There are girls who have dreamt of spaceships and stepping through a portal into another world and having adventures there, but still coming back on Earth and find out that little time has passed. Yes, yes, we have all watched this in Hollywood movies, but all of those scripts that has earned billions are seriously a product of your hyper imagination as children. There are even some girls who become late bloomer especially when it comes to physical appearances because they are just so immersed with daydreaming, following a sci-fi book series and watching fifteen seasons of one T.V. series.

Honestly though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, because each girl is different and not everyone grows up loving glitters and parties and high heels and dancing under the moonlight. There are some whose noses are buried in books and creating world with their minds. Support your little girl! There are a lot of time for growth and she has no choice anyway, so just let her be for now and give her gifts of that would surely relate to her geeky mind.

Geeky Shirts

Girly Geeky Attire for the Geek Girl!

“I’m Fine” ShirtCaptain America ShieldThe Flash Logo Shirt

Geeky girls do not have a care in the world when it comes to dresses and five inches high heels, unless it is printed with the symbol of a fandom that they are following about for years, then she would certainly be interested and love you so much for understanding her hobbies. She is, understandably, going to love everything that has meaning to the book or TV series that she is so invested in, because for her, she is part of that world. She is the protagonist in that story and for we know, she might be fighting the biggest Captain America: Civil War inside her head. We wonder whose side she is on though?

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Vampire Themed Gifts

Vampire Gifts for Geeky Girls

Vampire Fang NecklaceGothic ChokerVampire Diaries: Elena’s Daylight Ring

Okay, okay, so maybe the Twilight Saga is not beloved by the critics and many people in general, because aside from being unrealistic per se, sparkling vampire just do not click in many minds, not to mention vampires who does not have fangsā€¦but still geeky girls love them. Like a lot. Too much. We have seen them buy boxes of donuts just to get that free twilight poster and really, do not get in her way, and just support her investment in the vampire world. You would not lose anything anyway, you even get to eat a box of donuts! There are other vampire stories that has came after Twilight too and you can suggest that to your girl.

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Harry Potter: Magic Themed Gifts for Geek Girls

Harry Potter Wall BannerGolden Snitch NecklaceTime Turner Necklace

Everyone has been captured by the world that J.K Rowling has weaved all for us, children and adult alike, and no matter what your race is, you would never be able to escape the world of magic and the compelling characters in the story. It is also filled with symbolisms regarding the world today, but from the surface, it is easy to see that it is focused on how the three young children of different personalities and origins is brought together and has grown up and transformed to become the heroes of the magical world. This is a great inspiration for young girls all over the world, especially since the female protagonist is not beautiful, but has always been praised for her intelligence and courage. Beats all of the beauty standards that is published on magazines.

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Star Wars: Gifts from the Greater Universe

Star Wars Play SetR2D2 Measuring CupsLightsaber

The universe is an enchanting place and the mystery surrounding space and time have bugged the world so much for the international space station to be born, because questions must be answered and the relentless pursuit for knowledge and closure is inherent in many human beings. Thus, encourage your little girl if she has shown interest to the world of space and tell her how much humanity needs more passionate people who would be discovers later on in their lives. For the future astronaut in her, give her some gifts to show your approval.

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Gifts for the Bookworm Geeky Girl: Books

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenThe ListThe Running Dream

What is a better gift for your geeky little girl than a box of books, books, and more books? There are many genre and variety of amazing authors that we have nowadays so visit the local bookstore and shop for a book that would be the next obsession of your little girl. Also, you would be helping her a lot since a young mind like hers need a guide, something that would both propel her forward and give her stability. She need books for the basis of her beliefs, her knowledge and maybe, her heart. After all, teen girls are impressionable so you have to make sure that she would only have the best to learn from.

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