As a night owl, I am one of those people who will sucker punch some annoying morning people. My emotions just cannot function properly in the morning. That is when morning happens at 11:59 AM.

If you are someone who do not like mornings, or you know someone who turns into Incredible Hulk when woken up in the morning, you can get them this super cool gift ideas for people who hate mornings.

I Hate Mornings. Or Morning. Or People. Shirt

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What is it with morning persons? They get so annoying, trying to wake us up in the morning. I hate mornings. And I hate morning people! This shirt will show you or your friend's introversion and hatred for mornings in just one shirt, which will speak for you. This shirt comes in different colors (dark only!) and comes in styles for both males and females. Just customize the shirt!

Monday Mug

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Morning are really hard! If I must really do morning (and I rarely agree to do anything in the morning, not unless it includes more sleep or bacon) I would love to fuel myself with one (or ten) mugs of coffee. I know all morning haters need to gulp down their coffee when they have to wake up in the AM, so why not make it cheery with this super cool coffee mug? The Monday Mug transforms from sleeping to awake when hot coffee is poured into it. Awesome!

Grumpy Cat Mug

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Do I look like I "Rise and Shine"?
- Grumpy Cat

If you are like Grumpy Cat in the morning, then this other coffee mug will show how you feel about mornings. This mug shows a stylized image of grumpy cat, saying "this is my happy face" , reflecting a morning hater's face when forced to do mornings.

This mug can hold up to 11 oz of mug, which helps reduce the number of mugs needed to wake up in the morning to 5 mugs.

Bomb Alarm Clock

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A morning hater cannot wake up easily in the morning so to help them get up early, why not give them an alarm clock that will really wake them up? This bomb shaped alarm clock looks like a real bomb (it is even banned in airports) that bleeps when the alarm goes off. To stop the alarm, the user have to disarm it, just like a real bomb, which requires some brain work. This is perfect for those who want to wake up in the morning but have mornings at the same time.

Brain Soap

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The the morning hater is asked to rouse in the morning, batching can be quite a chore. Make it a wee bit fun by giving a morning hater these brains soap. No, these are not actual brains, but are nice smelling soaps shaped like zombie munch. A morning hater can always pretend that he is a mad doctor scrubbing himself with human brain.

Face and Butt Towel

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You can make a morning bath even more fun with this face-butt towel. This towel hilariously marks what side you should wipe your face with and what side is for your but... because remember, kiddies, your face should never be friends with your butt. This cotton towel makes morning rituals fun for those who hate mornings and getting out of bed in the AM.

Ostrich Pillow

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OK, so a morning hater can always sleep on the train or the bus. This is what this Ostrich Pillow does. Aside from making he wearer look like he had his head stuck in a squash, the Ostrich Pillow makes napping anywhere easier. Just snap it onto your head and it is off to happy la-la-land for you. The ostrich pillow is a great gift idea for those who hate mornings because they always want to sleep. Give them the excuse to do so!

Key and Phone Finder

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Since morning haters always wake up late, they are always rushing and forgetting stuff. This key and phone finder solves that. One press with this gadget and the other end (presumably attached to a keychain or a phone) beeps to give the user the exact location of the forgotten item. This is a very useful gift idea for morning haters who are constantly being rushed in the morning for stuff (ie, work or school).

Camera Lens Mug

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A morning hater loves coffee... no doubt about it. Coffee is an instant source of non-stop energy that lets one do stupid thing even faster! If your morning hater commutes in the morning often, then a portable coffee canister is a great gift idea, and what better shape than a camera lens? This quirky little portable mug look real enough to fool people into thinking you have a camera with you. So cool!