Looking for gift ideas for architects? This is the page you are looking for.

Ideas do not bloom easily for anybody but an architect finds this like a piece of cake. A creative mind which is full of ideas and designs is what an architect’s mind is all about. You may definitely find it difficult to look for a cool gift that would suit an architect but we have are here to help you out on your struggle.

We have put together the top gift ideas for architects and architectural students that we have chosen. These would certainly be a lifesaver and help you with your last-minute shopping.

The Story of Buildings

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Buildings are erected almost in every corner we turn our eyes into. Some are built majestically and some are just fascinating to look at. Architects are not only fascinated by the beauty of buildings but also the story behind them.

This book entitled “The Story of Buildings” is a detailed book with illustrations and backstories put together by Stephen Biesty. For sure, a savvy architect would find this book amazing and a marvelous gift.

Multi-Tool Pen

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Who would have thought that a pen can do more than just writing? The tech tool pen is a stylish, sleek designed pen that does more than just write. It has a built-in flathead, Phillips screwdriver, ruler, and spirit level. Gifting the tech tool pen is like giving 5 gifts in one! The tech tool pen is a multifunctional pen that would really come in handy for our dear architect.

3D Doodler

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Drawing and doodling are the usual tasks that an architect does. It would be more exciting and fun to have your doodles come in three-dimensional figures. With the 3Doodler pen, doodling is more fun because it almost comes to life with the three-dimensional figures it produces.

It is a one-of-a-kind and a first in the world! It is very easy to use and it comes in various colors. Drawing and doodling comes to the next level and it would not only bring fun and enjoyment but it would also bring a realistic view of the idea and design that is perceived in the mind.

This would be your dear architect’s release from the grueling work of making 3D home designs and blueprints!

Architect Tie

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Architects are designers of buildings and other structures. They might be busy creating fabulous designs and transforming their ideas into reality, however, looking sharp should never be neglected.

A customized tie should do the trick to keep up the beat on an architect’s wardrobe. You can customize this tie to your architect’s favorite design or pattern, or pick this tie!

The design can be printed on both sides and it comes in a silky finish. It is made with 100% polyester and can be dry cleaned too.

Architect Hoodie Sweatshirt

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A funny gift could come a long way. It would not only bring some laugh when the gift is given but it would also give some good vibes upon seeing the gift every time. And what could be interesting is when you gift a funny gift that could be worn.

This architect hoodie sweatshirt comes with a tag line: “Trust me, I’m an architect”. This hoodie would be a perfect gift idea for your dear architect who is a decision-maker and most of the time thinks he is right. Why doubt it, he is an architect alright!

This hoodie sweatshirt is made from high-quality materials which are 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The print is made from new-age technology that is ensured to be preserved in a prolonged period of time. The ink is made from eco-friendly materials which are not only safe for the wearer but for the environment as well.

Messenger Bag (That Fits a Laptop!)

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An architect may have multiple things that need to be brought on site. Keeping all the necessary equipment, tools and materials is a must. If you are thinking of gifting your dear architect a trusty bag, then these next gift ideas for architects would be a hit.

The architect’s commuter bag is specially designed for an architect. It is spacious enough to hold all the ever-needed materials of an architect. This can even hold a 15-inch laptop with a sleeve included! For the small things, there are two large front pockets and a rear organizational pocket. Flap fasteners make the closing and opening of the bag a breeze.

The design is customizable, ensure that you would pick the favorite design of your dear architect.

Super Nova LED Crystal Color Changing Cube

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Stress comes every day, we need to unwind and give ourselves some time to relax and loosen up a bit. Music is known to relieve stress and alleviate pain.

If you want are planning to gift an architect friend a stress reliever then this net gift idea might be the right choice. The SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker is a one-of-a-kind speaker which delivers good quality and crisp sound and at the same time provides a whimsical light show that moves with every beat.

Pumping out music would be more fun and entertaining with this SuperNova Speaker. definitely one of the best gift ideas for architects.

Arckit 180 Architect Model Building Kit

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This is a super unique gift idea! Architects must have seen tons of these whenever they are at fieldwork, and it would be so cool to have magnetic hollow blocks sticking on their fridge!

They are also made of real concrete, so it is quite unique!

Skyscraper Chess Board

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These look classy!

This chessboard set has pieces that are patterned from the skyscrapers all over New York! We all know an architect’s grand dream is to build a skyscraper in the big apple (or somewhere equivalent), so this is a gentle reminder of that grand dream.

The skyscraper chess looks super beautiful to look at and would be great displayed on a coffee table of an architect’s home. Truly, one of the best gift ideas for architects.

DIY Gift for Architects: Vinyl Record Notebook

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Architects love to draw and doodle, we all know that. It’s part of their job and through the designs that an architect produces, beautiful buildings and structures come to life.

Notebooks and sketch pads are handy tools of an architect and if you would love to make a DIY gift for your architect friend then you need to check out Stars for Streetlights on how to make your very own and one of a kind vinyl record notebook. The steps are easy and the materials are economical too.

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