Do you have someone who loves birds? Maybe a bird watcher or someone who works closely with birds? I have compiled some bird themed gift ideas for bird lovers, bird watchers or vets specializing in avians.

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

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One of the greatest pleasures of people who love birds is watching the little critters eat seeds. This one way bird mirror is a great gift idea for bird lovers because this lets them do just that in the comforts of their own home. Just attach the birdhouse into a glass window, fill it up with bird seeds and wait.... the little birds will not get sacred because all they see is their reflection while you (and your cat) sees them... thanks to the one way mirror inside. Genius!

Bird Photobooth

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If just watching birds feed is not your cup of tea, then maybe getting a picture of the little fellas? This is the offer of this other birdhouse, where you can attach an iPhone or GoPro camera inside and you can remotely control the camera for glorious pictures of birds while eating your tributes inside. Really nice present for the birder.

Bird Wings Shawl

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This is for the fashionista ladies who love birds! This shawl so creatively features feathers so the wearer of the scarf gets some kind of wings. This shawl is super comfy too and will help the ladies keep warm during the winter months.

Parrot Accent Lamp

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This is a very artistic accent lamp! If you have someone who loves parrots, then this lap is the perfect present.

This parrot lamp is primarily blue and pink and holds around 200 pieces of carefully cut glass. This is going to be perfect in the living room or dining room, so you won't stumble or step on your pets as you head to the bathroom or the kitchen for a quick snack. The bedroom is also a good place to place it, as it can be a really nice, soothing night light.

This is a pretty furniture that has a lot of overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

Hummingbird Cuff Links

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For the bird loving dude, this set of hummingbird cuff links is a nice jewellery especially if he gets to wear formal clothing very often. There is nothing more sophisticated than a piece of jewellery with hummingbirds on it, eh?

Birds Infinity Bracelet

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This is a great bird themed gift idea for the teen-age girl. The bracelet is super cute and the two owls plus the dove will make any bird lover girl happy. This is a really nice subtle jewellery that expresses passion for the avian friends.

Mockingjay Necklace

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This is a really tasteful piece of jewellery! The Mockingjay pin does not only make Hunger Games fans look in awe, it is also a nice necklace with the image of a bird on it. Perfect for teenage bird lovers, both male and female.

Black Wren Shirt

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This is a simple but very nice silhouette of a bird perched on a branch. The shirts are made of 100% cotton and very comfy. Perfect to wear during bird watching! Shirts for both male and female are available, you just have to customize your order!

Extraordinary Chickens Calendar

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This is a laugh-out-loud pictures of chickens you never knew existed, in calendar form! This will definitely brighten the day of anyone who looks at the calendar. Even the cover is hilarious!