Retail therapy is a soothing diversion for all especially for those who have more stash to burn. Whenever we have queries or uncertainties with regards to the item that we wish to purchase, we certainly turn to the ever helpful salesman. The salesman does a good job and is very informative especially when he is pitching in a certain product that he endorses.

When it comes to gifting the sales guru himself, would you be certain this time on what to give? If you are not sure on what to gift your favorite salesman, you are lucky enough to come across this page because we have prepared the top finds that would certainly blow the mind of a salesman.

Check out our list of the top gift ideas for salesmen and sales people.

The Challenger Sale

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A good sale is a by-product of proper sales pitching and pure efforts of the salesman. Your favorite sales person may already be good in his craft but for sure there is always room for improvements. This book entitled: The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation is a comprehensive book that is informative and very helpful and dedicated to contribute more sales. This 240 pages of extensive research about sales insights will make your salesman say “Why I did not think of that before?” Customers nowadays may be a tough cookie to break but most of them value a sales person who enlightens them and challenges them more. This would be a perfect gift idea for a sales person who is having a hard time making a sale or for a sales man who wants to have more sales in the future.

Bluetooth Earphone

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Phone calls and more calls are certainly part of the itinerary of a salesman. We may see him holding hid phone often and for sure it’s taking a toll on his arm and ear. Luckily with the technology nowadays, we find comfort now in handling calls through a Bluetooth headset. Let’s face it a Bluetooth headset is not comfortable to wear and one may be mistaken for a Robocop want to be. To cut the crap and to have a more sleek and discreet design the smallest and almost invisible Bluetooth headset was created. This Bluetooth earphone is sophisticatedly designed by EGRD to hide the obvious headset without cutting the functions of it. This Bluetooth headset works with most smartphone like Samsung, HTC, iPhone, LG and more. This is perfect for the busy telemarketer who just can’t get off the phone!

Top Sales Person Mug

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Waking up in the morning is hard to do most especially if you are not a morning person. Everyone needs a caffeine fix or a warm beverage like a hot choco to jumpstart the day! For the coffee junkie salesperson, there’s a very special mug made just for him. This coffee mug has the label: Top Sales Person Mug with smileys all over. This would be a charming way to wake up every day! The top sales person mug is a 15 ounce mug that can house that warm goodness even during frosty nights. The design is customizable and there are different colors of the mug to choose from!

Can Cooler with LED light

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Nothing can beat the soothing feeling that a cool drink gives after a long and exhausting day! If your favorite salesperson is a huge fan of cold beverage then this gift idea would be a surefire hit. Presenting, a one of a kind can cooler with built in LED light. This can cooler fits standard beverages in can which are mainly 12 oz. What makes it more special is the LED light situated at the base which activates with only a single twist? This is very beneficial for salespeople who work at night and often works alone and loses most of his things. For sure he would never wonder where his drink is with the help of this unique can cooler with LED light.

Star Wars Sleeping Bag

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Workaholic is one of the major characteristic of a salesman. A salesman is driven to make more sales every day and hitting the quota is not new for him. He devices ways to make more sales to have exponential growth for his team. You may see him staying late in the office as if he lives there already. This next gift idea is a perfect fit for the workaholic salesman who often sleeps in the office. This Star Wars sleeping bag is a one of a kind sleeping bag which not only provides comfort but also gives the user an imaginative way of sleeping on the tummy of a beast! This would be a hit for a Star Wars fanatic friend!

How to Build a Complete Salesperson

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Not everyone is a fan of reading books. I’m guilty as charged! Sometimes, I find it easier to listen to an mp3 version of a book than to read the text and fall asleep after few minutes. A salesman has a very hectic schedule and every minute is very precious. If you want to gift your dear salesman some booster on his career then this self-help audio book would do the trick. How to build a complete sales person is an mp3 which is comprised of 6 discs. The extensive coaching of Bryan Dodge would help your favorite sales person to pitch more sales and be a better salesman more than ever! Plus, he could listen to this audio book during his free time and can squeeze in his tight schedule too.

DIY Gift for Salesmen: Mason Jars

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We are aware that pitching a sale is quite hard and not everyone is blessed to be as persuading as our favorite salesman. A well-deserved R and R is not always available for our overachiever friend but you can gift him with a special gift which can easily made by you. This DIY Mason jar candles would certainly help our dear salesman to unwind especially if you incorporate some invigorating scents on the candles. The step by step procedure on how to make this project is well presented at Eeveryday Family. The materials are easily procured and the detailed guide would certainly help you out!