Looking to make your local priest happy with gifts? Here are some gift ideas for priests!

Priests are one-of-a-kind human beings who have devoted their lives to our Creator. He is determined to preach the gospel and is goal-oriented to make the human race’s existence to be a worthy one.

If you are very thankful for having your parish priest and would want to give a token of your gratitude but would like to skip on the usual religious gifts then stick around as we will give you more gift ideas to make your life easier.

Here is our list of the best gift ideas for priests!

Father Knows Best Shirt

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A shirt may be an overrated gift for some but for me, gifting a shirt is not only practical but it’s also economical. A shirt is useful and can remind your giftee of your thoughtfulness over and over again.

This shirt is made especially for our dear priest because as we could see the design says “father knows best” with a shadow picture of an ordained priest.

This shirt is made from 100% fine jersey cotton and is very comfortable to wear. The size fits true to its size and can be washed in a machine which makes cleaning it a breeze. Amaze father with your adornment and gift him this cool and comfy funny shirt for a change!

Amazon Gift Card

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It may be difficult to find a gift for someone who has everything but it may be too difficult to find a gift for someone who made an ode to live his life in poverty to be an example for many.

A priest may live a life full of simplicity and his feet are surely rooted on the ground but hey, he is still a human being and he may want to have some stuff for himself. Usually, people give religious gifts to a priest because they thought that these things are the only things that he needs or that he appreciates but we are certainly mistaken most of the time.

A priest may need some cash or something close to it to buy some items that he likes but since priests are not allowed to receive money most of the time then this gift card might just do the trick. And most of all it could be delivered instantly through email too. You can customize this gift card with your very own design, message, and amount to be given. To top it off, this gift never expires.

Travel Holy Water Sprinkler

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The life of a priest is never bounded in the church alone. He also travels and goes around to give blessings and more. Our most trusted priest would highly appreciate this next gift idea.

Since a dear priest is also on call, his things should also be ready and travel friendly just like this travel holy water sprinkler. This reservoir is not only for holy water but there’s also a space for the holy oil.

The amount of holy water and holy oil that comes out is just right. The sprinkler is made from nickel-plated brass which measures 4 and ¾ inches in length.

I Love My Priest Mug

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Coffee is such a good beverage to take to jumpstart the day. If you have a coffee junkie priest who loves to get his caffeine fix, a coffee mug is such a charming gift to give.

This coffee mug is such a charmer for it has a wonderful text which says “I love my priest”.

This coffee mug is made from strong ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe. The coffee mug comes in vibrant colors to choose from, better pick the priest’s favorite to make it a more pleasant present!

Book of Catholic Jokes

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Everyone needs a laugh. Life may be too hard especially for a priest. Imagine living a life in simplicity and shouldering the life of many and leading them towards the right path. The book of Catholic jokes would make the life of our dear priest a little easier by giving him some laughs and few giggles.

This book contains clean jokes about the church people like deacon jokes, nun jokes, priest jokes, bishop jokes, and even Pope jokes. The book contains 128 pages of fun which are written by a Catholic Deacon himself Tom Sheridan.

This book is one of the bestselling books of 2015 and is one of the best gift ideas for priests ever.

Serious Theology Nerd Cap

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We have our full trust in our beloved priest because of his integrity and great faithfulness to the Lord. No wonder, we take his suggestions and take his advice seriously. If you would like to give a gift to a dear priest and would like to give him some giggles too why not gift this funny cap made especially for a priest.

This cap is made from polyester foam front and nylon mesh that would keep the wearer cool all throughout. It has a funny tagline of “Serious Theology Nerd” and comes in different colors to choose from. You can customize the design as you please. The cap is adjustable which makes it suitable for all sizes of priest’s heads! This cap could certainly rock father’s casual wardrobe and complement his get-up.

Definitely one of the best fashion gift ideas for priests.

"With God, All Things are Possible" Pen

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Being a faithful follower of Christ and a great preacher are the main qualities of our trusted priest. A simple thankful and appreciation for being dedicated to his work would do the trick but a little token wouldn’t hurt either.

Priests also have paper works to sign to and since priests are living a life of simplicity, writing letters is still their thing. If you would like to gift simple memorabilia of appreciation, a gift pen would be a good idea.

This gift pen comes with a bible verse too which makes it perfect for our dear priest. It is a 3-in-1 pen because it has a LED flashlight tip, stylus tip, and of course the writing ink. The gift pen comes in a presentation box which makes it ready for instant gift-giving.

"I Love My White Collar Job" Shirt

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Priests do not always wear those roomy baggy clothes! During their downtime, priests also get to wear casual clothing and a priest’s favorite would be T-shirts! You can give him this shirt, which would definitely be his next favorite casual outfit.

This shirt says “I love my white-collar job” which is a play on his vocational clothing. Priests who received this super fun gift loved it (just see the reviews on Amazon!) and surely, your priest will, too!

Polarized Sunglasses

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Since it is established that priests are like you and me when the cassock comes off, it also is established that they also like fashion gifts!

Nothing is more fashionable than these polarized sunglasses! Your dear priest can wear these whenever he is off duty and just chilling at a beach or walking at the park. This also shows you care about your dear priest because these sunglasses will keep his eyes protected from harmful UV rays

Adjustable Rocking Lounge Chair

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Do you know what a priest likes when he is not doing church duties? Lounging around. Get him a change of experience from the couch or bed to sitting on a rocking chair with this super comfortable rocking lounge chair!

This super fun lounge chair is one of the most perfect “lazy days” gift ideas for priests because it is comfy, it locks you to sleep plus it can support a lot of weight (so it is suitable whatever his waist size is). Plus, there is a side pocket for his bible, magazines or even *yum* snacks!

DIY Gift for Priest: Gift Basket

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Living a job that is difficult may wear out a person but imagine the life of a priest who lives his life in a vocation that only can be led by him. Priests do not get compliments all the time especially for the small events that they do such as leading a church service and blessing an event.

Just like a parent, the daily chores are given fewer praises but hey small things count too. You came across here because you are thankful for your parish priest and if you want to make your very own gift to achieve a personalized touch then try creating your very own.

A gift basket is quite easy to prepare and you can make one by following the simple steps on Oh Happy Day. Start by knowing what your dear priest likes most and collect those and put them together. You can finish this project in no time and give it your very own design! The more creative the better! Give all that you’ve got and you are on it, for sure.

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