HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series in TV history. If you have someone who is a rabid fan of the show, you have to take a look at this collection of gift ideas for Game of Thrones fans.

Iron Throne Replica

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The Iron Throne! The most iconic throne in the book and in the TV series. A Game on Thrones fan will have lots of fun having this small replica. He can use this as a paperweight, bookend or just as a desk decor reminding him how awesome the show is.

House Sigil Shotglasses

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If your Game of Thrones geek loves drinking, then this house sigil shot glasses are a perfect gift idea for him. These shot glasses come in sets of fours, so he and his drinking buddies can have a nice GOT themed drinking experience. Minus the gore.

4D Westeros Puzzle

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The lore of Game of Thrones is not complete without a map of Westeros, right? A Song of Ice and Fire fans will be happy to receive a 4D map of Westeros, which they can assemble. This 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle will show fans the world of Game of Thrones as it unfolds as they put the puzzle together. Super fun!

Hand of the King Brooch

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The Hand of the King, a symbol of the position next to the king is symbolized by this brooch. Your Game of Thrones geek can pretend the King of Westeros just appointed him this position and can order strategic plans made by the king....

... or he can just wear this on his shirt because it is cool.

Pop Up Guide to Westeros

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Those who would love to know more about the lore of Westeros, this Pop Up Guide to Westeros is a very nice present. This book is just beautiful and the heart for the novel and the craftsmanship are shown by the amount of detail in the book. Even George Martin recommends getting one of these pop up books. Get it!

Red Wedding Coffee Mug

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The red wedding is the wedding banquet where Rob Snow and His Mother Catelyn Tully gets killed by Walder Frey's house. This massacre was super shocking as two of the most loved characters in the series are killed.

If your Game of Thrones geek loved that little gory scene in Game of Thrones show, then you must get him this Red Wedding Mug. It says, "I went to a wedding and all I got was this blodoy mug." Perfect.

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

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Do you have someone who loves Daenerys Targaryen, the character who can command dragons? Then this dragon egg cookie jar is just for them! Your Game of Thrones fan can store their edible goodies here, ready for consumption whenever they watch Game of Thrones or as they work in front of a computer. This canister can also be used as jewellery box, keepsake box among other purposes.

Game of Thrones Playing Cards

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This is a must for man caves! This Game of Thrones playing cards features different characters from the series, including Jamie, Cercei, Tyrion and Catelyn. Basically, all the Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces are replaced by notable characters in the game.

Khal & Khaleesi Pendant

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The Khal is a sort-of king of Dothrak and Khaleesi is the wife of the Khal. In the Game of Thrones, these are Drogo and Daenerys.

The phrases "my sun and stars" and "moon of my life" are inscribed on the necklaces. These are the phrases the couple used to say to each other when Drogo was still alive. This set of necklaces is perfect for couples who are a fan of Game of thrones.

Tyrion Lannister Action Figure

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Half man! Half man! This is a very detailed action figure of one of the most charming characters in the series, Tyrion Lannister. You can pose him and let him hold stuff. This is not life size, but hey, the Real Tyrion is not big either!