Did you just get out of the hospital and had that nurse you like and want to thank for caring for you? Is nurse appreciation day coming and you have that one special nurse that you want to, ahem, appreciate? You can express that by giving your nurse a cool gift. Here, we have compiled a list of ten gift ideas for nurses, check these out!

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Syringe Pens

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One of the most common tools in the nurse’s kit. The syringe. People will definitely remember seeing this awesome piece of pen. This colourful set of writing tools will give your nurse that I-am-a-cool-nurse vibe and can definitely start conversation. This can make their patients laugh when she whips out her pen to write down what temperature they have on her log book, which can help the patients heal faster, thus making the nurse’s work easier.

“I am a Nurse” Coffee Cup

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I do not believe the saying that the worst gift idea for someone is a coffee cup. Coffee cups are probably the most customizable gift, and nurses working in graveyard will love something to hold their caffeine fix every shift. Your nurse will appreciate this gift idea. This also is a cool compliment to your nurse, because it implies that you consider them a superhero that takes care of people.

“Cute Nurse” Statement T-shirt

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This is a quite funny and confident piece of shirt. This is the kind of shirt you will give to a good looking nurse, and your nurse will be flattered when you give it to them. This shirt both comes for men and women, and the statement will fit both genders.

Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul

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A nurse’s job is quite tiring and sometimes a test to the person’s virtues. Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul contains many beautiful stories of nurses to invigorate a nurse’s passion to taking care of people’s health as well as uplifting their spirits to help them get better. Nurses will definitely enjoy reading the diverse and illuminating stories and anecdotes that remind them why they love and continue to love this noble profession, despite the dark times, hardships and the shortage of nurses.

Medic Messenger Bag

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This bag speaks for itself! This messenger bag will subtly show his profession on his days off but is super stylish and functional to boot! The compartments are large enough to store his personal stuff and leave some more space for a book (see the suggestion before this) or some of his medical equipment, if he want to bring this bag to work.

Sexy Nurse Costume

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This one is for the lady nurse you are close to! Depending on her, this can come as a gag gift, a Halloween costume or a sexy lingerie when she does not have a duty on the hospital. This is super cute and not too revealing in any way and she will feel pretty wearing this.

Plush Organs

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Well, your nurse have seen your spleen up close and personal, so why not give her a replica of the human internal organs so they can cuddle up with a human heart at home? This can serve as an awesome gag gift idea for the nurse and can make them chuckle for a moment. Your nurse can clip one of these on a bag, for good measure, too. (See suggestion #5 for a nice bag for a nurse.)

Human Organ Lunch Box

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Emergency! Quick, move away! This is… Fred’s lunch? This hilarious lunch box will keep food warm and drinks cool while looking like and emergency carrying case hospitals use for transporting organs for transplant. Now people will move out of that hangry nurse’s way because he is carrying something that looks just the real thing. Well, this is a hangry person that hasn’t eaten after a 12-hour surgery is considered emergency, right?

Gummy Heart

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It is quite amazing how they create gummy candies this big, and a human heart is one of the most ridiculous I have even seen. This 1.5 pound of sugary treat will work as a great gag gift for a nurse, as well a sugary treat for his co-workers in the nurse station. Not unless your nurse would want to devour over 9000 calories or sugar, which is ironically, going to be bad for his heart.

Nurse Rubber Duckies

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This is a great small gift idea for a nurse. These cute ducks can squirt water and be your nurse’s bath time buddy. You can also use these as party favours at a graduation party for nursing students. You can decorate the buffet area with these rubber duckies and the grad can take these home if they want to.

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