If you know or are related to a knowledgeable historian, why not take the chance to show them that you think they’re awesome? To help you make a perfect choice, here are some gift ideas for historians you can select from.

It is understandable that not many people dream to be a historian by profession, given that it can be truly intimidating or rather nerve wracking, especially when one is presented with many dates and occurrences that are hard to remember.

Historians do not share their knowledge of plain history, they tell the real-life stories of people who fought for their lives or their country, stories of how places were built, and even stories of which only a few are aware. Indeed, not everyone can be a historian in as easily as 1, 2, and 3. It takes a lot of effort, time, and patience to be able to tell the tales of the past.


"I Rewrote History" Mug

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This is a printed mug made from high-grade ceramic and printed with the phrase, “Today I Re-Wrote History.” It is available in sizes of 11 ounces and 15 ounces, which are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Sometimes, historians read a shocking story in the past that would make them want to take a sip of their favorite drink. For them to be able to enjoy their energy booster, this mug will surely love to use this mug, given its funny statement and creative print.

Wooden Pen

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It is a unique pen with historical background and can be bought in black or blue ink. This is also made from genuine Franja wood – used in the past for the historic Partisan Hospital. It comes with multi-colored patterns made of wood fungi. The case is also designed elegantly and symbolically using items that can be correlated to history.

Every historian uses pens to scribble down notes about history. By giving them one of these unique pens, they will be able to enjoy their profession even more as they will think that history is in their hands.

Funny History Buff T-Shirt

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It is a comfortable shirt made from 100% high-quality preshrunk and medium-weight ringspun cotton. Also, this shirt is printed with a cartoon version of the former president along with the phrase, “History Buff.”

If you are searching for a wearable gift, this shirt is one of the best options. It is made from a soft fabric which makes it comfortable to be worn. Also, with its creative print in front, every historian will surely grow fond of wearing this shirt.

"Historians are the secret masters of the world" Pendant

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This necklace is made from classic-style pendants with a plain edge and a seamless, attached bail. Each pendant includes a matching 24 inches necklace with a lobster-style clasp. The chain is made from a nickel-free plated alloy and is available in either silver or antiqued bronze finish.

There is a quality printed image that says, “Historians are the secret masters of the world.” It is covered with a pure, crystal clear, domed glass cabochon for additional protection and to magnify the printed art underneath.

If you know a historian who is fond of wearing accessories, this necklace would make a perfect gift. Aside from its purpose, the printed statement will definitely be appreciated by every historian, given its clear relation to their job.

Necklaces like this make the perfect gift ideas for historians, any gender, or any age.

The Battle of Waterloo Black Journal

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It is a classy notebook with a soft touch PU finish with an elastic fastening. It also has a ribbon page marker and comes with approximately 95 lined pages. For its cover, it is printed with a pewter plaque showing a bust of both Napoleon Bonaparte and The Duke of Wellington. Notes are truly important in every historian’s life. They use it to keep vital information regarding their field of work. Every historian will definitely appreciate this because of its historic symbol in front.

Bonaparte Keyring

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This adorable key chain is made from standard silver tone, a split ring key ring with Tibetan silver, and a replica of a half-penny coin and spade charms. Historians know how much it could get messy when they are in the middle of extensive research regarding history. This key chain will be a perfect gift for them to help them easily locate their important things, such as their keys. Aside from its purpose, they can easily relate to its charms as they are all historic symbols.

Map Bookmarks

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It is a bookmark made from natural suede topper with a measurement of two inches x six inches, and comes with beautifully inked edges.

It is printed upon heavy cover stock and placed upon chipboard, and wrapped with cocoa and golden tones.

For its design, an illustration of New Mexico map is provided for a more antique feature. Historians surely keep many books in their homes since there is a lot of written history everywhere.

To help them protect their precious gems, these bookmarks will prevent them from having to fold a book’s pages. Also, they will love the old map illustration of this bookmark because of its vintage look.

Geography bag

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This is a pouch made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton. It has a measurement of 11x20cm and has an illustration of geographical print. If you are looking for something simple and useful for a gift idea, this pouch is one of the items you might want to consider. This pouch will be perfect for them to prevent them from losing their writing tools. Also, its unique print will make it easier for them to identify their property since it the design is related to their profession.

History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day

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It is a history book in hardcover which tells about inventions, discoveries, and ideas that have shaped world history, artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and architecture. If there is a perfect gift for every historian, it would definitely be a history book since it is what they enjoy the most. They can use this to add up their knowledge about the subject and to add this book to their ever–growing collection.

Dinosaur Skeleton Scarf

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This is a scarf made using materials such as pashmina, scarf, silkscreen, non-toxic ink, water-based and eco-friendly ink, viscose, and acrylic.

For its design, it is printed with different illustrations such as dinosaur skeletons climb and tumble: scelidosaurus, iguanodon bernissartensis, and compsognathus longipes. Simple clothings are also good gift ideas for historians.

Also, its design will surely fascinate whoever historian who will receive this kind of gift. Sure enough, they will grow fond of using this as an addition to their clothing pieces.

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