With the recent release of Fallout 4, many geek gamers (like me) would love to receive gift ideas that has something to do with Fallout. Here are ten eleven cool Fallout gift ideas for Fallout fans!

Vault 111 Collection

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You can be the most fashionable Vault dweller of all! This Vault 111 collection contains:

  • Vault 111 Hoodie
  • Vault 111 Backpack
  • Vault Boy Lunchbox
  • 3' x 5' Fallout 4 Logo Flag (100% polyester)
  • Nuka Cola Shot Glass
  • 7" Intelligence Bobblehead
  • Vault 111 Keychain
  • All kitted in a Vault-Tec branded box
Sounds really nice, eh? I would get this collection myself, even for just the hoodie alone! This is an awesome gift idea for Faalout fans and they can wear the super awesome hoodie while playing Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

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The Vault Dweller's Suvuval Guide is actually a Fallout 4 strategy book. This is a perfect Fallout 4 gift for anyone who are just starting to play the fourth installment (just about any Fallout player right now). This is a really nice collector's item and includes a series of cool mini posters. This will make any Fallout fan happy.

Nuka Cola Pillow

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The Fallout universe's most popular cola, Nuka Cola! Now you can have a piece of memorabilla from a parody of Coca-cola in Fallout, in the form of a pillow. Cool!

Vault 111 Pocket Watch

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A pocket watch is one of the most beautiful accessory a man can get, so why not get a gamer guy a Fallout pocket watch? This Vault 111 pocket watch set also includes a golden necklace with the same Vault 111 logo.

Fallout Vault Boy T-Shirt

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The Vault Boy could be the most identifiable trademark of Fallout, and the mascot of Vault-Tec corporation. You will see this guy in every advert, training material and manual, as well as on the representation of your character perks. A gamer dude would really like having Vault Boy on his shirt, believe me!

Fallout Vault Boy Bobblehead

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When it is time to leave the house and drive to work, a Fallout fan does not have to leave his gamer status at home. You can gift him this Vault Boy bobblehead, so he can have something that gives him a thumbs up while he drives. Other Vault Boy bobbleheads (different poses) are also available!

Vault Boy Figurine

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You can also give your Fallout 4 fan a Vault Boy figurine. This very cool figurine was produced by Funko Pop, which is a producer of very nice quality geek figurines. This is perfect for someone who collects toys and other video game items.

Brotherhood of Steel Figurine

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Funko Pop also manufactures other figurines of the characters in game, including this super awesome Brotherhood of Steel, which is the sort of military group in the Fallout Universe.

There are also a few more Fallout 4 Figures you can choose from (or, if you are like me, I'd get them all!)

Fallout Monopoly

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This is a themed Monopoly game where the properties are replaced with shacks and vaults in teh Fallout universe. This is a nice themed board game for the family and a nice addition to a fallout collection. A gamer can also play this in case he cannot play video games (like a blackout).

Fallout Skills Notebook

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This is perfect for students and those who use a notebook a lot! The Fallout skill notebooks will permanently increase your respective skills by 1 (or that's what I've been told)... Or not.

Even if it does not, the pages are blank and are good for recording your thoughts, like Geometry notes, doodles, places to find other skill books... or plots on how to blow up another settlement. The seller can make the cover look just like a brand new version of the ones you would find in the game, or have it customized it with a post-apocalyptic or "war torn" look. You choose.

Nuka Cola Quantum Soda (Drinkable!)

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*** Kit's Note: I would not really recommend you to buy this one before Christmas 2015, as Jones Cola, the maker of this says they will be making much more after Christmas. The price will go down then.

This is a really nice food item in the game that you can actually drink! Quantum Soda is a variation of Nuka Cola, which is the most popular softdrink in the Fallout Universe.

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