Horses are gentle creatures. They symbolize freedom, the outdoors, and the feeling of being close to nature. Horses are often identified with the Old West but since these animals have been man’s constant companion, they became one of the best animals a man can have for a pet.

Some say they are better than cats because they are more perceptive to their master’s feelings and their surroundings. Today, aside from being a beast of burden, horses had grown into the hearts of people. More than just a pet, they became one of man’s best friends.

Here are some gift ideas for horse lovers.

Horse Wind Chimes

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Wind chimes always give charm to a house. It gives off a peculiar sound that makes an otherwise quiet house a little more pleasant. But isn’t it a lot more appealing to see horses galloping in mid-air as they are playfully teased by the wind? This horse wind chime which features a mare with her foal will be a great gift for someone want to add a refreshing look on his/her garden porch.

Here are more horse themed wind chimes:

CowgirlCowboyWooden Cowboy

Horse Music Box

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Maybe your little girl is still too young to have her own pony and you know how much she adores horses. This music box with a cute white horse turning to the tune of “In the Good Old Summertime” will be a nice gift for her. She can keep her precious, tiny treasures in its little drawers and she can look at herself at the small mirror in it. Well, she can’t ride on this one but the design and the music will definitely take her to dreamland!

Horse Blanket

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If you think your living room looks so boring and ordinary, you can make it look cozier with this horse-printed throw blanket. Just drape it over your plain-looking couch and voila! Your living room just went through a wonderful transformation! It has this country look that will make a couch look so inviting that you can’t resist lying down to relax your weary body. The blanket is made of fleece for that cuddly comfort we all love.

Drunk Horse Wine Rack

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This drunken horse is certainly a unique decorative bottle. Just looking at the picture makes me laugh so hard so you can imagine how your friends will react upon seeing this wild chestnut stallion lying on his back with a wine on his mouth! This rapturous horse bottle holder will make a great conversation piece that will surely make a gathering among friends more animated and lively. Just make sure that the bottle is corked before putting it into this horse’s mouth or it will drink it all up!

Horse Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

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Perfect gift for a wife, mom, or grandmother. A salt and pepper shaker set with a majestic image of a chestnut stallion as the holder. A kitchen will never look the same again with this classic, handcrafted piece of décor. It takes you back in time, and adds a rustic, old-fashioned look to your home. It is well-made and I’m sure anybody who receives this as a gift would not use it as a kitchen accessory but rather as a table centerpiece or part of a collection.

Horse Bookends

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There is such beauty and elegance in horses that add a certain character to a book collection. Maybe because of their majestic stance and their knowing look that gives an aura of nobility to a library or study room. These bookends are the right choice for people who love books and want to keep their collection in order. Of course one can use them to hold CD’s or magazines, but I suggest that these dignified horses deserve to hold classics.
I found two more beautiful horse bookends:

Horse and Horse ShoePower Horse

Horse Print Infinity Scarf

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For a woman who may or may not be an excellent horseback rider but definitely love horses and the outdoors. A scarf made of vicose to wrap her hair with to keep it from blowing and turning into a total mess. She can also use it for added warmth during cold weather. The subdued design will give the wearer a stylish look and it will look good with any outfit.

Mare and Foal Heart Necklace

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A fine piece of jewelry for equine lovers. Made of high quality material so it is tarnish-free. This will make a good anniversary or push gift. The necklace embodies the bond between mother and child as pictured in this heart necklace. There is such sentimentalism in its image that this gift will surely touch her heart.

Standing Horse Statue

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According to Chinese Feng Shui, a statue of a horse especially with its front legs reared upward, is a symbol of good luck. Anybody who will receive this gift will happily entertain the thought of fortune coming his way, but more than that, this silver-engraved horse statue is remarkable in itself. It can make an ideal house décor making everything around it look regal and expensive.

Horse iPad Cover

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Since everybody nowadays own a gadget or more, an iPad case will be one of the best choices you can have for a gift. It is practical and you can be sure that it will be very useful to the recipient. Aside from protecting an iPad from scratches and falls, it also has a picture of a horse on it. This will make any horse lover smile and thank you for something that is not really expensive but very well thought of present.