rehearsals are tiring and usually painstakingly long! No wonder actors tend to forget their own social life whenever they have rehearsals. If you want to gift your favorite actor a funny gift that has a tagline that only actors know of then this gift idea is a surefire hit! This theater excuse tee has a tag line “sorry I can’t, I have rehearsal” which is a favorite alibi of an actor who politely rejects an invitation. It may or may not be true all the time but this line definitely works for them. This t-shirt fits true to its size and is very comfortable to wear. It can be worn for casual days and even as an undershirt in a formal jacket.


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Selfies and videos are part of an actor’s daily life. Through these he could see and discover his perfect angles and ways to make his beauty to exude more and to be more captivating for his audience.

This mini tripod has flexible legs that can be adjusted. Any digital camera, smartphone or Go pro can be mounted on this with the help of adapters of course! Self- taping films, auditions or just plain vanity attacks can be taken instantly and perfectly because of this stable and lightweight mini tripod. Even if he is always on the go, carrying this around would be a piece of cake since its portable and very light.

Headshots Business Card

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Headshots are used often by actors as a way to market their skills and beauty. Actors need updated headshots once in a while as they need to spread these shots to as many potential projects as possible. This business card has a double sided headshot card that measures 3.5 by 2 inches and comes in pack of 100. It comes in black in white which gives it a more dramatic and professional appeal.

24601 Mug

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Theater actors and actresses love Les Miserables and this iconic prisoner ID number of Jean Val Jean is surely burned into their minds. What more better artistic expression is it than 24601 printed on a mug? This mug is a great gift idea since actors and actresses are always coffee-addicted.

DIY Gift for Actors and Actresses: Actor's Survival Kit

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An actor’s life is indeed exciting as every time a new role comes in, a new journey is unfolded and he gets to master his craft and another chance to empower himself. It may look like an easy job as he plays his role very well but his work is never easy. There are times when a very long take would last for more than 24 hours and he still needs to look good on camera.

It may sound impossible but all of these are endured by our dazzling actor. If you want to gift your actor friend a personalized gift which is made by your own hands then this DIY gift is the right one for you! Check out The Thinking Closet on how to make an actor’s survival kit.

This survival kit contains the essentials that any actor needs during taping or rehearsals or even during the main event. A hoarse voice is a big no-no during the play date itself that’s why a throat drop is highly needed by any actor and it is one of the highlights inside this kit.

ou can also alter and add some pieces according to your friend’s needs and wants as an actor to make it more appealing to his eyes.

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